Chaco Vs Ecco Sandals: Which Is Better For You?

When it comes to quality sandals, two brands are on top, Ecco and Chaco, with versatile sandals that need less maintenance and don’t get damaged very easily, which makes them a superb choice for all outdoor activities on a hot day.

But the main question of this article is which brand offers better sandals. To know the answer, I have compiled some differences and an overview of both brands to help you make an informed decision. 

Comparison Table Between Chaco and Ecco Sandals:

ChacoEcco Sandals
Durable and adjustableWell-cushioned and waterproof
Offer more arch support due to the LUVSEAT footbedOffer good arch support
SustainableMore sustainable
Z-strap sandals, slip-on sandals, flip-flopsLeather sandals, sports sandals, hybrid sandals
Highly adjustable with a Z-strap systemLess adjustable than Chaco sandals
Good for hiking, camping and everyday wearGood for casual wear, travel and outdoor activities
Lightweight to moderately heavyLightweight
Very durableDurable
BreathableMore breathable
Affordable Expensive 
Normal lifetime warranty for the footwear1-year warranty

Overview of Chaco:

In 1989, Mark Palgen founded an American footwear brand, Chaco, which is now famous because of its adjustable Z-strap sandals for outdoor activities and water use.

chaco founder

Mark aimed to create outdoor sandals that keep feet dry and supportive without causing wrinkling so he used straps and buckles instead of Velcro in each sandal. His first sandal was named “Z/1” because his friend called the sandal “Zee One.”

At first, the company name was Gecko, but after the Chaco National Park, it was named Chaco, with its headquarters in Rockford, USA.

The adjustable sandals of Chaco can be distinguished with the single strap, which loops around your feet through the sole, which allows you to adjust the fit. The Z-straps sandals are available in different configurations and sole types that make the sandals suitable for different environments. 

The company focuses on river protection throughout the US because rivers are the main reason for the manufacturing of Chaco sandals. For this, Chaco has donated almost $10,000 to American rivers. 

Other than sandals, Chaco has extended the product line to flip flops, boots and shoes that make them a perfect choice for mountains where users need security. 

Though the quality of sandals is durable these may wear and tear after a few years with repeated outdoor use, so the company offers repair services. 

Chaco is LEED certified and focuses on sustainable practices like solar energy and water conservation to ensure eco-friendly sandals. 

Among all other Chaco Z strap sandals, the best seller product is the Z/1 strap sandal which feels a little bulky but is cushioned and comfortable with deep lugs that offer support and durability on long-distance day hikes

Overview of Ecco:

Ecco is not merely a footwear brand, it is an idea that lies behind the name to make comfortable and functional shoes that better fit the foot.

Ecco is a Danish shoe brand, founded by master-mind Karl Toosbuy in 1963 in Denmark with its headquarters in Asia, Europe, South America and the United States. Ecco made its first retail store in Denmark in 1982, but now it has retailers in almost 99 countries. 


In 1996, Ecco first constructed a research and design center, Futura, in Denmark, and another center, in London, in 1998. Then, after 2000, Ecco owned all the production, quality, and retail facilities of its product line and is considered the only footwear brand that physically controls all steps of product manufacturing. 

In 1998, Ecco faced challenges with shoes because of the use of faulty sole material, but after identifying the issue, Ecco changed the sole material. 

Ecco shoes are curated with full grain leather and other super quality materials to make consumers feel comfort, style and performance at a time. From office to free strolling to leisure activities, Ecco shoes are all-day comfort zones. 

Ecco also has contributed to the research program with the aim of minimizing the effects of tanneries on the environment. 

Almost 98% of Ecco shoes are manufactured in the following countries:

  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • India

Ecco is the home to a wide footwear product line with its iconic ECCO Soft 7 on top of the line because of modern design that is crafted with accuracy in each detail to give shoes a luxurious plus comfortable look. 

