Altra Olympus VS Lone Peak: Which Is Better? 

Altra Olympus and Lone Peak are two famous trail running shoes equipped with many technologies and features for enhanced durability, comfort and support on all types of trails or terrains.

To know more about these shoes along with pros and cons and customer reviews, read this blog till the end. But first of all, we have designed a comparison table to help you get an overview of both products. 

Comparison Table Between Altra Olympus and Lone Peak

FeaturesAltra OlympusLone Peak
Launched In20122011
StabilityMore stableLess stable
FlexibilityLess flexibleMore flexible
Sizing7-15 for men and 5.5-12 for women7-16 for men and 5.5-12 for women
Weight 11 oz for men and 8.9 oz for women12.8 oz for men and 10.6 oz for women
CushionMore cushionedModerate cushioning
OutsoleVibram mega grip and multi-directional lug patternMaxTrac rubber with trailClaw
MidsoleDual-layer EVA foamAltra EGO 
Upper soleAir mesh and overlaysSuede and durable quick dry air mesh
Retail Price$127$160

Altra Olympus VS Lone Peak: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Altra Olympus and Lone Peak are two famous trail running shoes with wide toe boxes and zero drop effect that make them perfect for foot health. However, both have some main differences such as:

1) Comfort

Altra Olympus has more comfort and cushioning with a thick midsole to absorb shock and provide protection in rocks and long runs. This is why these shoes are the preferred option for runners who want comfortable shoes for long runs on challenging terrains. However, the extra cushioning may feel bulky to some runners. 

Altar lone peak is also comfortable and cushioned but less than Olympus because of the thin midsole and less shock absorption. This is why these shoes are a preferred choice for runners who want flexible and lightweight shoes for technical terrains

2) Popularity

Altra Olympus is the popular shoe among thru-hikers who have to hike long distances on rugged terrains.

While Altra Lone Peak is famous among runners who want a pair of lightweight and flexible shoes for technical terrains.

3) Running

Both Altra Olympus and Lone Peak are famous trail running shoes because of their durable and comfortable construction. 

Altra Olympus offers more cushioning and better traction on dry and wet surfaces during long runs. 

Altra Olympus 5 Outsole

Altra Lone Peak 7 Outsole
Lone Peak 7 Outsole

However, Altra Lone Peak is a lightweight and flexible shoe that offers better traction on technical terrains with a wide toe box and zero drop effect. 

4) Walking

Altra Olympus and Lone Peak are mainly designed for trail running however, these are also perfect for walking but you need to check the comfort, traction and durability of these shoes before using them for walking purposes. 

Altra Olympus provides maximum cushioning and traction on rough terrains which makes it perfect for walking. 

Altra Lone Peak also offers cushioning which may provide comfort and traction during walks even on dirty paths and uneven terrains. 

5) Flat feet

Both Altra Olympus and Lone Peak are perfect for flat feet because of the wide toe box for natural foot spread and zero drop for enhanced natural gait which are important for flat feet.

However, before choosing any of these shoes for flat, make sure to check the cushioning, arch support, flexibility and stability of both products. Also, consult the podiatrist to know your foot condition and the perfect shoes. 

6) Design

Altra Olympus are famous non-minimalist shoes with breathable air mesh upper and overlays to enhance airflow and keep feet dry and cool during running. 

The midsole of Olympus is made of dual-density EVA foam which provides a soft, cushioned, supportive and responsive feel and absorbs shock during all types of terrains even rough or dirty.

The outsole is equipped with Vibram MegaGrip and lug patterns with durable rubber to enhance traction on all types of surfaces such as rocks, roots and mud. 

Altra Lone Peak are also non-minimalist shoes with suede and quick dry air mesh upper for enhanced ventilation, comfort and cooling even in wet terrains. The upper of these shoes is also durable and protective with overlays to protect against debris and abrasion and a lacing system for a secure fit to reduce discomfort. 

The midsole is made of Altra EGO for more cushioning and a comfortable feel and the zero drop of these shoes enhances natural footstrike and absorbs shock and impact.

The outsole of Lone Peak is made from MaxTrac rubber with lug patterns to enhance grip and traction on challenging terrains. 

What do customers think?

Altra Olympus and Lone Peak are two famous trail running shoes among thru-hikers and runners who want to get running experience on technical and rough terrains. However, some runners don’t like specific things about these shoes while some consider them perfect among all other trail running shoes. What do customers think about both these shoes, let’s discuss it:

Altra Olympus: Some customers say that these shoes are true to size and are stylish with a standard fit.

Many customers consider these shoes uncomfortable and say that they cause tiredness and pain while running on uneven terrains so they never recommend these shoes to other runners. 

Most customers show their love for wide-toe box and extra cushioning along with the air feel that makes them hooked with these pair of shoes for long runs and walk.  

A customer said that these shoes have tight fit which causes air circulation issues and other foot problems such as bunions so I never want to use these shoes again.  

Altra Lone Peak: Some people consider these shoes true to size and fit better for long hikes without causing any blisters and keep feet comfortable.

Few people claim that these shoes are not the perfect fit for rocky trails because of slippery rubber which may be extra dangerous for hiking.  

Customers also like the colors and designs of these shoes with lacing and lug patterns on the upper soles. 

The comfort and cushioning of these shoes are also loved by many customers. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better for you?

We have gone through the comparison table and differences along with customer reviews about Altra Olympus and Lone Peak. Though both shoes are ideal in terms of cushioning, support and stability but one is perfect over the other for specific tasks. 

Altra Lone Peak is good for typical trail running and is the best and safest choice for beginner runners. 

On the other hand, Olympus is the perfect choice to run for long distances on uneven and rough terrains because it provides more cushioning.

No matter which shoe you choose, always keep your preferences, needs and obviously budget also to make an informed decision. 

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