Birkenstock Vs Ecco: Which Is Better For You?

An uncomfortable and unsupportive shoes are always a challenge and can transform your energetic day into a hectic day. Obviously, no one wants these types of footwear, so people always try to find fit and comfortable shoes from a reputable brand. 

If you are also in search of the right pair of shoes, two brands are on top, Birkenstock and Ecco, with unique features, excellent quality, and durable construction

So, to deeply explore both brands, let’s take a look at the following facts. 

Comparison Table Between Birkenstock and Ecco:

Durable, comfortable, eco-friendly, stylish, customized fit, high quality, supportive and versatileComfortable, classic, water-resistant, well-cushioned, breathable, flexible and supportive
Sandals, Sneakers, boots, and WedgesCasual shoes, sneakers, boots and sandals
More breathableLess breathable
Don’t have a specific warranty period1-year warranty

Overview of Birkenstock:

Johann Adam Birkenstock founded a German footwear brand, Birkenstock, in 1774 with the aim to manufacture notable shoes equipped with cork footbeds and suede layers that are well adapted to the wearer’s feet and offer enough support


Birkenstock doesn’t manufacture traditional shoes, while the fusion of plant cork and latex (assurance with sustainability) allows the shoes to distribute body weight evenly on foot instead of just pressure points.  

The brand shows a commitment to comfort and timeless design along with an old legacy that represents a true blend of tradition and innovation for the creation of footwear that symbolizes a lifestyle with ease. 

Birkenstock shoes are not only the footwear while these are the philosophies that cherish ethical ethos, quality, sustainability with aesthetic appeal and functionality. Each pair of Birkenstock shoes is crafted with attention to detail to make them a true essence for generations. 

The clean design with minimalistic style resonates with users who prefer quality footwear instead of fleeting trends. Whether you wear these shoes in the busy streets or the city, these will surely embrace understated elegance that seamlessly blends with any outfit. The brand is also a testament to quality craftsmanship with good engineering.

Birkenstock has its headquarters in many countries around the world, so the brand sells its products in almost 90 countries globally. 

The typical iconic model of this brand is Arizona sandals with a timeless fusion of comfort and style along with due strap design and adjustable buckles that offer the perfect fit to many users. With keen attention to detail, Arizona embraces the craftsmanship of Birkenstock.

This iconic model is the best option to stroll along the beach and explore the city because of its sophisticated look that can go better with any outfit. 

Overview of Ecco

Ecco is not merely a footwear brand, it is an idea that lies behind the name to make comfortable and functional shoes that better fit the foot.

Ecco is a Danish shoe brand, founded by master-mind Karl Toosbuy in 1963 in Denmark with its headquarters in Asia, Europe, South America and the United States. Ecco made its first retail store in Denmark in 1982, but now it has retailers in almost 99 countries. 


In 1996, Ecco first constructed a research and design center, Futura, in Denmark, and another center, in London, in 1998. Then, after 2000, Ecco owned all the production, quality, and retail facilities of its product line and is considered the only footwear brand that physically controls all steps of product manufacturing. 

In 1998, Ecco faced challenges with shoes because of the use of faulty sole material, but after identifying the issue, Ecco changed the sole material. 

Ecco shoes are curated with full grain leather and other super quality materials to make consumers feel comfort, style and performance at a time. From office to free strolling to leisure activities, Ecco shoes are all-day comfort zones. 

Ecco also has contributed to the research program with the aim of minimizing the effects of tanneries on the environment. 

Almost 98% of Ecco shoes are manufactured in the following countries:

  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • India

Ecco is the home to a wide footwear product line with its iconic ECCO Soft 7 on top of the line because of modern design that is crafted with accuracy in each detail to give shoes a luxurious plus comfortable look. 

Ecco Soft 7 is a versatile shoe with an elegant yet simple design that makes it a perfect choice to pair up with any outfit such as jeans, shorts, blazer or t-shirts. No matter with which outfit you pair Soft 7, it will always look stunning

Differences Between The Brands

This section will help you analyze both brands in detail to decide which one must be your next addition to the footwear collection:

1) Comfort

Birkenstock, a brand that is insanely comfortable with leather straps and cork soles that offer you a soft feel and become moulded to your feet once you put the shoes on. Due to the cork footbed, these shoes offer natural gait and orthotic support to your feet. 