Ecco Soft 7 is a versatile shoe with an elegant yet simple design that makes it a perfect choice to pair up with any outfit such as jeans, shorts, blazer, or t-shirts. No matter with which outfit you pair Soft 7, it will always look stunning

Differences Between The Brands

After getting an idea about Chaco and Ecco sandals, it is time to explore major differences to decide which sandal will be better for you:

1) Comfort

Chaco Sandals are available with rugged comfort and are mainly designed with excellent arch support and stability, which make these sandals a superb choice for hiking and water activities. 

The contoured LUVSEAT footbed can align the feet in the proper position and minimize fatigue and discomfort during long wear. Also, the adjustable straps allow to customize fit of the sandal to ensure security. 

With a non-marking rubber outsole and deep lugs, Chaco sandals offer traction and stability on different surfaces and prevent slip which make it a super choice among outdoor activists. 

ECCO Sandals uses Fluidform technology to ensure cushioned and anatomically aligned fit with innovative construction, microfiber covered footbed and Ecco Comfort Fibre System that enhances water resistant properties

Ecco sandals are equipped with quality materials, premium leather, breathable textiles and superior craftsmanship, which all are contributing factors to comfort. 

2) Popularity

Chaco sandals have a big fan following and are famous because of traction, adjustable features and underfoot support, which make them ideal footwear for adventurous travelers and hikers.

With LUVSEAT footbed and rubber outsoles, these sandals may feel heavier but have earned a following since their 1989 debut. 

Besides all other factors contributing to the fame of Chaco sandals, these are also famous because of celebrity endorsements such as Reese Witherspoon and Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Chaco sandals have been featured many times in Outside Magazine Annual Gear of the Year Awards because of comfort and durability and have earned a REI Co-op Editors’ Choice Award because of their top performance. 

On the other hand, Ecco sandals are a popular choice among fashion and comfort-seeking users because of quality craftsmanship and celebrity endorsements. Some famous personalities seen wearing Ecco sandals are Angelina Jolie and Hugh Jackman. 

From city streets to red carpets, these sandals are versatile to fit with any outfit and occasion that makes you feel extraordinary. 

Ecco Sandals has received the ISPO award and Footwear Plus Magazine award because of innovative designs and technologies. 

3) Target Market

Chaco Sandals mainly targets males and females aged between 20-30 from North America. 

Ecco Sandals are designed for many customers, such as fashion enthusiasts, professionals, athletes and sportsmen, with the main target being upper and middle-class customers ages between 16-30 years from China

4) Price

Chaco sandals are available at the cost of $100-$150. However, a basic sandal pair costs upto $80, while a special pair costs upto $200. 

On the other hand, Ecco sandals are available at $100, while some models can go upto $300

5) Design

Chaco sandals are rugged design and versatile footwear with chunky and adjustable Z straps and neutral tones such as earthy olive, black and more that not only offer a secure fit but also add adventurous style to each piece

Crafted with super quality webbing and Vibram outsoles, along with LUVSEAT footbed act as the symbol to Chaco designs that offer support and comfort. 

The rubber outsole of Chaco sandals is big and black with Chaco grip technology for adding stability and preventing slips on different surfaces. 

With the use of the Adjust’em fit system, Chaco sandals allow personalized and secure fit according to the needs of foot contour. 

Ecco sandals are elegant and minimalist design footwear with clean lines and refined details. Also, the use of high-quality leather and breathable textiles, along with Fluidform technology, bring cushioning and durability to each sandal. 

With the use of the Ecco comfort fibre system, each Ecco sandal enhances water resistance properties and innovative soles offer shock absorption features with an extra supportive layer

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

If you want a pair of sandals with Z straps that feel perfect for water activities, then Chaco is the right choice. 

While if you have to walk on wet, dry, even or uneven ground, Ecco sandals are highly performing with crisscross straps which can help you become master in any outdoor activity.

Now it’s upto you which brand you prefer, but consider your preferences and needs. 

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