Ecco Biom C4 Vs H4: Which Is Better For You?

Ecco has earned fame and has served the footwear community with brilliant golf shoes for many years. That is why it has many loyal fans not only in a single part but all over the world because of BIOM’s line with quality materials, comfort, and element craftsmanship.

Two golf models of the Biom line, C4 and H4, are known for their finest construction and commitment to comfort and support. So, without wasting time, let’s explore both these models.

Comparison Table Between Ecco Biom C4 and H4:

FeaturesEcco Biom C4Ecco Biom H4
Launched In20222021
StabilityLess stableMore stable because of X-Ten’s invisible technology
FlexibilityMore flexibleLess flexible
Sizing5-14.5 for men and 4-8.5 for women5-14.5 for men and 4-8.5 for women
Weight 16 oz15 oz
CushionMore cushioned because of ECCO FLUIDFORM Direct technologyLess cushioned
MidsoleExhaust gridTPU and PU
Upper soleECCO Performance full grain Leather and a super-stretchy mesh sockECCO full grain leather and GORE-TEX
Retail Price$250$220

Ecco Biom C4 Vs. H4: Good, Bad and The Worst:

After considering materials used in the construction of both models along with their stability, launching data and price. Now, I am going to discuss some main factors that can help you decide which model is for you:

1) Comfort

ECCO BIOM C4 Shoes are the step towards unparalleled comfort and cushioning which offer you the feeling of walking on the clouds because of the use of Ecco fluidform technology and Biom natural motion. The C4 shoes feel like these are customized according to foot type, so they fit seamlessly and provide enough arch support. 

Moreover, C4 shoes are the true blend of form and function with a sleek design that not only enhances foot motion but also gives you a luxurious experience while keeping your feet comfortable during all-day wear

ECCO BIOM H4 Shoes act as the cocoon to softness and comfort when you step your feet into them because of the use of natural motion technology that not only offers comfort but also ensures support and ease along with relaxation to your feet.

The cushioned sole of H4 shoes is an artistic work that not only offers comfort but also provides a plush foundation to your feet, which means shoes are a blend of style and quality materials. So, C4 shoes are not only footwear but a way to move your feet with comfort

2) Popularity

ECCO BIOM C4 is a popular model among those users who demand a shoe with the fusion of style and materials along with elegance and innovative technologies that make the shoes hard to resist. 

The C4 shoes are not only famous for their fashionable look but also the comfort is a leading cause of the popularity of C4 because of the use of innovative technology with marvel engineering that embraces your style and offers support at each step.

People are heartily in love with C4 shoes because of their understated design with sleek lines that embrace the fusion of aesthetics and innovation. 

ECCO BIOM H4 has stepped into the world of popularity not only for its style but also for its testament to comfort which makes the shoes a game changer in the footwear industry by making your feet feel like walking with the breeze. The shoes feel like moving with your feet at each step with the fusion of form and performance. 

The simple design doesn’t make H4 follow trends while it sets them and is the true essence that never compromises comfort for just style and sophistication. 

3) Running

Though ECCO BIOM C4 and H4 shoes are mainly golf shoes that are equipped with advanced technologies to enhance comfort and support along with natural motion and anatomical fit, these are not a perfect fit for high-intensity running.



Both models are a perfect choice for walking, light hiking and casual wear because of innovative technology that enhances a responsive feel. 

In such cases, serious runners need to look for a specialized running shoe with maximum cushioning and enough support, along with a durable outsole. 

4) Walking

ECCO BIOM C4 and H4 are the right choices for walking because of their exceptional comfort and support that make them superb for sharp walks and leisure activities along with strolling the street. 

Stepping into both these models feels like walking on the cloud with ease because of the use of Biom natural technology that makes each step a sign of relaxation. So the shoes not only offer you a perfect walking experience but also offer you comfort step by step. 

5) Flat feet

Both models are a bonus for people with flat feet because of their customized comfort and enough arch support along with sufficient stability that feels like these are mainly designed for flat feet to maintain their natural gait. 

Due to cushioning with the blend of firmness and plushness, these shoes can make your feet feel less uncomfortable and fatigued. So walking with C4 and H4 is the remedy for your flat feet. 

6) Design

ECCO BIOM C4 golf shoes are icy cool with the cracked ice look, leather upper and stretching mesh sock that not only enhance 360 degrees of breathability while the Gore-tex technology along with exhaust grids also absorb water and make your feet feel comfortable, ventilated and dry. 

The outsole of the C4 is equipped with MTM technology that not only offers stability but also provides support and grip. 

ECCO BIOM H4 are sleek and youthful shoes with a minimalist style that is the true blend of comfort and functionality. Equipped with Biom natural motion and leather, these shoes are a testament to their durability and make your feet feel close to the ground while Gore-Tex keeps your feet dry in all conditions.

The outsole construction is the same as C4 with MTM technology that not only offers stability but also provides support and grip, while the PU and TPU midsole hugs your feet from both sides to keep them safe and cushioned. 

Plus, the removable insoles are the way to get long-term cushioning and ventilation along with fluidform technology for more flexibility.

What do Customers Think?

Ecco Biom C4: Some purchasers are happy with the comfort of this pair of shoes and list them on top when it comes to choosing golf shoes, but at the same time, some customers say that these are not waterproof shoes, so they are not a good option for wearing in wet conditions and long walks. 

A customer said that these are true to size even though I bought one in a small size, but they were perfect for my feet. However, at first, they were a little bit tight, but after some wear, they got loose and comfortable.

Some users say that these shoes are equipped with a perfect footbed that can keep feet comfortable for 4-5 hours and may be more than this if worn, while some consumers say that the footbed is somehow firm, but the width is best with a removable insole and stable outsole that is really a good thing. 

According to a lot of customers, C4 shoes truly fit with quality materials that allow them to be worn for many hours of walks, and most importantly, these allow you to hit hard balls and will not wear out.  

Ecco Biom H4: Most of the purchasers say these shoes are narrow in the heel but from the front, these are too wide and allow for natural foot spread however, H4 does not come up with the right size because the size chat is somehow different from other brands.

At the same time, some customers are happy with the width, support and cushioning of H4, making them perfect for long walks without making feet feel tired.

These typical Ecco shoes are also super supportive and sturdy with quality materials and water-resistant properties for some consumers who used to wear them many times, but the only issue that many users report is that these are a little bit heavy. 

According to many purchasers, these shoes are easy to clean, while some say that the shoes come with a tiny pinhole texture that makes them hard to clean if dirt gets into the shoes, so H4 looks old after a few wears. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

When it comes to deciding the better model, you become confused because of many similarities such as innovative technologies, elegant look and premium comfort rather than differences. 

However, these are slightly expensive models compared to other shoes but are highly recommended to those who want to enhance their golf-playing experience with better performance.

The new version C4 is slightly updated from the second model with enough ventilation and water-resistant properties but is not the super choice over H4 because this old version is also worth investing in. 

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