Veja Campo Vs V12: Which Is Better For You?

Maybe you have heard of or seen Veja sneakers many times on social platforms. These are attractive sneakers with almost similar designs and logos, so it becomes challenging to identify between the two models. 

Two alluring and attractive models are Veja Campo (sleek and minimalist) and V12 (timeless and modern) which may look the same at first but come up with some differences to recognize which one is for you. Let’s start with a comparison of both models to get an overview. 

Comparison Table Between Veja Campo and V12:

FeaturesVeja CampoVeja V12
Launched In20062017
StabilityLess stableMore stable
FlexibilityFlexibleMore flexible
Sizing6-12 for men and 6-10 for women7-13.5 for men and 4-10.5 for women
Weight 15 oz12.5 oz for men and 11 oz for women
CushionLess cushionedMore cushioned
OutsoleAmazonian and recycled rubberAmazonian rubber and recycled rubber
InsoleEVA and rice huskSugar cane, recycled EVA and organic cotton
Upper soleOrganic cotton, canvas and suede B-mesh (100% recycled plastic bottles)
Retail Price$135$175

Veja Campo Vs V12: Good, Bad and The Worst:

We have revealed some points about both models, so it is time to go further to explore major differences such as:

1) Comfort

Veja campo are slightly cushioned and comfortable fashion sneakers that don’t break in very easily nor do these make your feet feel painful and stiffed. Plus, the padded back and heel protect your feet from blisters. 

However, the sole is stiff and flat, which may make the shoes less flexible and strange at first, but with time, these become comfortable. So you can wander around the city and shopping malls for many hours wearing Campos. 

Veja V12 are more cushioned shoes with almost similar materials as in V10. The lightweight and durable leather make the shoes perfect for casual wear and don’t let the shoes easily break in but you have to face initial discomfort in these shoes because of tight fit. Overall, these are super comfortable. 

2) Popularity

In terms of popularity, Veja Campo is a better choice because of its classic and timeless design that attracts many people who want versatile shoes to pair up with any outfit. Along with the timeless design, Campo shoes are made of premium and sustainable materials that make them perfect for all-day wear. 

Some famous celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski, Jennifer Garner, Emma Watson and Reese Witherspoon were seen wearing Campos which became the reason for fame. 

Veja V12 sneakers are also popular because of their construction, which provides maximal cushioning, support, sustainability, and responsiveness that attract beginner-level runners to experienced-level athletes. Along with durable construction, V12 shoes are versatile with sleek designs that make them perfect for every type of work such as working out and running errands. 

Some famous celebrities such as Meghan Markle and Emma Watson, Katie Holmes, Grace Moretz and Reese Witherspoon were seen wearing Campos which became the reason for fame. 

3) Running

Veja Campo is not mainly designed for running, but its versatility makes it a good choice for different activities such as walking, running, and training because of its flexible and lightweight feel that doesn’t offer enough support to run on long and uneven terrains. However, Campos is a perfect option if you have to run for short distances because these can offer comfort for light running. 



While Veja V12 is mainly designed as a running shoe because of its cushioning, support and responsiveness that allows all level runners and athletes to wear V12 for all-day-long runs on different types of terrains. 

4) Walking

Veja Campo is not a specific walking shoe, but it can offer comfort and support for short walks. However, people with flat feet and more prone to injuries must consider shoes that are mainly designed for walking. 

On the other hand, Veja V12 is a designed shoe that doesn’t make these shoes good for long walks as Campo does. However, people can wear these shoes for short walks to the ground, shopping malls, or streets but not for long and challenging walks. 

5) Flat feet

People with flat feet must consider supportive, stable, and cushioned shoes, so in such case, V12 is the winner because of its wide base, heel counter, and thick midsole.

While Veja Campo may not be the perfect option for flat feet because of no heel counter, thin midsole, and narrow base. 

6) Design

Veja Campo are chrome-free modern sneakers with a minimalist style that can extraordinarily match with different wardrobes and true fit and size make these shoes really attractive to users. 

The stunning quality of Veja Campo with maximal cushioning, sustainable materials, and craftsmanship make the shoes a super choice for those who prefer low-carbon shoes to leave a positive impression on the environment. 

Moreover, the chic and neat look makes Campo versatile that can look super fit with any type of summer dress and jeans. 

The creamy white leather with pink accents is what makes the sneakers super cute. Campos is also available in different rainbow colors such as darks, pastels and bright with classic laces and short profile. 

The rubber sole is not so supportive but beautiful and the soft calf leather upper with suede gives a breathable feel. 

The logo “V” is stamped on Campo shoes at two points, one at the back of the shoe and the other at the bottom heel.

Veja V12 are low profile, sleek and classic shoes with crafted leather, breathable mesh upper and soft inner lining. 

The solid sole of V12 offers extra height and better cushioning to your feet for walks. Moreover, the perforated V12 looks like formal shoes, which can give a casual and sporty vibe. 

Due to the modern and timeless look of V12, these are trendy options for many purchasers who want sneakers to go with any outfit. 

Like other Veja sneakers, V12 is also equipped with sustainable materials and gives a classic and flagship design that not only matches different clothes but also gives a positive, eco-friendly statement. 

What do Customers Think?

Campo: Customers love the style and color of Campos, but at the same time, some customers don’t like the size that may seem a little bit tight and large. 

The comfort and padded tongue is also the loving feature of many customers who prefer shoes with a great look and the right fit. 

A customer said that the soft leather makes the feet feel cushioned and the versatile look makes the shoes perfect for every type of outfit but the shoes are not good according to the price. 

At the same time, a customer was disappointed and said that Veja should add leather instead of suede in Campos.  

V12: A purchaser said that these shoes are super cute but not as comfortable as I was thinking and Veja claimed. 

Some consumers are happy with sustainable and reliable shoes with durable construction for long walks and everyday wear. 

Few purchasers say that they like the lightweight and flexible feel of V12 with a roomy box that goes perfect for wide feet. 

At the same time, a few consumers claim that the tongue is hard and stiff, which makes the feet uncomfortable. However, enough arch support can protect feet from injuries

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

It is a hard decision choosing between Campo and V12 because both are perfect in their places and according to customers. 

Veja Campo is a classic and retro-inspired shoe with a smart look that has become a perfect choice for the office. 

Veja V12 has a tight fit with a chunky sole and a sleek and fresh style that makes them perfect for off-duty and office wear. 

Determine your needs and choose the Veja model accordingly. 

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