Allen Edmonds Vs Ecco: Which Is Better For You?

Though shoes are the main part of your outfit, you need to choose the right pair of shoes that better match your outfit and make you look stunning.

Ecco and Allen Edmonds are among the premium footwear brands with the use of quality materials and the latest technologies that can bring variations in the shoes of both brands even if their offerings are somehow similar.

However, it is difficult to decide between these two brands which will be your next partner to elevate your fashion sense. 

Let’s dive into this article to get detailed knowledge about Ecco and Allen Edmonds. 

Comparison Table Between Allen Edmonds and Ecco:

Allen EdmondsEcco
Timeless and supportiveClassic and water-resistant
Attractive at first glanceSlightly attractive
Dress Shoes, Casual Shoes, Sneakers, Loafers and BootsCasual shoes, sneakers, boots and sandals
Good for casual wear and special occasionsGood for casual wear and outdoor activities
Slightly heavy in weightLightweight
BreathableMore breathable
ExpensiveSome models are slightly affordable 
Slightly recommended by podiatristsHighly recommended by podiatrists
2-years warranty1-year warranty

Overview of Allen Edmonds:

In 1922, Elbert W. Allen established an American men’s shoe brand, Allen Edmonds, in Belgium and was the choice of each US president at the inaugural ceremony

All Allen Edmonds shoes are manufactured with supreme quality leather that not only makes the shoes durable but comfortable. So it allows you to wear shoes in any meeting, training or formal occasion. 

Allen Edmond shoes are mainly handcrafted for men, so these are not unisex and stand as timeless craftsmanship and American Creativity. With a rich legacy of centuries in making shoes, this brand has mastered the art of manufacturing shoes using the revered Goodyear welt construction method that excels in trends and passes from generation to generation. 

Each Allen Edmond shoe is the fusion of legacy, echo of craftsmanship and versatility from boardroom to boulevard which allows transition through each step of life. Whether you have to embrace casual elegance or dress in a customized suit, these shoes are your best friend. 

With proper care of Allen Edmond shoes, you can enjoy unlimited chapters of your life and adventurous journeys. 

Allen Edmond has been highlighted in famous media outlets such as BizTimes, Forbes and NY Times. 

Besides everything else, Allen Edmonds offers sales and promos throughout the year and also offers 15% off as well as other perks on the first purchase.

Allen Edmond shoes are manufactured in:

  • Port Washington, Wisconsin, USA
  • Dominican Republic

The best seller product of Allen Edmond is Park Avenue Shoes with timeless elegance, refined sophistication and attention to each detail. 

With sleek and plain-toe designs, these shoes are the better investment for those who want understated luxury. 

Overview of Ecco

Ecco is not merely a footwear brand, it is an idea that lies behind the name to make comfortable and functional shoes that better fit the foot.

Ecco is a Danish shoe brand, founded by master-mind Karl Toosbuy in 1963 in Denmark with its headquarters in Asia, Europe, South America and the United States. Ecco made its first retail store in Denmark in 1982, but now it has retailers in almost 99 countries. 


In 1996, Ecco first constructed a research and design center, Futura, in Denmark, and another center, in London, in 1998. Then, after 2000, Ecco owned all the production, quality, and retail facilities of its product line and is considered the only footwear brand that physically controls all steps of product manufacturing. 

In 1998, Ecco faced challenges with shoes because of the use of faulty sole material, but after identifying the issue, Ecco changed the sole material. 

Ecco shoes are curated with full grain leather and other super quality materials to make consumers feel comfort, style and performance at a time. From office to free strolling to leisure activities, Ecco shoes are all-day comfort zones. 

Ecco also has contributed to the research program with the aim of minimizing the effects of tanneries on the environment. 

Almost 98% of Ecco shoes are manufactured in the following countries:

  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • India

Ecco is the home to a wide footwear product line with its iconic ECCO Soft 7 on top of the line because of modern design that is crafted with accuracy in each detail to give shoes a luxurious plus comfortable look. 

Ecco Soft 7 is a versatile shoe with an elegant yet simple design that makes it a perfect choice to pair up with any outfit such as jeans, shorts, blazer, or t-shirts. No matter with which outfit you pair Soft 7, it will always look stunning

Differences Between The Brands

Besides having some similarities, both these brands have some major differences, which I will explain in this portion:

1) Comfort

Allen Edmonds shoes offer a warm embrace and plush cushioning to your feet, and it feel mainly customized to support each step you take. 

With a cork footbed, the shoes mold the foot contour and offer personalized cushioning and support that let you feel lightweight and like walking in the air. 

Overall, your feet will thank you because of the luxurious comfort Allen Edmond shoes offer for navigating around the city and strolling through landscapes. 

ECCO shoes offer surprising comfort by artistically pampering your feet which feel like a gentle breathe. With anatomical design and Scandinavian design, these shoes support your feet in the warm embrace and let your each step to enjoy a joyous dance. 

The use of Ecco fluidform technology makes the shoes a haven of cushioning that becomes a superb choice whether you have to explore the city or roam off the firm path. 

2) Popularity

Allen Edmonds, worn by CEOs, presidents and trendsetters and carries the true heritage with each piece is the statement of craftsmanship and attention to detail that also define the luxury of America. 

From busy boardrooms to elegant events, Allen Edmond shoes offer an adorning look to each foot because of finer things that become your companion on the successful journey

Ecco shoes are loved by urban explorers, fashion enthusiasts and tourists because of the intersection of innovation and elegant design along with anatomical precision that earned a huge fan following.

From city streets to outdoor activities, Ecco shoes offer non-negotiable comfort and style in each step you take. 

3) Target Market

Allen Edmonds targets customers who prefer timeless elegance with quality craftsmanship, professionals who want to make their place in the boardroom or in the fashion industry and individuals who appreciate legacy and well-crafted shoes with refined taste. 

Ecco targets modern users who can’t sacrifice comfort or style, city dwellers, outdoor adventurers and urban users who want comfortable yet minimalist-designed shoes to elevate their lifestyle and everyday experience. 

4) Price

When it comes to the cost of Allen Edmonds, these shoes are somehow expensive with the price range of $300-$350. 

While all Ecco shoes are available at an average cost of $100 some superb models can go upto $300. 

5) Design

In terms of design, both brands have unique styles and patterns, however, one may be the best choice for some users but not for all. 

Allen Edmonds are sturdy and handcrafted shoes that make them look perfect with refined American craftsmanship. Due to timeless strand, sleek cap toe, classic sophistication and intricate lining, these Goodyear welt-constructed shoes not only enhance durability but also leave a better impression by adorning the story of rich heritage. 

Ecco shoes are minimalist designed with innovative comfort, and sleek and understated aesthetics. Due to the use of fluid form and other technologies in each Ecco shoe, these not only offer unrivaled flexibility but also enhance cushioning along with style. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

After reviewing this article, I came to know that both brands offer great value but you need to choose one brand based on your preferences and needs to avoid any mistake or regret in the future.

If you want to save your pocket but at the same time need good quality and versatile shoes, then Ecco must be your choice because most models are available in an affordable price range.

If you have feet issues or flat feet, Ecco must be your choice because it is highly recommended by podiatrists. 

If you want premium leather shoes with a luxurious feel, then you have to spend a lot of money on Allen Edmond shoes.

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