New Balance 608 Vs 623: Which Is Better?

New Balance is among the renowned footwear brands with a long history and has introduced many product lines with numbers. Two models of these lines are 608 and 623 with almost the same design and features that may confuse users to choose the right one. 

Regardless of their similarities, both models are somehow different, which may make the selection process easier and simpler. Let’s have a look at some major points of both models.

Comparison Table Between New Balance 608 and 623

FeaturesNew Balance 608New Balance 623
Launched In20142015
StabilityModerate stability High stability 
FlexibilityLow flexibility Moderate flexibility 
Sizing6.5-18 for men and 5-12 for women7-20 for men and 5-13 for women
Weight 13.7 oz for men and 9.8 oz for women13.5 oz for men and 11.5 oz for women
CushionMedium cushioning High cushioning 
OutsoleNDurance rubberRubber
MidsoleABZORB and injected molded EVA foamABZORB and IMEVA
Upper soleSuede and leatherLeather
Retail Price$79.99$43-$74

New Balance 608 Vs. 623: Good, Bad and The Worst:

In this section, I will explore some main points of both NB models that can decide which model is the winner over the other:

1) Comfort

NB 608 has moderate cushioning with the incorporation of EVA foam in the midsole that not only enhances comfort but also offers you a lightweight feel. No matter whether you wear these shoes in the gym or walking around the pavement, these will surely provide you with much comfort and support during your activity. 

Another feature contributing to the comfort of NB 608 is the ABZORB midsole for impact absorbance and compression resistance. Due to this signature technology, 608 shoes are perfect for high-impact activities to keep feet and joints protected and evenly distribute weight throughout the feet. 

Due to the use of durable and synthetic mesh upper, the NB 608 shoes can withstand harsh conditions and provide ventilated room for feet. Along with this, the rubber outsole enhanced flexibility and allow the feet to move naturally during different activities. 

New Balance 623 is crafted with many cutting-end technologies and elements that contribute to comfort at each step. Among all other technologies, the model has an ABZORB feature in the midsole as 608 that not only absorbs shock but also enhances comfortable and smooth stride. 

Moreover, 623 shoes have a phantom liner to ensure a snug fit and minimise friction and itching to feet. As a result, it ensures a cosy, smooth and stress-free walking experience. 

For further comfort, 623 shoes have dual-density collar foam with innovative padding that enhances cushioning around the ankle and offers a supportive feel. As the shoes can be molded according to foot type so these offer customized fit without causing ankle or joint pain. 

NB 623 shoes have perforated and breathable uppers that not only keep the feet cool all day long but also enhance durability which makes them a super choice for summer days. 

Due to the use of rubber and multidirectional tread pattern, 623 shoes enhance flexibility as well as traction that keeps the feet supportive and allows to move naturally. 

2) Popularity

New Balance 608 comes with iconic design, clean lines and classic aesthetic that enhance versatility and make the shoes a staple for all genders and ages. With its commitment to durability and comfort, the shoes are the go-to choice for many users who prefer reliable shoes for different styles. 

New Balance 623 is known as the fusion of performance and fashion sensibilities. Due to its elegant design, the shoes are the perfect option for athletes and casual wearers. Plus, the incorporated ABZORB technology has earned fame among users who prefer support and style. 

3) Target Market 

New Balance 608 shoes can cater for the needs of all ages and activity levels. Whether you are an athlete, a runner or just need to wear a comfortable casual sneaker, NB 608 can get you covered. 

However, if you are a fitness enthusiast, cross-training enthusiast, comfort seeker or casual wearer, NB 623 is for you. 

4) Running

To enjoy a running experience on roads and tracks, NB 608 is the best option with ABZORB and cushioning technology that keeps the joints protected and absorbs shock. Plus, the durable upper and outsole keep the shoes withstand for many years without being damaged and enhance support as well as comfort during long runs. 

