Veja vs Adidas: Which Is Better For You?

Selecting the right sneaker means picking a friend for your daily adventures. In a world where athletic footwear is in demand, two brands stand out of the crowd.

One is a former (Adidas), which has been long in the footwear industry with a global icon that is a testament to cutting-edge technologies and excellent legacy in the athletic industry, while a somehow new brand (Veja) aims to manufacture sustainable yet minimalist shoes. 

The question that arises here is which brand is a better choice. Stick with this article to go through the realms of both brands with their strengths and weaknesses to make an ultimate decision. 

Comparison Table Between Veja and Adidas:

Amazonian rubber, polyester fabric, B mesh, Cromfree leather and organic cottonLeather, suede, Primeknit, mesh, EVA, TPU, rubber, GORE-TEX and Boost foam technologies
Comfortable, stylish, transparent, sustainable, slim, flexible, cool and versatileFlexible, comfortable, durable, soft, classic, responsive, supportive and abrasion resistant
Sneakers, tennis shoes and running shoesSneakers, dress shoes, running shoes and boots
Good for casual wear, urban commuting, light exercise and gym, travel, outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, picnicking, casual sports and beach wearGood for running, gym, soccer, golf, basketball, tennis, skateboarding, hiking, football, cycling and casual wear
More breathableBreathable 
Slightly costlyAffordable 
Two years warrantyOne year warranty

Overview of Veja:

Veja is a famous French footwear brand founded in 2004 by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion and has headquarters in France and Paris.

Veja Founders

As Veja was founded in 2004 but its official launch was done in 2005 at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris. 

The brand is well known because of its commitment to sustainability and ethical ethos for manufacturing high-quality and sustainable shoes.

Veja also collaborated with French designer Agnes B. In 2006, Veja introduced its first tanned leather product with innovative technologies.

The brand has minimalist and simple design shoes equipped with the latest technologies and sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and rubber.

The brand also works with fair trade companies to ensure that its employees are treated fairly. Veja mainly uses waterproof recycled bottles gathered from the streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on the soles of shoes. 

As Veja shoes are expensive compared to other companion footwear brands, but this company believes that quality matters rather than price. 

Veja has also won The Guardian Sustainable Business Award and The Observer Ethical Award.

Veja shoes are manufactured in Brazil because of the long history of Brazil in manufacturing shoes and a strong environmental record.

Among many footwear products of Veja, the best-selling product is Esplar, which is a simple and minimalist design shoe made from sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, rubber, and organic cotton.

It has vibrant colors and is equipped with vulcanized soles, round toes, padded tongue and rubber toe cap that make these shoes durable, lightweight and breathable. So these are the perfect shoes for casual wear and occasions

Overview of Adidas

A creative entrepreneur and an inventor in the athletic industry, Adolf Dassler founded Adidas in 1949 which aimed to curate innovative and high-quality sports shoes using cutting end technologies and stylish designs to increase the performance of all athletes. 

Adolf Dassler

Adidas contribution was not only limited to the athletic industry but the brand emphasized the needs of other industries where quality footwear with boosting soles to get unparalleled energy return and cushioning are in high demand. 

The brand has collaborated with many famous designers and artists for the manufacturing of limited edition collections with the fusion of sports and fashion. All Adidas shoes are a testament to form and functionality, whether these are Ultraboosts, Superstars, or iconic Stan Smiths. 

Besides everything else, brand commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, along with quality materials, enhance the protection of the environment from manufacturing impacts. 

The Adidas logo with intersecting stripes symbolizes borders, cultures, and generations that all represent a rich legacy. From gyms to streets to tracks to courts, Adidas shoes are the super champion in all fields.

Adidas Shoes are manufactured in various countries such as:

  • Germany
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Indonesia
  • Turkey
  • Bangladesh 

Stan Smith, an enduring icon of style and sport, is the best-selling product of Adidas. It is not only a shoe, but it is a cultural miracle that was named after an American Tennis player and symbolizes legacy with style.

