Altra Lone Peak 6 VS 7: Which Is Better? 

Altra Lone Peak 6 AND 7 has a unique space in the trail running shoe market because of the wideness, softness and flexibility that no other company can provide to trail runners. Both these shoes are also famous among thru-hikers and ultra runners because of their versatility and durability. 

But which product is perfect for you? It is based on your preferences, needs and also your budget. So let’s explore both Altra Lone Peak 6 and 7 and make an informed decision about the right shoes for your next trail running. 

Comparison Table Between Altra Lone Peak 6 And 7:

FeaturesAltra Lone Peak 6Altra Lone Peak 7
Launched In20222023
StabilityStableSlightly more stable
FlexibilityFlexibleSlightly more flexible
Sizing8-15 for men and 6-12 for women7-15 for men and 5.5-12 for women
Weight 10.6 oz for men and 8.7 oz for women9.2 oz for women and 11 oz for men
CushionLess cushionedMore cushioned
MidsoleAltra EGO MaxAltra EGO Max foam
Upper soleEngineered breathable meshQuick dry air mesh
Retail Price$100-$145$150

Altra Lone Peak 6 Vs. 7: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Besides comparison, both Altra lone peak 6 and 7 has some differences which make one product better than the other. These differences include comfort, popularity, design and customers thinking. So explore all these in detail:

1) Comfort

Altra Lone Peak 6 is also comfortable but it is based on the foot shape.

Due to the ultralight mesh upper and EGO foam, these shoes feel comfortable no matter what the foot shape is but this shoe may cause issues for more narrow feet. However, it is the best option for short training runs because of a lack of support.

Altra Lone Peak 7 are also comfortable shoes with ankle cushioning and never make your feet rubbed or pinched due to laces. The wide toe box of these shoes provides much room for feet to move freely and comfortably. 

2) Popularity

Both Altra Lone Peak 6 and 7 shoes are popular among trail runners because of the wide box for natural foot movement, zero drop effect for natural gait, and durable outsole for better traction, comfort, and versatility. 

However, Altra Lone Peak 6 is more popular compared to Lone Peak 7 because of some factors such as durable construction, design and performance. 

3) Running

Both Altra Lone Peak 6 and 7 are designed for trail running either short or long but these are also perfect for road running because of comfort and support during running on all types of trails and terrains. 

Altra Lone Peak 6 Outsole
Lone Peak 6 Outsole

Lone Peak 7 Outsole

However, each foot has different needs which means one shoe is perfect for some while not a good option for others. So before purchasing any of these shoes for running, make sure to check comfort and support. 

4) Walking

Similar to running, both shoes are also perfect for walking and hiking because of the comfort, cushioning, stability, durability and support these shoes offer while walking on uneven and different terrains. 

5) Flat feet

Both Altra Lone Peak 6 and 7 are better for flat feet because of the wide box that allows feet to move naturally and reduce discomfort which may be caused by flat feet.

The zero-drop design with a durable outsole and proper arch support of both shoes make them perfect for flat feet. 

However, before choosing any of these shoes, try both one by one and check which shoes are more comfortable and supportive for feet. Also, ask the podiatrist about feet condition to choose the better shoes. 

6) Design

Altra Lone Peak 6 is a minimalist shoe and is made of the same types of materials.

The engineered mesh upper is made of breathable and lightweight material to enhance airflow and keep the foot dry and comfortable during trail running.

The midsole of Altra Lone Peak 6 is made of propriety EGO foam that offers cushioning and responsiveness to feet during running.

The outsole is made from high-quality MaxTrac rubber that keeps shoes durable and enhances traction on all types of surfaces even wet and slippery surfaces. 

Altra Lone Peak 7 also has a minimalist design with a quick dry air mesh upper that is made of breathable and lightweight materials that enhance airflow and keep feet comfortable and dry at all times even in wet conditions.

The midsole of Altra Lone Peak 7 is made from EGO Max foam which is a new version of Altra EGO and offers cushioning and shock absorption

The outsole is made with high-quality MaxTrac rubber for more durability and better traction on all types of surfaces and the lug pattern used in these shoes is more pronounced than Lone Peak 6. 

What do customers think?

Lone Peak 6: Many customers claimed that these are super lightweight shoes with highly performing ability on all types of trails and light mountain hikes

While some runners consider these shoes uncomfortable and slippery on wet terrains but they also said that these shoes are true to size. 

Most people say that these shoes are really breathable and keep feet comfortable and dry even on wet trails and during the rainy season.  

Lone Peak 7: Some customers are unhappy with these shoes because they are too thin and ¾ more slim than the older version.

While some people are happy with these lightweight shoes because they are perfect for running on flat surfaces but on rough trails, these shoes cause broken ankles and sprains

A customer said that this new Lone Peak version is too tight for feet to move which may cause foot injuries. 

Many people claim that these shoes are very comfortable and durable and the colors are really superb.  

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

In conclusion, both Lone Peak 6 and 7 are superb shoes in the market, and though there is no drastic upgrade in Lone Peak 7 compared to 6. So, I don’t think people should go for this new version if they already have Lone Peak 6. 

However, the rubber update is really perfect in Lone Peak 7 which may draw the runner’s attention towards it. Obviously, it is the best version and is not as costly as other shoes in the market. So it is up to you which shoe you prefer for your next run. 

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