Cole Haan Vs Ecco: Which Is Better For You?

When you are searching for the best pair of shoes in the market for your casual or formal wear, you may hear two names: Cole Haan and Ecco

With luxurious design and maximal comfort, these brands are the perfect option to go for fashion, office and everyday use. But which brand is better for you? 

Let’s delve into this article to know the depth of both brands along with their construction, prices, and other elements that you need to decide on the right pair of shoes. 

Comparison Table Between Cole Haan and Ecco:

Cole HaanEcco
Durable rubber, leather, suede, textile, EVA, GORE-TEXSturdy rubber, leather, textile, FlowerFoam, Grand.ØS, Stitchlite, PHORENE and GORE-TEX
Stylish, comfortable, durable, water-resistant, cushioned, shock absorber, soft, flexible, supportive and anti-microbialComfortable, classic, water-resistant, well-cushioned, breathable, flexible and supportive
Dress shoes, boots, loafers and sneakersCasual shoes, sneakers, boots and sandals
Good for formal and casual wear, travel, gym, jogging, hiking, camping, golf, sports, commuting and eventsGood for walking, casual wear, running errands, travel, shopping, dining, formal wear, outdoor activities, golf, exercise, sports, water activities and occasions
BreathableMore breathable
Premium costAffordable
1-year warranty1-year warranty

Overview of Cole Haan:

Cole Haan is an American footwear brand that was founded by Trafton Cole and Eddie Haan in 1928 in Chicago, Illinois. The original name of this brand was Cole, Rood, and Haan, but the third partner left the company, so it was named Cole Haan, with its headquarters in New York, United States, and Greenland. 

cole han founder

Cole Haan was sold to George Denny in 1975, which then established the brand with a huge name in the footwear industry in the next years. Then, in 1988, Nike bought Cole Haan for $80, but in 2012, Nike sold this brand to Apax Partners for $560. Now the current CEO of Cole Haan is Jack A. Boys. 

In 2008, Cole Haan announced to skip animal products in their footwear line to maintain sustainability. 

The brand aimed to manufacture fine leather footwear for male users, but over a few years, Cole Haan added women’s wear to the casual and business product line. After that, Cole Haan became a superstar lifestyle brand, and now it has almost 300 stores in different countries. 

Cole Haan is not just a footwear brand but it’s commitment to comfort, design and style in dress shoes to make them a perfect choice for office work and different activities such as running, tennis and golf. 

Besides comfort, Cole Haan shoes are a testament to durability with wooden outsoles that make the shoes last for many years without being worn down. 

Cole Haan collaborated many times with tastemakers, athletes, and designers, along with CFDA menswear designers and three dancers from New York

All Cole Haan shoes are manufactured in the best factories with skilled artisans, supreme materials and excellent craftsmanship. Currently, all products are manufactured in the following countries:

  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • India
  • China
  • Vietnam 

Cole Haan is the home to a wide range of footwear, but its best-selling product is ZerøGrand Wingtip Oxford due to its modern design with the complete fusion of elegance. The upper is a blend of fine leather with engineered stitching to make the shoes attractive. 

The wingtips of the shoes are covered with fine details that not only bring aesthetics but also make the shoes functional and improve ventilation. So these are the perfect shoes for those who love artistic shoes with comfort on top. 

Overview of Ecco

Ecco is not merely a footwear brand, it is an idea that lies behind the name to make comfortable and functional shoes that better fit the foot.

Ecco is a Danish shoe brand, founded by master-mind Karl Toosbuy in 1963 in Denmark with its headquarters in Asia, Europe, South America and the United States. Ecco made its first retail store in Denmark in 1982, but now it has retailers in almost 99 countries. 


In 1996, Ecco first constructed a research and design center, Futura, in Denmark, and another center, in London, in 1998. Then, after 2000, Ecco owned all the production, quality, and retail facilities of its product line and is considered the only footwear brand that physically controls all steps of product manufacturing. 

In 1998, Ecco faced challenges with shoes because of the use of faulty sole material, but after identifying the issue, Ecco changed the sole material. 

Ecco shoes are curated with full grain leather and other super quality materials to make consumers feel comfort, style and performance at a time. From office to free strolling to leisure activities, Ecco shoes are all-day comfort zones. 

Ecco also has contributed to the research program with the aim of minimizing the effects of tanneries on the environment. 

Almost 98% of Ecco shoes are manufactured in the following countries:

  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • Vietnam
  • China
  • India

Ecco is the home to a wide footwear product line with its iconic ECCO Soft 7 on top of the line because of modern design that is crafted with accuracy in each detail to give shoes a luxurious plus comfortable look. 

