Flamingos Life Vs Veja: Which Is Better For You?

Choosing between Veja and Flamingos Life is the same as stepping onto the path to find sustainable fashion.

Veja, a pioneer in ethical footwear, combines shoes with a simple design and sustainable materials with a crafting style and is heartily loved by eco-conscious consumers globally.

Flamingos Life is a brand that came with the same aim to offer vibrant and eco-friendly footwear options that stand out from other shoes because of their unique aesthetics. 

Both brands are striving towards greener products with the same aim but the approaches are different. Veja prefers elegance, while Flamingos Life prefers bold and colorful designs.

Explore more about both brands in this article. 

Comparison Table Between Flamingos Life and Veja:

Flamingos LifeVeja
Organic cotton, recycled PET, nylon and rubber, cork, natural latex, canvas and microfiberAmazonian rubbers, polyester fabric, B-mesh, chrome-free leather and organic cotton
Cushioned, supportive, sustainable, durable, supreme quality, vibrant and vegan friendlyComfortable, stylish, transparent, sustainable, slim, versatile, flexible and cool
Sneakers, sandals, slippers, boots and espadrillesSneakers, tennis shoes, and running shoe
Good for casual wear, indoor use, traveling, city exploration, gatherings and eventsGood for casual wear, urban commuting, light exercise and gym, travel, outdoor activities such as picnicking, hiking, cycling, casual sports and beach wear
Breathable More breathable
Slightly heavyweightlightweight
Made in SpainMade in Brazil
Affordable Slightly costly
One year warrantyTwo years warranty

Overview of Flamingo Life

Flamingos Life, a slightly new brand in the footwear industry but the home where bold styles meet sustainable fashion.

Founded in 2015 by three Spanish buddies, Carlos García Sánchez, Pablo Sánchez-Laulhé, and Diego Sánchez-Laulhé who aimed to craft sustainable yet stylish shoes for the well-being of humanity while serving fashion enthusiasts. 

Carlos García

Flamingos Life shoes are not only footwear that brings life to your style while it is the commitment and celebration towards a sustainable living by using recycled PET, organic cotton and cork to enhance functionality and crave the attention of many users from around the world. In simple, Flamingos shoes are a testament that sustainability can’t be sacrificed just for the sake of fashion. 

With eye-catching designs, bold colors and unconventional styles, Flamingos shoes are the best addition to your footwear wardrobe if you want to express yourself at every step you take. So stepping into the pair of Flamingos shoes means stepping towards the story of creativity, art and ethics. 

As Flamingos never neglects sustainability in each shoe, similarly the brand doesn’t skip comfort and quality construction. Each Flamingos shoes is crafted with supreme materials to ensure the comfort of wearers who want to explore the busy city, stroll around the beach and dance on the stage. 

Due to sustainable practices and ethical ethos along with style and vibrancy at a place in each shoe, Flamingos Life has earned a few awards such as:

  • Vogue Talent Award
  • PETA Vegan Fashion Awards
  • Green Product Award 

Flamingos Life has collaborated with the famous sustainable consultant BCOME to convey a message of fair working conditions at each step of shoe manufacturing from growing materials to crafting signature style, ‘F’s. 

Flamingos Life shoes are manufactured in Spain by the factory’s own company using quality materials such as bamboo, hemp, corn and organic cotton. 

Among many iconic footwear products of Flamingos Life, one is Elevate, a sustainable and sophisticated sneaker with complete construction using eco-friendly materials such as cotton canvas upper, rubber outsole, and plastic insole, which make the shoes vegan and cruelty-free

Overview of Veja

Veja is a famous French footwear brand founded in 2004 by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion and has headquarters in France and Paris.

Veja Founders

As Veja was founded in 2004 but its official launch was done in 2005 at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris. 

The brand is well known because of its commitment to sustainability and ethical ethos for manufacturing high-quality and sustainable shoes.

Veja also collaborated with French designer Agnes B. In 2006, Veja introduced its first tanned leather product with innovative technologies.

The brand has minimalist and simple design shoes equipped with the latest technologies and sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and rubber.

The brand also works with fair trade companies to ensure that its employees are treated fairly. Veja mainly uses waterproof recycled bottles gathered from the streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on the soles of shoes. 

As Veja shoes are expensive compared to other companion footwear brands, but this company believes that quality matters rather than price. 

