Clarks Vs Ecco: Which Is Better For You?

Just like you pay attention to your clothes. Similarly, you also need to pay the same type of attention to footwear while you walk out of the home because these not only enhance your overall look but also protect you from getting injured and falling. 

It is why I have designed an article about two brands, Clarks and Ecco. Each brand offers comfort, support and relaxation whether you go out for walking or any other activity and will never let you feel fatigued. 

To decide on a new pair of shoes for your next adventure, read this article.

Comparison Table Between Clarks and Ecco:

Versatile and timelessClassic and flexible
Dress Shoes, Casual Dress Shoes, Loafers, Sandals, Sneakers and Desert BootsCasual shoes, sneakers, boots and sandals
Ortholite cushioningFluidform technology for comfort
Various widthsPrecise fit
Good for casual wear and travelGood for casual wear, travel and outdoor activities
Slightly heavy-weightLightweight
BreathableMore breathable
Less expensiveCostly 
1-year warranty1-year warranty

Overview of Clarks:

A British shoe brand, Clarks was founded in 1825 by Cyrus and James Clark with a long history in creating snug and stylish shoes. 


Cyrus and James started their journey with the first slipper manufactured with sheepskin off-cut and launched the first versatile desert boot in 1950 with a focus on ease and performance. 

Desert boots were first launched for British soldiers who were fighting in World War II, but after that, these have also been designed for civilians and can be worn with chinos, shorts and jeans. 

Clarks is committed to deliver shoes that allow you to wear all day long and offer support and cushioning.

With modern and comfortable shoes, the company has earned huge fame on formal and informal occasions. 

Stepping into the Clarks shoes means you are empowering the legacy of comfort and style along with art because all the shoes have timeless elegance infused with British heritage. 

Clark’s footwear range is not limited while it has a wide variety of shoes from iconic desert boots to contemporary sneakers that go better from boardroom to casual outings to lifestyle.

Equipped with patented technologies such as Cushion Plus and Ortholite Footbed, Clarks shoes minimize fatigue while maximizing comfort at the same time. 

Clark shoes are not limited to only men while the brand aims to target women and children as well with many products such as desert boots, dress boots, sneakers, sandals, outdoor and work shoes. 

With a variety of sizes, styles and colors, all shoes are customizable, which allows you to choose your favorite patterns and materials. 

Since the launching of this brand, invention and craftsmanship have remained the same, but the only thing that has changed with time are the technologies and techniques used in manufacturing shoes. 

Clark uses rapid prototyping and 3D printing to design all footwear products to symbolize their outstanding ideas. 

The brand has also collaborated with UNICEF for the establishment of a ShoeShare program to educate children by collecting unwanted shoes. 

Clark shoes are made in different countries such as:

  • Vietnam
  • Brazil
  • India
  • United Kingdom 

As desert boots are in huge fame with brilliant fans following the iconic model of this line is the Classic Chukka, which has been famous for over 70 years because of style, comfort and durability. 

Overview of Ecco

Ecco is not merely a footwear brand, it is an idea that lies behind the name to make comfortable and functional shoes that better fit the foot.

Ecco is a Danish shoe brand, founded by master-mind Karl Toosbuy in 1963 in Denmark with its headquarters in Asia, Europe, South America and the United States. Ecco made its first retail store in Denmark in 1982, but now it has retailers in almost 99 countries. 


In 1996, Ecco first constructed a research and design center, Futura, in Denmark, and another center, in London, in 1998. Then, after 2000, Ecco owned all the production, quality, and retail facilities of its product line and is considered the only footwear brand that physically controls all steps of product manufacturing. 

In 1998, Ecco faced challenges with shoes because of the use of faulty sole material, but after identifying the issue, Ecco changed the sole material. 

Ecco shoes are curated with full grain leather and other super quality materials to make consumers feel comfort, style and performance at a time. From office to free strolling to leisure activities, Ecco shoes are all-day comfort zones. 

Ecco also has contributed to the research program with the aim of minimizing the effects of tanneries on the environment. 

Almost 98% of Ecco shoes are manufactured in the following countries:

  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • India

Ecco is the home to a wide footwear product line with its iconic ECCO Soft 7 on top of the line because of modern design that is crafted with accuracy in each detail to give shoes a luxurious plus comfortable look. 

Ecco Soft 7 is a versatile shoe with an elegant yet simple design that makes it a perfect choice to pair up with any outfit such as jeans, shorts, blazer, or t-shirts. No matter with which outfit you pair Soft 7, it will always look stunning

Differences Between The Brands

If you are curious to know the main features of both brands then don’t wait and let’s explore all these in detail:

1) Comfort

Clarks incorporates Ortholite cushioning along with porous lining and cushioned collars in many of its shoes that reduce foot stress and offer proper shock absorption features. 

Clark shoes are also available in different widths that offer a snug fit and keep shoes comfortable as per your needs. 

Ecco shoes are equipped with various technologies such as Fluidform to bring maximal comfort because of the injection of liquid material in the soles of shoes that align the foot shape and offers excellent support and cushioning.

With a variety of sizes and widths, all shoes are comfortable and allow you to find the best fit among half size, European size and more. 

In short, both brands aim to deliver innovative and fascinating shoes with the use of the latest technologies and eco-friendly materials and practices that not only focus on sustainability but also bring comfort to your everyday wear shoes

2) Popularity

Clarks mainly focuses on sustainability because of the use of sustainable leather that doesn’t harm the environment but makes the shoes super trendy. 

Ecco shoes are famous because of brand collaboration with many people and designers and which aims to manufacture comfortable yet stylish shoes. The collaboration of Ecco with Rosetta Getty manufactured an upright version of Chelsea boots, which makes it a unique and better pair of shoes.  

3) Target Market

Clark: If you want durable and super quality shoes with comfort and sustainability on top, then Clark mainly targets you because this brand aims to satisfy all customers and now provides shoe care products such as creams. 

Also, if you want to add a new boot to your perfect footwear collection, then Clark is the right option because the brand emphasizes creating a wide range of designs in many colors to attract a lot of customers. 

Ecco targets users who are in search of the right pair of shoes for golfing, hiking and other activities because of the customizable fit that allows wearers to grab a high level of comfort.

Besides outdoor activists, Ecco also targets causal wearers because of brand collaboration with many designers for stylish footwear. 

4) Price

Clark shoes are available with an average cost of $45-$170

While Ecco shoes have a price range of $100, while some models can go upto $300.  

5) Design

Clark shoes have versatile and timeless patterns with a variety of adaptable styles and various colors that make them the best choice for all daily wear and formal events. 

With versatility in each pair and an infusion of British heritage, Clark shoes are the symbol of design that lies under comfort and classic aesthetic. 

Due to the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern trends, these footwear are more than just fashionable. 

Ecco shoes have streamlined and modern patterns with a variety of styles and vibrant colors that make them the best match for any type of outfit, either formal or informal. 

With elegance, clean lines and subtle detailing, Ecco shoes not only look stylish but are also highly performing and maintain the natural foot contour. 

All Ecco shoes are ergonomically engineered with breathable leather and advanced soles that not only feel durable but they feel as mainly tailored for your feet to elevate your journey. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

When it comes to deciding the right brand, both came up with some unique features. Ecco is the winner because of its durability, aesthetic and casual shoes, but the only drawback is that Ecco shoes are costly and may not be the choice of users who have a limited budget.

Clark shoes are a better choice because they are comfortable and aesthetically appealing, and the most important thing is their lower price, which attracts budget-friendly and even elite users who want better shoes at less cost

Overall, I would recommend both brands because whether you choose Ecco or Clark, both will go better and you will never regret your decision. 

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