Olukai Vs Rainbow: Which Is Better For You?

Shoes are not only a way to enhance your overall style, but these are the protective cocoon for your feet against extreme weather and surface conditions. 

Olukai and Rainbow are two reliable footwear brands that mainly design shoes, boots, sandals and flip-flops to fight against different climate conditions. 

If you are curious to know the right brand along with features, then this article is waiting for you with a lot of information. 

Comparison Table Between Olukai and Rainbow:

Innovative and water-resistant Soft and flexible 
Offer enough arch support Offer less arch support
More sustainable Sustainable 
Sandals, boots and shoesShoes, Flip-flops, slide and strappy sandals 
It may not be durable in rough environments More rugged and strong
Suitable for outdoor activities and everyday wearSuitable for beach and water activities, hiking, camping and everyday wear
More breathable Breathable 
Lightweight Slightly heavyweight 
Costly Affordable 
1-year warrantyLifetime guarantee

Overview of Olukai:

Olukai is a Hawaiian island-inspired footwear brand with a deep commitment to nature. It was founded by Bill Worthington and Matt Till in 2005 for the creation of supreme quality and comfortable shoes to showcase the culture and spirit of Hawaii

olukai founder

In the heart of Olukai, the Aloha spirit lies, which reflects the way of deeply rooted love, care and respect for the world around it. This philosophy serves each step of Olukai, from sustainable construction methods to commitment to the conservation of marine life

Olukai is dedicated to serving the community along with the conservation of marine life with the use of premium materials and quality craftsmanship. Each Olukai shoe reflects the finest materials, such as fabrics, sustainable components and full-grain leather. Due to this construction and attention to each detail, Olukai shoes not only look appealing but also bring durability and comfort. 

The unique anatomically contoured footbed reflects the natural curve of the Hawaiian island. Due to this unique feature, each shoe offers an unparalleled level of support and comfort so you take each step with pleasure whether you navigate around rough terrains or beaches. 

Olukai partners with the Ama Olukai Foundation, which shows cultural support and conservation of the environment in Hawaii and its surrounding areas. 

The brand is a Certified B Corporation with a main focus on sustainability and manufacturing of shoes that not only last long but also minimize the carbon footprint. 

Olukai shoes are mainly designed in the US and crafted in Asia, Mexico and China by adhering to high-quality standards and environmental sustainability. 

The Olukai Ohana flip-flop sandal is considered as a best-selling product because it symbolizes the Aloha spirit and offers unparalleled comfort and support to live with an open heart. 

Overview of Rainbow:

Rainbow is the most loved footwear brand and was founded by Jay “Sparky” Longley in 1974 in California. 


The journey of the brand started with the manufacturing of sandals in the garage and ended up in the form of Rainbow, a well-known shoe brand in the market. 

At first, Jay put his 100% to making people aware of his shoes and after the brand recognition, the sales touched the sky in 2000. 

Each Rainbow shoe is a commitment to craftsmanship with the use of premium materials that not only look good but also offer a luxurious feel. 

Rainbow offers shoes that act as a protective shield to the feet of the homeless and victims of disasters. The plus point is that it allows customers to send shoes that are little left so that the brand will repair such shoes. 

Rainbow not only offers shoes while it reflect durability, simplicity and connection to nature. All the shoes are a testament to the brand’s aim to deliver footwear that not only stands the time but also cherishes each moment with love. 

Rainbow sandals originated in California, but these are crafted in the United States and Mexico, which ensures that the brand is committed to high manufacturing standards while covering the demands of the footwear market. 

Rainbow has many products in its line but the best and most iconic model is a single-layer Premium leather Sandals with a classic design and soft leather straps that feel comfortable to the skin during casual wear and different activities. 

Differences Between The Brands

Go through this section to know some differences between both brands and decide who the winner of this battle is:

1) Comfort

The comfort of Olukai shoes is extraordinary, with contoured footbeds that not only enhance the cushioning feel while satisfying the foot shape by offering remarkable arch support. The use of supreme quality and elastic materials makes the shoes super comfy and reduces the risk of injury or blister during long day wear.

Moreover, the shoes are waterproof, which absorbs moisture and makes the shoes comfortable even in wet conditions. 

Rainbow shoes are also comfortable with plain patterns and soft footbeds that act as the cocoon for foot shape. With the straps and quality materials, these sandals are flexible yet supportive that can minimize aches and irritation to feet. 

The main feature of Rainbow sandals is their non-skid soles which enhances grip and steadiness and minimizes the risk of slips and falls on even, uneven and wet surfaces.

2) Popularity

Olukai has gained much fame in recent years because of its island-inspired design and quality craftsmanship that not only offer style to shoes but make them super comfy and durable. Also, the brand’s commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices became another reason for fame.

Not only famous among the public, Olukai shoes are also famous among celebrities with universal appeal and attract fans from around the globe. 

Rainbow is popular because of its commitment to superb quality and comfortable shoes that also focus on simplicity and durability. 

Though Rainbow does not have heavy celebrity endorsements, it is famous because of loyal and satisfied customers who speak about the reputation and reliability of the brand

3) Target Market

Olukai is mainly famous among users who want stylish yet comfortable shoes, consumers who want to resonate with the spirit of Aloha and those who prefer a laid-back style. 

Moreover, the brand’s commitment to sustainability attracts eco-conscious users who want to embrace their style by leaving a positive impression on the planet

Rainbow targets users who prefer simple and stylish shoes with enduring quality. The brand also caters to the needs of a varied customer base, from young users to fashion lovers, because of its commitment to delivering footwear that compliments all lifestyles without any age or gender limit. 

4) Price

For Olukai shoes, you mostly have to invest $80-$150 while boots of this brand are somehow costly compared to sandals. 

In contrast, Rainbow shoes may expect you to pay almost $59-$85, which makes the brand affordable compared to Olukai.  

5) Design

Olukai shoes are available in stylish and Hawaiian-inspired designs with vibrant colors and patterns from classic to modern. The Olukai shoes also have straps made of leather and are equipped with embossed stitching and decorative elements to bring a unique look to shoes.

With the footbed, these shoes remain comfortable and waterproof technology absorbs moisture and keeps the shoes odour and humidity-free. 

Rainbow shoes, on the other hand, are simple, timeless, but unique with limited color and pattern range but remain for a long time. Commonly, the sandals of this brand are engineered with durable leather and double stitching that adds elegance

With a supportive and comfortable footbed made of memory foam and rubber, these shoes are manufactured according to the feet’ appearance. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Both brands have some positive things, but at the same time, these have drawbacks which you must consider. 

Regardless of positive and negative things, both brands offer a lot of unique products that protect not only feet but also the environment.

Olukai is the winner in terms of a variety of styles, patterns and colors along with its use in adventurous journeys, walking, training and travel. 

Rainbow is the winner because of the best sandal collection with enough arch support and comfort, but this brand has limited styles and patterns. 

Check both brands and choose the one based on your needs. Good Luck with your new search!

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