Ecco Soft 7 is a versatile shoe with an elegant yet simple design that makes it a perfect choice to pair up with any outfit such as jeans, shorts, blazer or t-shirts. No matter with which outfit you pair Soft 7, it will always look stunning

Differences Between The Brands

When we talk about casual or formal shoes, Cole Haan and Ecco come to mind with unique features and designs along with some similarities, but these brands also have some differences, such as:

1) Comfort

Cole Haan shoes are a testament to comfort and ergonomic engineering with the design to provide coziness to your feet. Along with comfort and cushioning, these shoes come up with sublime arch support by using proprietary and Nike air cushioning technology. 

Walking with Cole Haan shoes feels like walking on air, which shows that the brand doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style. This undefined comfort makes Cole Haan shoes a perfect choice to go for casual wear or city strolling with a luxurious look on top. 

However, Cole Haan shoes come with a narrow fit, which may feel uncomfortable for people with wide feet or who want relaxed shoes to move their feet. 

In comparison, Ecco shoes offer a real embrace of comfort but unfortunately, not much more comfortable than Cole Haan. With the use of supreme materials and covering the needs of each foot shape, these shoes are super comfortable along with the use of Fluidform technology that serves as the bridge between sole and upper to maximize feel like walking on the clouds. 

Moreover, the Ecco fibre system combines breathability and support that keeps the foot in a comfortable and cozy zone. 

However, Ecco shoes are ergonomically designed to enhance natural foot shape that feels comfortable to all users and those who have foot issues. 

2) Popularity

Ecco’s fame is due to its commitment to comfort and quality production of all footwear products. With a modest elegance, Ecco shoes are the love and preferences of those consumers who want quality shoes instead of fleeting trends. 

The brand’s excellent craftsmanship, with the use of premium materials and the latest technologies, attracts many users to try these shoes. 

The timeless, classic, and modern design, along with the durability and support of Ecco shoes, are the admiration and famous choices worldwide. 

Celebrities seen wearing Ecco shoes are Ecco Hugh Jackman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Michael Fassbender, Jude Law and Ryan Reynolds. 

Cole Haan’s popularity is due to the fusion of timeless elegance and modern innovations that attract those users who are looking for shoes with form and performance at the top. The utmost comfort and durability of Cole Haan shoes make the way to ongoing generations and trends. 

Moreover, the brand enhances contemporary design but sticks to its heritage and craftsmanship, which became the reason for its fame in the footwear industry. 

Celebrities seen wearing Cole Haan shoes are Cole Sprouse, Meghan Markle, Gigi Hadid, Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus. 

3) Target Market

Cole Haan targets both men and women between the ages of 24-44 who search for stylish yet comfortable and quality shoes with well crafting materials instead of transient trends. The professionals, fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters who want to go with versatile and dynamic shoes come under the cover of the target market. Moreover, people who want a true reflection of taste, appeal, and craftsmanship are in love with the refined and functional design of the Cole Haan shoes. 

Ecco’s target market represents users who want comfort and style in their footwear products because of a blend of modern designs with quality materials in Ecco shoes. The versatility makes the shoes super perfect for daily transition from work to casual wear to leisure activities to formal settings. Ecco understands the needs of professionals and fashion enthusiasts who want well-crafted, engineered, and comfortable shoes for daily dynamic lifestyles. 

4) Price

In terms of price point, Cole Haan shoes are slightly more expensive than Ecco shoes because of the use of premium quality materials along with advanced technologies. 

Cole Haan shoes are available at the highest price range of $200, while Ecco shoes are comparatively affordable with a price range of $100. 

5) Design

Cole Haan shoes are fashionable and stylish with sophisticated designs, quality materials (suede and leather to give a premium look) and availability in different colors and product lines from dress shoes to casual shoes that best fit any style. 

Each shoe of Cole Haan is the fusion of classic aesthetics and innovative and cutting end cushioning technologies with subtle detailing that reflects elegance and craftsmanship. Cole Haan shoes are more than just footwear, these are the best ensemble of taste with tradition and flair. 

In contrast, Ecco shoes are practical and minimalist shoes with technical innovations that represent the fusion of excellent craftsmanship and functioning. With the leather upper, breathable interior and integrated midsoles, these shoes offer a soft touch, maximal cushioning and dynamic support to feet. 

The artistic outsole is a testament to the creative vision and textured patterns that enhance the practicality and traction of the shoes. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Ultimately, the choice between two footwear brands lies in your preferences and needs for a pair of shoes for a new journey. 

Cole Haan shoes are equipped with the highest quality materials and offer supreme support and cushioning to feet, but at the same time, these are costly and may not come under the budget of a few people.

If you don’t want to break the bank, then you must consider Ecco with basic design, but these have limited styles compared to Cole Haan shoes. 

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