New Balance 840 v5 Vs v4: Which Is Better For You?

Maybe New Balance is not a famous footwear company for running shoes, but it is highly suggested by podiatrists. Almost two years ago, New Balance introduced two new versions of the 840 line, V4 and V5. 

Both these models have similar designs with many other features, but there are also some differences that help you decide which one to choose. 

Let’s dive into this article and know the right pair of sneakers for you. 

Comparison Table Between New Balance 840 v5 and v4:

PropertiesNew Balance 840 v5 New Balance 840 v4
FeaturesFlexible and breathableSustainable and lightweight
TerrainAsphalt and trailsTracks, roads and treadmills
SupportReliable supportNeutral
Weight (men)12.9 oz13.4 oz
AthletesIntense athletic activitiesLight athletic activities
OutsoleRubberBlown rubber
MidsoleFull-length ABZORB technologyABZORB
Upper soleMesh and syntheticMesh and synthetic
CushioningHighly cushionedWell cushioned
DistanceShort to medium distances (5K to half marathon)Short to medium distances (5K to half marathon)
SpeedSlow, moderate and fastSlow, moderate and fast
WorkoutShort, easy runs and walkingTempo runs, recovery runs and cross-training

New Balance 840 v5 Vs v4: Good, Bad and The Worst:

After reviewing the comparison of both models, it is time to discuss some good, bad and worst things of both models. So let’s start with:

1) Comfort

New Balance 840v5 shoes have improvised cloth-like engineered mesh upper to enhance comfort while minimizing saggy and wet feel. With ABZORB padding, the shoes can easily absorb shock, enhance grip and avoid discomfort. 

With shallow footbeds and narrow toe boxes, the shoes fit with narrow-footed runners; however, people with wide feet don’t like these shoes comfortable. 

Moreover, the V5 shoes have a cushioned and removable insole that enhances comfort and relaxation while walking and running. 

With a padded heel collar and tongue and lace closure upper, the shoes fit perfectly and promote airflow to keep feet refreshed. Along with this, the shoes let you run for long distances with confidence by offering enough support. 

New Balance 840 V4 offers ample cushioning and a soft feel to your feet. With ABZORB technology and proprietary cushioning, the shoes can absorb shock and improve comfort. Also, the midsole is supportive in the heel and arch areas, which makes the shoes perfect for flat feet. 

Due to the availability of V4 in many widths, from narrow to wide, the shoes offer a customized and comfortable fit for your feet. 

Other than this, the breathable mesh upper enhances airflow and minimizes the risk of discomfort even during overheated days. 

The signature feature of this version is a roomy toe box, which allows your toe to move naturally and minimize pressure. 

2) Popularity

New Balance 840 v4 is famous for its support, versatility and comfort. The shoes are the love of customers who prefer cushioning and support in their everyday wear shoes. 

However, New Balance 840 v5 is an updated version of V4 with an improved design and technologies that also enhance performance. With enough feedback from users regarding comfort, fit and durability, the shoes are highly appreciated. 

3) Running 

New Balance 840 V4 is a neutral running shoe with durable construction and necessary cushioning and is highly regarded as the best shoe for long-distance running. However, NB 840V5 shoes are light, so they are perfect for light or everyday running activities. 

New Balance 840v5 top view
NB 840v5

New Balance Men 840 V4
NB 840v4

4) Walking

Both models are regarded as the best walking shoes. However, V5 is the winner because it offers enough cushioning under the midfoot and a stable and secure fit, which are necessary factors for walking shoes. 

However, V4 is also the better option for users who have to stand for a long time because the shoes offer enough support and a roomy toe box. Plus, the soft insole offers you a smooth walking experience on pavements. 

5) Flat feet

For people with flat feet, both V4 and V5 models are highly appreciated because of better arch support and heel-to-toe drop. Plus, both models minimize the inward heel movement and ensure cushioning to flat feet. 

6) Design

The 840V5 shoes are designed with mesh uppers that provide a ventilated room for your feet during different activities, even on the hottest days. 

With the use of an ABZORB shock pad and cushioning technologies, the shoes improve shock absorption and comfort. Other than this, the midsole of V5 shoes is similar to 847V5 shoes but is very supportive and cushioned. 

However, the rubber outsole with shallow and aggressive lugs allows the feet to move freely on different surfaces because of better grip. The lugs also add a beautiful appeal to shoes and enhance the balance between flexibility and firmness. 

The 840v4 is a versatile and performance-oriented shoe with enough support for feet. Due to the use of a neutral strategy, these shoes are good to go for outdoors and indoors. 

With synthetic and mesh uppers, the shoes allow a breathable feel and keep the feet cool during all activities. On the upper, synthetic overlays are also present in the strategic position for support and durability. 

Similar to V5, these shoes also have an ABZORB technology to minimize impact forces and absorb shock yet offering a comfortable feel. Due to enough support at heel and arch areas, the shoes are good to go for different foot types. 

With padded collars and tongues and a lace-up closure system, the shoes offer a customized and secure fit as well as enhance comfort. Moreover, the lacing system has eyelets to enhance a secure lacing configuration. 

In the end, the outsole is equipped with durable rubber, flex grooves and treat patterns that not only provide enough traction on surfaces but also enhance a natural and confident stride. 

What do customers think?

New Balance 840V5: The quality and width of these shoes are loved by many customers, but at the same time, some users say that the microfiber materials in the heel area can easily tear in a few months. 

Also, some viewers say that this new version is not as padded as the old one and is of cheap quality so it is highly disappointing. 

Due to ABZORB cushioning, the shoes are the best option for metatarsalgia. But the bad thing is that this version has changed many things such as less padding and two leather stripes that feel uncomfortable and irritated to many users. 

Many people complain that the mesh finishing on the toe portion is not a good thing, which is more prone to holes after a few times. Other than this, the tongue is long and narrow, which may easily slip on the side.

New Balance 840V4: With a large toe box and enough cushioning, the shoes are perfect and efficient for more than 400 miles running on pavements. However, after 100 miles, the shoes are molded according to foot type. 

Other than this, customers say that the spongy feel of the shoes during walking makes them feel comfortable and happy. Also, the shoes are ideal for different foot issues, such as bunions, because of the nice upper that may be stretched easily. 

Some customers say that every new user must check the rubber toe bumper extended back a half inch before purchasing the shoes. With high in-built arches and double wide fit, the shoes are perfect for bad feet. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

In the end, both models are unique with different features, but 840V5 is a newer version with many positive and negative changes. Hopefully, this article has helped you explore the changes between the two models. 

V5 is a supportive, comfortable and breathable shoe that is better for water activities. Plus, the shoes can remain for miles of walking and running. The only drawback is that v5 is a little bit more costly than v4. Other than this, V4 is good for running and training activities. 

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