Allbirds Vs Olukai: Which Is Better For You?

Are you seeking eco-friendly shoes? Well! You are at the right place because this article will enter into the fight against Allbirds and Olukai.

Both companies follow sustainable practices and stylish designs, but the question is, who will earn the winning title? 

To help you know about the commitment of both brands along with their unique features that set one brand apart from another, I will cover some criteria in this article. So let’s dive into:

Comparison Table Between Allbirds and Olukai:

Minimalist, versatile designsDistinctive Hawaiian workmanship and tropical flair
Don’t offer enough arch support Offer suitable  arch support
Uses renewable and eco-friendly materialsUses recycled materials
Slippers, shoes, runners and dashers Sandals, shoes and boots
Good durability Excellent durable
Limited variety of stylesBroader range of styles and sizes
Highly flexible Flexibility may vary based on the shoe style 
Suitable for outdoor activities and mild hiking Suitable for walking, outdoor activities and everyday wear
More breathable Breathable 
Lightweight Slightly feel heavy 
Slightly costly Almost similar price range as Allbirds 
1-year warranty1-year warranty

Overview of Allbirds:

In 2016, Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger founded Allbirds with the aim to protect the environment by using sustainable and eco-friendly practices and materials such as eucalyptus fibres, sugar cane and merino wool (sourced from New Zealand) for breathable and soft feel along with water absorbing properties. 


Due to the commitment of the brand to minimize its carbon footprint, conserve energy and manufacture sustainable shoes for men, women and kids, it has earned huge fame among eco-conscious users and celebrities.

Besides considering sustainable practices, Allbirds shoes are available in minimalist and versatile designs along with lightweightness and flexibility that offer a barefoot-like feel. It means you have the option to choose from casual sneakers, athletic shoes and slip-ons. 

Allbirds offers a 1-month return policy and allows to return shoes if customers are not happy with them. 

Allbirds is also committed to the community and continuously updates shoes with the latest technologies and more sustainable materials and invites collaborations from customers to manufacture shoes not only perfect for the community but also for the planet. 

Allbirds commitment to different manufacturers is a testament that the brand cares about transparency and accuracy in each product. 

The headquarters of Allbirds is in San Francisco, but the shoes are manufactured in different countries. Commonly, the merino wool used in these shoes is processed in Italy, and shoes are manufactured in China. 

Allbirds Wool Runner is the best-selling product with a classic design and commitment to sustainability and comfort. 

Overview of Olukai:

Olukai is a Hawaiian island-inspired footwear brand with a deep commitment to nature. It was founded by Bill Worthington and Matt Till in 2005 for the creation of supreme quality and comfortable shoes to showcase the culture and spirit of Hawaii

olukai founder

In the heart of Olukai, the Aloha spirit lies, which reflects the way of deeply rooted love, care and respect for the world around it. This philosophy serves each step of Olukai, from sustainable construction methods to commitment to the conservation of marine life

Olukai is dedicated to serving the community along with the conservation of marine life with the use of premium materials and quality craftsmanship. Each Olukai shoe reflects the finest materials, such as fabrics, sustainable components and full-grain leather. Due to this construction and attention to each detail, Olukai shoes not only look appealing but also bring durability and comfort. 

The unique anatomically contoured footbed reflects the natural curve of the Hawaiian island. Due to this unique feature, each shoe offers an unparalleled level of support and comfort so you take each step with pleasure whether you navigate around rough terrains or beaches. 

Olukai partners with the Ama Olukai Foundation, which shows cultural support and conservation of the environment in Hawaii and its surrounding areas. 

The brand is a Certified B Corporation with a main focus on sustainability and manufacturing of shoes that not only last long but also minimize the carbon footprint. 

Olukai shoes are mainly designed in the US and crafted in Asia, Mexico and China by adhering to high-quality standards and environmental sustainability. 

The Olukai Ohana flip-flop sandal is considered as a best-selling product because it symbolizes the Aloha spirit and offers unparalleled comfort and support to live with an open heart. 

Differences Between The Brands

To know some major differences between the two brands, read this section till the end:

1) Comfort

Allbirds is known for exceptional comfort and fluffy weight along with sustainability that makes the shoes super perfect for long day wear or tough schedules. 

Moreover, the rubber sole, along with padded and stretched collars, enhances flexibility and traction on all types of surfaces while maximizing comfort. 

Contrarily, Olukai commonly uses the “wet sand principle” in each shoe to provide a comfortable and barefoot-like feel. The heel cup and toe support, along with the right fit of Olukai shoes, enhance comfort level while absorbing shock on all types of surfaces.

Moreover, the roomy toe box and moulded footbed enhance flexibility and allow the feet to move comfortably without any restriction.

2) Popularity

Allbirds fame has risen as a dramatic surge because of the brand’s commitment to a seamless blend of comfort, eco-friendliness and style. It is why Allbirds has earned a diverse customer base, from professionals to outdoor adventurers to eco-conscious users who prefer shoes that align with an ethical ethos.

Moreover, the use of New Zealand merino wool became the reason for Allbird’s fame and praise all over the world’s footwear market. 

Celebrity seen wearing Allbirds shoes is Leonardo DiCaprio which added a new layer of fame to the footwear product line of the brand. 

Olukai also has earned significant fame because it inspired the Hawaiian island and the versatility of each shoe attracts the attention of many fashion-conscious and eco-conscious users who don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for sustainability. 

Olukai shoes also have positive customer reviews in retail and online stores, which also became the reason for their popularity. 

3) Target Market

Allbirds target eco-conscious users, fashion enthusiast, professionals, and creative and active individuals who want lightweight and sustainable shoes to leave less impact or carbon footprint on the planet. 

Olukai targets adventure and comfort seekers, travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, eco-conscious users and people who prefer shoes for casual and semi-formal settings. 

4) Price

Olukai shoes ask you to pay at least $80 to upto $150, however, boots of this brand are costly compared to sandals. While Allbirds shoes start from $100-$170. 

5) Design

Allbirds shoes have a minimalist design with maximum green products, zero-drop style, and a simple and elegant look. With the use of merino wool, these shoes don’t have extra padding, which makes them super light and perfect for daily use. 

The damage-resistant mudguard keeps the shoes and feet protected, and the padded heel and cup enhance comfort during wear. 

The shoes are mainly designed to be worn on different surfaces, such as wet and highlands, so they are mostly preferred by tourists. 

Olukai shoes are the inspiration for the Hawaiian island with artistic and hand-stitched designs. With high-quality materials, these shoes are ideal for running, walking, hiking and other outdoor activities

Moreover, the customized and anatomical footbed makes the shoes super fit and offers a vintage look that not only lasts long but feels soft. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

It is hard to decide the winner of this article because each customer has different demands and preferences. 

Allbirds shoes are super comfy and durable, which makes them perfect for daily use. While Olukai shoes are the fusion of style, craftsmanship and spirit of Aloha or Hawaiian island.

No matter whether you choose Allbirds or Olukai, it will surely be a worthy investment

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