Veja has also won The Guardian Sustainable Business Award and The Observer Ethical Award.

Veja shoes are manufactured in Brazil because of the long history of Brazil in manufacturing shoes and a strong environmental record.

Among many footwear products of Veja, the best-selling product is Esplar, which is a simple and minimalist design shoe made from sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, rubber, and organic cotton.

It has vibrant colors and is equipped with vulcanized soles, round toes, padded tongue and rubber toe cap that make these shoes durable, lightweight and breathable. So these are the perfect shoes for casual wear and occasions

Differences Between The Brands:

Now that we have an idea about both brands, let’s pass through the steps that can decide which is better, either Flamingos Life or Veja:

1) Comfort

Flamingos Life is an eco-friendly brand with comfort and style at a place along with a footbed to ensure never-ending ease and support to your feet all day long wear. With the fusion of sustainable practices and bold designs with a vibrant feel, Flamingos shoes never compromise comfort for the sake of eco-friendliness. So taking each step in these shoes is like leaning towards the greener and comfortable world

Veja, another sustainable brand with redefine comfort and footbed that keep the feet in the proper position by providing enough support and without neglecting style. The brand is the promise to each user that these are not only comfortable shoes, but that each step you take or walk in these shoes leaves a positive impact on the planet

2) Popularity

Flamingos Life is a vibrant plus sustainable brand that became famous and captured the hearts of those who wanted sustainable and fashionable shoes at the time. With detailed crafting of Flamingos shoes with bold and vibrant designs, the brand empowers the story of ethical craftsmanship, which resonates with users who not only want to look perfect but want to do good for the planet. 

Veja is a symbol of ethical style, which means it is not a step towards trendy and fashionable shoes. It is a step towards green products, which became famous for Veja. 

With minimalist designs and sustainable materials, Veja has earned huge popularity and a fan following among celebrities, influencers, fashion enthusiasts, and eco-conscious users, which shows that Veja’s fame is not limited to aesthetics. It is famous because of the alignment of fashion choices with values. 

3) Target Market

Flamingos Life captures the hearts of dynamic and eco-conscious consumers who want bold styles and sustainable footwear and fashion users who prefer artistic shoes with quality craftsmanship.

Flamingos Life also targets trendsetters and artists who want to stand out from the crowd by sharing their styles and expressing themselves in front of others. 

Veja’s target market mainly revolves around eco-conscious users who want to embrace values and style, fashion-forward lovers looking for minimalist but appealing shoes for timeless fashion, and consumers who prefer ethical production of shoes

Veja’s market also covers influencers, trendsetters and celebrities who resonate with the brand because of its commitment to leave a positive impact on the world without sacrificing appeal. 

4) Price

In terms of prices, Flamingos Life shoes are affordable around $90 but some sandals go almost $50 while boots go upto $150. 

In contrast, Veja shoes are somehow more expensive than Flamingos Life at the average price of $100-$200, but some models are available at $240.

Both brands are sustainable with quality craftsmanship, but Veja is expensive, while Flamingos Life aims to produce eco-friendly shoes at a price that doesn’t allow users to break the bank. 

5) Design

Flamingos Life, a home to bold, vibrant and diverse expressions with the canvas of creativity along with vivid colors and attractive patterns. From tropical motifs to geometrical shapes, Flamingos Life represents ethos and design in each style. 

With the PET upper and organic cotton linings, all Flamingos Life shoes are the commitment to sustainability and self-expression. 

Veja is a place where minimalist style meets sustainable fashion with clean lines and simple outlines, along with earthy and natural color palettes that allow users to pair up with any outfit to look perfect. 

With the use of organic cotton to the leather, each piece of Veja shoes is the canvas of craftsmanship and a blend of style and materials. 

On Veja shoes, an iconic “V” logo is present, made with durable rubber and is a testament to the brand’s commitment to sustainability. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

In the long debate between Veja and Flamingos, it is hard to decide the winner of the game because both brands aim for sustainable footwear to cater to the needs of diverse users.

Veja’s commitment to understated elegance and ethical fashion resonates with eco-conscious consumers who want simple shoes without neglecting greener products.

Flamingo’s life comes with vibrant styles and sustainable practices that attract those who want to make their statement with sustainable shoes. 

Ultimately, your choice between Flamingos Life and Veja lies under your needs and preferences for the next pair of shoes because both brands have a bright future

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