New Balance 608 TOP VIEW


However, the NB 623 shoe is not a dedicated running shoe because it is constructed as a versatile cross-training shoe with exceptional support and cushioning suitable for different activities such as walking and jogging. 

In such cases, competitive runners and marathon runners should go for 608 and may also explore other models of the NB 800 series which are designed to overcome the needs of runners by providing performance, stability and comfort. 

5) Walking

New Balance 608 is the best option for short walks because of cushioning and supportive technologies as well as enough stability.

However, for long walks and a better experience, NB 623 is ideal because it can provide exceptional cushioning and minimize fatigue and soreness. Also, a high stability level keeps the shoes protected from injuries. 

6) Flat feet

Both New Balance models are considered a better choice for flat feet because of ABZORB cushioning and exceptional arch support but NB 623 is more preferred for people with overpronation and flat feet because it can evenly distribute weight across the foot. 

7) Design

New Balance 608 shoes have a classic and versatile design with clean lines and an iconic N logo. Due to the fusion of suede and leather upper, these shoes enhance durability and style at a time.

Other than this, the lightweight and flexible feel allows you to stretch your feet as you want. Also, the mesh and breathable upper allow your feet to remain cool and dry all the time no matter what the condition is. 

The ABZORB midsole offers shock absorption and a responsive feel to those who want to keep their feet protected from blisters and enhance comfort. Plus, the midsole evenly distributes weight and releases pain and tiredness, which then helps to wear 608 shoes for a long time. 

With rubber and a supportive outsole, 608 shoes can avoid slipping and falling by enhancing traction and grip on the surface. Also, the durable outsole keeps your arch in the right place and prevents going off the track. 

New Balance 623 are available with functional and practical design along with lace-up closure, timeless aesthetic and secure fit. With so many styles and colors, from bright yellow to green to white to black, these shoes are versatile. 

The upper of 623 is made with leather and synthetic materials that not only provide a supportive feel while also keep the shoes comfortable. 

The phantom liner technology used in 623 shoes does not ask to wear socks, nor does it cause blisters, and provides a smooth and soft feel to prevent pain and tiredness. 

Along with EVA midsole and rubber outsole, New Balance 623 shoes are an ideal choice for those who prefer comfort and durability as well as better traction during all types of activities. 

What do customers think?

This shoe comparison is incomplete without exploring what customers think of New Balance 608 and 623. Let’s delve into this portion:

New Balance 608: A lot of purchasers say that the shoes are torn out after a few months and the brand doesn’t return them after 6 months of purchase. 

Some users negatively rate the sole and cushioning of the shoes that make their walking experience terrible and tiring; however, at the same time, some other users said that their feet feel like swimming in the shoe. 

A buyer of 608 claim that the size and fit is better but the suede upper is more prone to water damage and stains. Other than this, the shoes are beautiful but not a good option for the winter season and dirty and snowy areas. 

Most of the consumers said that the new 608 shoes come with long flat soles and too long laces instead of separate heels which may hinder the comfort of new models.

New Balance 623: The wide and extra wide 623 models are just superb for many customers with wide feet and this model is also comfortable plus durable.

Along with comfort and wide sizes, the NB 623 shoes are also affordable and the brand offers discounts, which makes people rely on this brand. 

A customer said that NB 623 are fit and perfect with super comfortable and protective heels which allow to wear these shoes for a long time. 

According to most customers, these shoes are never worn out and are the perfect choice for all weather, even rain, snow, heat and fall. 

However, at the same time, users claim that the shoe doesn’t have much room, and the soft glue starts giving away in a few months, which then damages the leather and causes cracks. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

In terms of size, both models are perfect with secure fit; however, NB 608 is the winner with wide fit and proper arch support. 

On the other hand, NB 608 is not the right choice to wear in summer because of the less breathable material. But for users looking for durable shoes, 608 is good to go.

If you prioritize affordability and comfort other than support and durability, then NB 623 is an ideal choice.

Hopefully, this comparison article will help you explore the differences and similarities in both NB models and let you choose the right model. 

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