With simple lines, minimalist design, smooth surface and full-grain leather, these shoes offer seamless fusion with all outfits. 

Besides its design, Stan Smith is where comfort combines quality which makes these iconic shoes super reliable for long-day wear. 

Differences Between The Brands

Till now, we have gathered some basic details about Adidas and Veja. It is time to move on to the next section, where we will explore some significant factors such as:

1) Comfort

Veja, a sustainable brand with unique comfort, offers your feet a feel like you are covered in the cocoon of natural softness while embracing sustainability. Due to the commitment of Veja with simplicity and performance, the shoes are super comfortable and offer you a snug fit and ergonomic support. 

With the use of sustainable practices, Veja shows that comfort can’t be sacrificed for the environment. So, from city strolling to venturing to outdoor activities, Veja shoes are what you are looking for. 

In comparison, Adidas, a brand that is mainly for the athletic community, brings performance along with comfort at a time with the use of cutting end technologies, Boost cushioning, and Torsion stability that not only maximizes comfort but also supports your feet. 

Adidas comfy shoes are not only footwear while these are a testament to legacy with the promise of elevated performance for athletes and urban explorers. 

2) Popularity

Veja is a popular brand not just because of trendy shoes but because of its commitment to sustainable footwear that also reflects style, that is why the brand has earned huge fame among the growing global users looking for footwear more than just fashion. 

Many celebrities such as Meghan Markle and Emma Watson have switched to Veja shoes, not only for their appealing look but also for their ethical sourcing and eco-friendliness that resonates with a generation looking to make a difference in the community. 

On the other hand, Adidas is the largest footwear brand in Europe and the second most popular brand all over the world after Nike because of its commitment to generations, cultures and athletic disciplines. The iconic logo of this brand is also the reason of its fame which symbolizes sporting excellence. 

From World Cups to the Olympics games, Adidas is the companion for every player because the brand understands what athletes prefer and want every time. 

From street style to hip hop legends to fashion enthusiasts to trendsetters, Adidas’ fame is on top among all other brands. 

3) Target Market

Veja targets eco-conscious users who want sustainable shoes to make less impact on the environment, trendsetters who want minimalist shoes with ethical fashion at the top, fashion enthusiasts who want style and materials to be in a place, celebrities and influencers who want a unique fusion of elegance and ethics in shoes to make the better investment. 

Adidas target market is wide because of its passion for sports and style, which not only attracts all-level athletes but also resonates with professionals who want high-class performing shoes to change their game and get a unique experience. 

The brand also resonates with urban explorers because these shoes are not only for the gym and athletic industry but also for casual wear with the fusion of aesthetics, comfort, and style in equal ratios. 

Due to collaborations with designers and artists, Adidas also targets youth looking for fashionable shoes with iconic designs to redefine their style and bring self-expression

4) Price

Veja shoes are available at the price of $100-$200, but some models can go upto $240.

While Adidas shoes are available ranging from $50-$200. 

5) Design

Adidas, a renowned brand with innovation and iconic design along with three iconic stripes that not only act as the logo but are the symbol of excellence and quality in each pair of Adidas shoes. From sleek curves to retro charms, Adidas designs are the unique reflection of never-ending elegance. 

Due to the versatility of Adidas, different styles of shoes are available for different activities. From a rugged look to a smooth profile, Adidas is home to a variety of tastes with unique stitching and attention to each detail. 

Veja shoes are simple, clean, chic, and uncluttered designs with a minimalist aesthetic that represents the main focus of the brand on quality construction and ethical craftsmanship rather than just style. 

Each pair of Veja shoes is equipped with organic cotton, wild rubber and polyester to bring a unique texture and smooth finish. 

Adorned with the “V” logo and modest color palettes, Veja shoes symbolize a sense of superior grace. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

In this grand war, neither brand is the winner because both came up with unique features and distinctive experiences according to the needs and values of each user. 

Whether you switch towards sustainable and ethical shoes (Veja) or performance-oriented shoes (Adidas), your choice will never go wrong because of the unique strengths of both brands. 

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