Ecco Track ii Vs Track 25: Which Is Better For You?

Whether you have to start a new journey on rugged terrains or busy streets, you need to have footwear that is more than just an accessory

In the world of outdoor shoes, Ecco Track II and Track 25 stand as a testament to comfort, style and durability. Both Ecco models are committed to quality and adventurous journeys.

Ecco Track II is a classic model and the best companion to navigate through the world, while Track 25 is the modern model with the incorporation of the latest technologies that bring a contemporary twist.

Explore more about both models in this guide and know which Ecco legendary model must be your next companion. 

Comparison Table Between Ecco Track ii and Track 25:

FeaturesEcco Track II Ecco Track 25
Launched In20001992
StabilityStableMore stable
FlexibilityLess flexibleFlexible 
Sizing5-14.5 for men and 4-11.5 for women5-14.5 for men and 4-11.5 for women
Weight 14-15 oz13-15 oz
CushionCushioned Strong cushioning
OutsoleRubber Rubber 
MidsoleUltra-light PHORENE and PUDual component PU/TPU
Upper soleFull grain oiled leatherYak Leather with Nubuck
Retail Price$180$260

Ecco Track ii Vs Track 25: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Continue reading this guide to know the good, bad and worst factors of Ecco Track II and Ecco Track 25:

1) Comfort

Both Ecco Track II and Track 25 come with the incorporation of a “Comfort Fiber System” and the latest cushioning technologies that allow feet to remain cool even on the hottest days and improve air circulation and a soft feel throughout any activity. With each move in these shoes, you allow air to pass through the perforated upper lining to keep your feet dry, cool and comfortable all the time. 

Moreover, the Gore-Tex technology used in both models enhances water resistance without sacrificing comfort and ventilation. Due to moisture-free features, you can wear these shoes for long hours without causing any bad smell that may hinder your long hikes. 

With polyurethane midsole, both models offer excellent shock absorption and cushioning effects, which allow you to take each step gently on uneven and rugged terrains. 

Also, the removable insole in both models allows you to remove if you feel uncomfortable and add orthotics that may fit comfortably and better to your feet. 

However, Track 25 offers lightweight comfort and enough arch support to each wearer, which allows one to walk or hike with these shoes for long hours without feeling tired.

2) Popularity

Both Track II and 25 are popular Ecco models among hikers but the fame of 25 is more because it has been in the footwear market for a long time and all products are the commitment to quality, authenticity and craftsmanship. Due to the use of innovative construction and modern designs, these shoes are not only famous among outdoor activists but also among fashion enthusiasts. 

While Track II is also a famous model with excellent durability and timeless elegance that fascinate users who want stylish yet reliable shoes and demand nothing more. 

3) Running

Both Track II and 25 are not designed as ideal running shoes, while these are mainly constructed for hiking and other outdoor activities because of their durable and strong cushioning that may not be the demand for running shoes.



Due to heavier and stiffer soles, both models feel uncomfortable for running. Also, the high heel drop in II and 25 put pressure on tendons and calf muscles, which may cause foot injuries. 

However, you may run in these shoes but I never recommend for long runs because these may lead to injuries and fatigue in that case. 

4) Walking

Unlike running, both models are good for walking because of the comfortable, supportive and durable construction that makes them perfect for different outdoor activities, even for long day walks. 

Ecco Track II has a polyurethane midsole that is excellent for shock absorption and provides cushioning plus, the premium materials used in the construction offer a snug fit for long walks. 

Other than this, Ecco Track 25 has incorporated Fluidform technology that provides cushioning and anatomically aligned fit to enhance comfort and minimize fatigue, which is ideal for offering long hours of walking experience. 

Moreover, both models have removable insoles, which allow you to customize comfort and traction for walking on different surfaces. 

5) Flat feet

For people with flat feet, Ecco Track 25 is an ideal option because it offers maximal arch support and stability and has a wide toe box, which all are required factors to bring comfort to flat feet. 

However, Ecco Track II is also a good option for flat feet but not as much as Track 25, so you must consider which model is better for your flat feet. 

6) Design

ECCO TRACK II are classic shoes with a variety of styles and designs along with high cuts and low cuts that make them perfect for daily wear and hiking. 

The Track II shoes are equipped with Gore-Tex technology that offers waterproof functionality to shoes without compromising comfort and ventilation. 

The upper of these shoes are made of oiled leather that not only makes them durable but also brings a great look that may fit better with jeans. 

Track II has tanned leather insoles at the shoe bottom, which allow you to mould them as per your needs, and if necessary, you can remove insoles and add comfortable and fit orthotics. 

With the phorene and polyurethane midsole, each pair of Track II shoes offer exceptional cushioning and shock absorption effect on each type of even and uneven terrain. 

With the use of rubber outsole, you can not only enjoy traction but also feel cushioned and comfortable to feet that you think how you can live without Track II. 

ECCO TRACK 25 are modern shoes with superior craftsmanship and innovative designs. Due to its sophisticated aesthetic, blending full grain leather and stitched detailing, these shoes not only look elegant but also ensure durability for urban explorations and outdoor activities.

The upper sole of Track 25 is constructed using leather which not only brings aesthetic but also allows your feet to mold over time to get the personalized fit. In some models, Gore-Tex is an additional feature that ensures breathability and water resistance.

Beneath the upper, the midsole of Track 25 is equipped with PU and Fluidform direct comfort technology that allows the air to pass through the shoes and the anatomical fit makes the shoes more cushioned and supportive. 

Inside, the shoes are equipped with a removable insole, leather-covered waterproof footbed and an Ecco Comfort Fiber system that not only enhances the cushioning feel but also keeps the foot dry and cool all day long wear. 

Equipped with a rubber outsole and deep lug pattern, track 25 shoes offer superior traction on different types of terrains which allow you to take each step with confidence while navigating city streets and other uneven surfaces. 

What do Customers Think?

Ecco Track II: According to some purchasers, these shoes have soft, spongy soles that feel comfortable and reduce the shock on the body while walking, but the bad thing is that these soles wear down quickly.

At the same time, most of the users are happy with the nice fit, 100% breathability and water resistance feature, but the lack of durability is what users don’t like. 

Some customers were unhappy with the split stitching that eventually split the shoes from toes, but at the same time, they also added that the shoes are super comfortable.

Most consumers consider these shoes perfect for moderate hiking, walking and other outdoor activities because of proper arch support and wide toe box, but these shoes are not like other athletic shoes with super wide bodies. 

According to some customers, the shoes are true to size and feel light, while some say that the size is too large and doesn’t fit perfectly.

Ecco Track 25: A customer said that the toe seemed to pull out after a few weeks, which Ecco must consider setting.

Other than this, users feel these shoes are comfortable but a little heavier than other shoes. At the same time, they say that the leather lining, footbed and waterproof feature is the perfect for light hiking and walking.

The shoes are of super quality with flashy laces that many customers love in Ecco Track 25, but most customers say that the shoes are not true to size.

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

In the long debate of Ecco Track II and Track 25, which is better, it is difficult to decide the winner because each person has different needs and one model may not be a perfect fit for all. 

For casual hikers who prefer waterproof features and better grip at an affordable cost, they must go for Ecco Track II, but these are not a better choice for those who prefer more durable shoes. 

On the other hand, Ecco Track 25 is a versatile shoe with lightweight construction and arch support that may be your choice if you are ready to break the bank.

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