New Balance 409 Vs 608: Which Is Better?

Looking for a pair of shoes for city strolling and athletic activities? Well! Two New Balance models, 608 and 409, are highly appreciable with a pretty look and durable construction.

To know some facts which make them similar and different from each other, read this battle article till the end. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 409 and 608

FeaturesNew Balance 409New Balance 608
Launched In20112014
StabilityModerate stability High stability 
FlexibilityModerate flexibility Low flexibility 
Sizing8.5-12 for Men and 7-11 for Women6.5-18 for men and 5-12 for women
Weight 11 oz for men and 9.5 oz for women13.7 oz for men and 9.8 oz for women
CushionHigh cushioning Medium cushioning 
OutsoleRubberNDurance rubber
MidsoleABZORB and C-CAPABZORB and injected molded EVA foam
Upper soleLeatherSuede and leather
Retail Price$50$79.99

New Balance 409 Vs. 608: Good, Bad and The Worst:

This section is designed to highlight some major points of both models to let you know which is better for you:

1) Comfort

New Balance 409 offers you a warm embrace and comfort while stepping into them. With innovative ABZORB technology used in heel and forefoot, the shoes optimize cushioning and unparalleled support at each step you take. 

For a lightweight and supportive feel, the shoes are equipped with moulded EVA and phantom liner that can minimize the chances of irritation and keep the feet breathable.

From navigating along terrains to hitting the gym to a casual stroll to tackling of daily tasks, NB 409 are your reliable companion in each condition and task by providing the comfort which your feet deserve. 

New Balance 608 acts as the plush and cushioned pillow for your feet because of the use of molded EVA and comfortably crafted midsole that also boosts support. 

With non-marking rubber and dual-density foam, you can enjoy wearing 608 shoes for long days on various surfaces. 

2) Popularity

New Balance 409 is a popular athletic shoe with comfort and support as its first priority. The shoe is designed to be worn for different activities because of the use of the latest technologies that ensure a stable ride. Also, its sleek and performance-oriented design with an affordable price range adds another level of popularity. 

New Balance 608 has earned enduring fame because of its timeless appeal and exceptional comfort. Due to the versatility of each shoe, these are suitable for all activities, such as walking, running and other casual tasks. 

3) Running

New Balance 409 is constructed as a training shoe with decent support and cushioning that becomes an ideal choice for light jogging and low-impact activities. However, serious runners should not go with this model. 

New Balance 409 TOP VIEW
New Balance 409 TOP VIEW

New Balance 608 TOP VIEW

New Balance 608 is another versatile trainer with good comfort and support that is better for light running and jogging but if you want dedicated running shoes with exceptional features then it is not for you.

So dedicated and serious runners, as well as marathon runners, should find another stable New Balance running shoe. 

4) Walking

Unlike running, both models 608 and 409 are considered better for a smooth walking experience because these minimize joint stress and ensure safety on all types of surfaces. Whether you want to go with any model for short or long walks, you will never go wrong.

However, NB 608 is better for walking than 409 because it offers high stability and medium cushioning, which then enhances support during walking. 

5) Flat feet

The podiatrist suggests wearing comfortable and supportive shoes, so NB 608 is the winner because it offers slightly more arch support and is available in wide widths, which makes them ideal for flat feet. 

6) Design

New Balance 409 shoes balance the sporty and modern looks with the addition of the N logo and availability in different sizes, styles and colors. Overall, this shoe enhances the sense of dynamic energy and attracts the attention of casual wearers and activists. 

New Balance 608 shoes come with classic charm, clean lines and sophisticated detailing, as well as neutral to bold colors and a variety of styles and sizes, which make them a versatile choice for different occasions.

The mesh upper of both models adds a contemporary touch to shoes while ensuring breathability and allowing air to circulate around the shoe and keep feet cool and dry. Plus, the strategically placed overlays ensure visual interest and add a dynamic aesthetic. 

The meticulously placed ABZORB technology minimizes the risk of joint strain and keeps the feet comfortable and cozy during every step. 

Rubber and multi-directional tread patterns allow you to move confidently and safely because these features enhance durability and traction on all surfaces, either even or uneven. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 608: A lady user said that the men’s NB 608 shoes are fit for women with proper widths that can keep the feet comfortable, but the bad thing is that these shoes don’t come in proper widths for men. 

According to a few users, 608 shoes are pretty as well as supportive but not as much comfortable as the brand claims. 

A customer claims that NB 608 shoes are super warm and perfect for cold weather as well as spring and fall, but too much warmth doesn’t make them the right option for summer because of the lack of ventilated room. He also added that the sole and footbed are nice and stable, which enhances the walking experience. 

Most users are happy with the affordable price range, but they also don’t like the tight feel of the heel and ankle. However, the wide-toe box at the bottom and a long box with no extra lace slot keep the feet supportive and secure. 

New Balance 409: Due to the affordable price range and comfort, these shoes are considered as the best athletic sneakers among different users. 

With a roomy toe box and sleek styling, shoes can go better in the gym and outside during different intensive workouts. 

A purchaser said that the shoes are lightweight and comfortable to walk because these maintain balance, but at the same time, he negatively rated the size that was a bit larger. 

Some users consider 409 shoes better with leather uppers, but they also claim that the shoes don’t offer enough arch support, so there is a need for orthotics.  

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

We have gone through customer’s thinking and different aspects, whether bad or good, of both NB 409 and 608. 

To me, NB 608 is superior because of enough durability and wide toe box while 409 has a narrow fit and causes initial discomfort.

Also, NB 608 is a better choice for different activities, but the only drawback is that this model offers enough warmth, which is not necessary in summer. 

On the other hand, NB 409 is an affordable shoe with long-lasting construction and high performance that may be better for many users. 

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