The best of all shoes are Birkenstock sandals that not only offer comfort zone while these shoes are mainly designed for foot issues such as bunions and relieve the pain caused by this issue. 

Due to the anatomical design of Birkenstock shoes, these can keep your feet in the right position and can surprise you with how these footwear stabs to your feet

Another comfort factor is adjustable buckles that allow you to tight and loose them as per your needs without making your feet feel uncomfortable. 

On the other hand, Ecco shoes are also comfortable with a gentle feel to your feet. Ecco shoes are not only cushioned but are a testament to how these shoes mold themselves according to each unique step you take. This philosophy of shoes lies in the fusion of science and artistry that can enhance support to your natural foot gait. 

With the right Ecco shoes, you can take each step by absorbing impact while gracing luxury and functionality. It’s not a time moment, but it’s the promise to your feet for long-term comfort. 

The uniquely customized Ecco shoes with attention to detail make them a comfortable haven for your feet. 

2) Popularity

Birkenstock Shoes are not a new companion but an old friend that never goes out of trends and styles. The fame of these shoes doesn’t lie in achieving trends. It embraces timeless elegance that attracts many users who want a legacy of comfort and craftsmanship to pass over to generations. 

The fusion of form along with performance makes Birkenstock shoes stand out from other competitors, which are not in the run of artistry and quality construction. Due to the unique molding feature as per your foot shape, these shoes are super supportive and feel like they are mainly crafted for you

Another reason for the fame of Birkenstock shoes is their commitment to authenticity without any flashy logos but with premium quality that embraces history with style and comfort. 

Celebrities seen wearing Birkenstock shoes are Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Heidi Klum.

Ecco shoes are not a secret but the game changers with the fusion of style and comfort along with understated elegance. The brand has earned fame with its quality construction and reliability instead of embellishments and flashy logos. 

Ecco’s commitment to craftsmanship manufactures shoes that not only look good but also offer you a better feel when you step into them. 

The brand fame is not limited to fleeting trends, but it loudly speaks about soft feel and long-lasting impressions. 

3) Target Market

Birkenstock mainly targets health-conscious users looking for footwear with orthopedic benefits and supreme arch support, eco-conscious users who want sustainable shoes with ethical production, and casual lifestyle users who want comfortable but casual shoes for all-day wear. 

Travelers looking for comfortable sandals and fashion enthusiasts who prefer classic and functional shoes also come under the target market of Birkenstock.

Ecco mainly targets adults (professionals to mature users) because of the comfort and style these shoes offer to each user, professionals who have to stand on their feet for many hours such as retailers, healthcare experts and company workers, and active lifestyle users who are looking for a pair of shoes that offer a seamless transition from daily activities to recreational ones. 

Moreover, Ecco’s modern designs and keen attention to each detail attract people who love to go with ongoing trends without sacrificing comfort and those who want durable yet stylish shoes to wear for many years

4) Price

Birkenstock shoes are expensive with an average cost of about $40 to $180 but some models may go upto $320. 

While Ecco shoes are affordable with an average cost of around $100. 

5) Design

Birkenstock shoes feel like hugging your feet warmly because of your commitment to comfort and relaxation. The magical cork footbed makes the shoes supportive and keeps the feet in the proper position. 

The design of these shoes is simple and timeless, with two straps and a little cork that looks like the design is made by nature. 

ECCO Shoes are a testament to a magical fusion of comfort and style that may feel like hugging your feet and is only made for you. The shoes do not only look good but the feel is what you want in everyday wear shoes

The intricate detailing in each shoe with leather upper lets your feet’ arches feel supportive and allows you to mold them in a unique way with every step you take. 

Moreover, Ecco shoes are the perfect blend of craftsmanship and durability that make them not only unique from others but also keep them last for years to years. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Birkenstock and Ecco shoes come with positive and negative points that make it difficult to decide what will go better with your foot type.

Birkenstock has been longer in the footwear industry than its rival Ecco, but it comes with many unique features such as enough support, an elevated footbed, deep heel cup, and more. The only negative thing is that you need to wear Birkenstock shoes for a long time to make them comfortable.

Ecco, on the other hand, is more casual, athletic, and outdoor shoes that offer exceptional comfort to feet. 

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