New Balance 619 Vs 608: Which Is Better?

The footwear market is full of growing brands and continuously adding shoe companies. One of the most notorious companies in the market is New Balance, with many product lines, and two of these models are 619 and 608. 

These models are not only updated and optimized with time, but they also ensure high performance. 

Let’s explore the comparison table of both models to see which should be your next choice. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 619 and 608

FeaturesNew Balance 619New Balance 608
Launched In20012014
StabilityModerate stabilityHigh stability
FlexibilityModerate flexibilityLow flexibility
Sizing7-14 for Men8- 11.5 for Women6.5-18 for men and 5-12 for women
Weight 13.5 oz for men and 11.5 oz for women13.7 oz for men and 9.8 oz for women
CushionHigh cushioningMedium cushioning
OutsoleRubberNDurance rubber
MidsoleABZORB and dual-density EVA foamABZORB and injected molded EVA foam
Upper soleSuede and leatherSuede and leather
Retail Price$80-$130$79.99

New Balance 619 Vs. 608: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Before diving into this section, you should be clear that both 619 and 608 are somewhat similar, but there are many good, bad and worst things, such as:

1) Comfort

New Balance 619 shoes reflect comfort because of incorporated cutting end technologies as well as plush cushioning which let you feel walking in the air. With the use of ABZORB technology in the heel and forefoot area, these shoes optimize comfort and shock absorption in each step you take. 

Another comfort contributing factor is dual-density collar foam, which provides a soft and gentle cocoon to your feet with a customized fit. 

Due to the breathable mesh upper and the brand’s commitment to a custom-like feel, these shoes can be moulded according to foot contour. 

The supportive midsole not only optimizes the stability of the shoes but also prevents tiredness during long walks and runs.

Whether you wear 619 shoes in the gym or during street strolling, these will always keep your feet protected from injuries and harsh conditions as well as provide comfort. 

New Balance 608 offers unparalleled comfort with a plush and cushioned interior that offers your feet a feel like a spa day. The compression molded EVA foam offers lightweight support and superior cushioning that keep the shoes better for long-day wear. 

Plus, non-marking rubber and dual-density collar foam, along with a padded tongue, add another layer of comfort and wrap your feet in the cosy cocoon. 

Whether you have to stroll along the city or nature trails, NB 608 will always keep your feet comfortable and supportive. 

2) Popularity

New Balance 619 shoes never compromise performance for style which has gained huge fame among fitness lovers and casual wearers. Due to exceptional comfort and innovative technologies, this model is a good-to-go choice for comfort seekers as well as versatility makes the transition between gym and everyday life easier. 

New Balance 608 shoes have timeless appeal and unbeatable comfort, which attract the attention of athletes and urban explorers. From versatile to classic designs, these shoes are highly famous among fashion enthusiasts. 

3) Running

New Balance 619 is a neutral running shoe with perfect cushioning and stability that makes it the better choice for long runs. Also, different innovative technologies reduce the impact while running on various terrains. 


New Balance 608 TOP VIEW

New Balance 608 is also the best running and training shoe with compression molded EVA and non-marking rubber that enhance overall comfort and support for long runs. 

However, NB 619 is the winner, with more flexibility and cushioning that provides a better running experience to runners of all weights and abilities. 

4) Walking

Whether you have to walk along the city, go on a tour or need shoes for long-distance walks, both NB 608 and 619 are for you. 

Both models are super cushioned and padded as well as lightweight which ensures a smooth and better walking experience without causing any discomfort. 

5) Flat feet

New Balance 619 is an ideal option for flat feet because of extra cushioning and flexibility as well as enough arch support that keeps feet comfortable and supportive during all activities.

However, NB 608 has high stability, which may be too much for individuals with flat feet, and less cushioning is not the right thing for high arches.  

6) Design

New Balance 619 is a sporty and versatile sneaker with precise detailing, the N logo and different color options, from classic monochromes to vibrant pops that can overcome all tastes and styles. Due to a sense of dynamic energy, these shoes go as the fashionable choice in and out of the gym. 

With mesh upper construction as well as a sleek and modern aesthetic, these shoes confirm comfort and ensure a snug and customized fit to feet. 

In each 619 shoes, strategically placed overlays add a new touch of visual interest that enhances support and stability and makes the feet less susceptible to stress. 

With precisely curated midsole, shoes offer the cocoon to comfort and plush cushioning. Plus, the rubber and lug patterns make them exceptionally durable, which then enhances grip whether you have to use them in the gym or urban landscape. 

New Balance 608 has understated elegance, timeless appeal and clean lines with subtle detailing and different color patterns, from neutrals to bolds to pops that enhance sophistication. 

The leather plus mesh upper offers a blend of durability and breathability. The leather overlays in these shoes not only optimize appeal but also make the shoes functional.

Another key feature of 608 shoes is compression molded EVA foam with a lightweight and soft feel that keeps discomfort and irritation away from feet even after a long day’s walk. 

With non-marking rubber and treat patterns, these shoes guarantee better traction on different surfaces and ensure a secure fit. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 608: After using NB 608, a customer said that the insole used in these shoes has the worst chemical smell as well as these shoes don’t feel comfortable and my bunion issue is still present. 

On the other hand, a few users say that the memory foam and footbed are the perfect addition that doesn’t let the feet feel irritated and injured,. Plus a customer added that no one can go wrong by choosing New Balance shoes. 

A removable brace of NB 608 shoes is a helpful feature which most customers like and suggests NB not to remove this feature from its product lines.

New Balance 619: According to some customers especially with wide feet, these shoes don’t offer various widths and sizes but are very tight and hurt the feet after a long day of wear.

A user said that the tread start peeling off after 3 months on the right foot, which increases the chances of slipping and falling. 

However, some purchasers consider these shoes perfect, supportive and comfortable while walking or running on concrete or other surfaces. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

According to me, NB 608 is the winner of this battle because of its affordable price as well as high stability and lightweight feel that also ensure a comfortable and relaxed fit. 

Plus, the roomy toe box of 608 ensures natural foot movement, but 619 has a narrow fit and never allows feet to move naturally. 

Hopefully, you will be able to decide on the right pair of shoes after reading this comparison article. 

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