Saye Vs Veja: Which Is Better For You?

Navigating around the footwear market to find the perfect shoes that not only look appealing but also sustainable, is a challenging task. 

To overcome this challenge and save you from exploring the footwear market, I came up with two brands, Saye and Veja.

Saye is a rising star in the market with a minimalist style and commitment to sustainability. While Veja is also sustainable, it has been in the market for around 19 years, so it has many loyal customers. 

Both brands have the same aim in the manufacturing of sustainable shoes, but which must be a new pair to complement your outfit; let’s discuss it in detail:

Comparison Table Between Saye and Veja:

Organic cotton, suede, wild rubber, recycled PET, EVA and canvasAmazonian rubbers, polyester fabric, B-mesh, chrome-free leather and organic cotton
Cushioned, stylish, sustainable, durable and versatileComfortable, stylish, transparent, sustainable, slim, versatile, flexible and cool
Sneakers, boots and sandalsSneakers, tennis shoes, and running shoe
Good for eco-conscious lifestyles, gatherings, casual wear and traveling Good for casual wear, urban commuting, light exercise, outdoor activities such as picnicking, hiking and cycling
Breathable More breathable
Slightly heavyweightlightweight
Made in PortugalMade in Brazil
Affordable Slightly costly
Two years warrantyTwo years warranty

Overview of Saye:

The vision behind the emergence of Saye was to overcome the environmental challenges faced by the footwear industry. 

Co-founded by Marta Llaquet, Lizzie Sabin and Damian Augustinyak in 2018, Saye aimed to create minimalist but sustainable shoes to minimize the impact on the environment by taking each step towards a greener planet.

Saye has changed the footwear market and set new standards for eco-consciousness with the use of organic and recycled materials. With the timeless aesthetic and passing trends, Saye shoes are believed to last for many years

Saye’s shoes are not only of supreme quality, but the brand is famous for its large conversation about sustainable and ethical fashion to serve the global community. 

Saye’s journey is the proof of a blend of passion, commitment and vision to leave the world in the best place. 

Due to pioneering efforts, Saye has been awarded several times in the sustainable fashion world. One of these is the PETA Vegan Fashion Award, a proof of the brand’s commitment to sustainable fashion. Another award is the Positive Luxury Butterfly Mark, the proof of brand dedication to ethical production. 

All Saye low-impact shoes are manufactured in Portugal with different materials such as organic cotton, vegan fabrics, and PET. 

Among different Saye footwear, Modelo 89 is an iconic retro sneaker inspired by the 80’s and curated with vegan and organic materials that make it a perfect choice for everyday wear. 

Overview of Veja:

Veja is a famous French footwear brand founded in 2004 by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion and has headquarters in France and Paris.

Veja Founders

As Veja was founded in 2004 but its official launch was done in 2005 at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris. 

The brand is well known because of its commitment to sustainability and ethical ethos for manufacturing high-quality and sustainable shoes.

Veja also collaborated with French designer Agnes B. In 2006, Veja introduced its first tanned leather product with innovative technologies.

The brand has minimalist and simple design shoes equipped with the latest technologies and sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and rubber.

The brand also works with fair trade companies to ensure that its employees are treated fairly. Veja mainly uses waterproof recycled bottles gathered from the streets of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro on the soles of shoes. 

As Veja shoes are expensive compared to other companion footwear brands, but this company believes that quality matters rather than price. 

Veja has also won The Guardian Sustainable Business Award and The Observer Ethical Award.

Veja shoes are manufactured in Brazil because of the long history of Brazil in manufacturing shoes and a strong environmental record.

Among many footwear products of Veja, the best-selling product is Esplar, which is a simple and minimalist design shoe made from sustainable materials such as recycled polyester, rubber, and organic cotton.

It has vibrant colors and is equipped with vulcanized soles, round toes, padded tongue and rubber toe cap that make these shoes durable, lightweight and breathable. So these are the perfect shoes for casual wear and occasions

Differences Between The Brands:

This section will highlight some main points about both brands to help you decide whether you should explore them more or pass through another brand:

1) Comfort

Saye shoes come up with serene comfort in each step you take. With the precisely designed footbed and use of organic materials along with recycled rubber, Saye shoes are super comfortable and ventilated along with keeping sustainability in the place. Saye shoes are not only cushioned while these are the ways to get peace of mind by wearing worth-investing shoes. 

Veja offers ethical and redefined comfort with a footbed that keeps your feet in the right place by offering support and style at the time. With the use of organic materials to keep your feet comfortable and cool, Veja shoes are also committed to sustainability, which indicates that shoes not only feel cushioned but also leave a lighter footprint on the planet.

2) Popularity

Though Saye is a rising star in the sustainable footwear industry it has earned fame in a very short time because of its sustainable and minimalist shoes that embrace the brand’s ability to fuse simplicity with ethical ethos.

Veja’s fame lies in its commitment to ethical production with limelight elegance, which has gained the attention of many eco-conscious consumers and celebrities such as Meghan Markle and Emma Watson. 

With a chic aesthetic and minimalist design, Veja shoes are a testament to style, with a “V” logo made of wild rubber to ensure the brand’s promise of sustainability. 

3) Target Market

Saye’s target market covers users who want to embrace their lifestyle with sustainable shoes but also prefer quality at a time. Each Saye product comes with an understated design and use of organic materials that show how the brand is responsible for environmental safety.

Veja’s target market covers eco-conscious users who want sustainable shoes, trendsetters and fashion lovers who want to embrace a new style by leaving a positive footprint on the environment and influencers who want to reflect ethical practices in the fashion industry. 

4) Price

On average, Saye shoes are available in the price range of $125-$150 but some sneakers may go to $100 and boots may go upto $200. 

On the other hand, Veja is pricy with a price range of $100-$200. However, some expensive models are available at the price of $240. 


Saye shoes are simple and minimalist with clean lines and a neat aesthetic. With the use of cotton upper and rubber outsoles, Saye shows dedication to lowering the environmental impacts. Due to the versatility of Saye shoes, these can go perfectly with any outfit and occasion

Veja shoes are the fusion of classic elements with minimalist designs and understated elegance. Due to their sleek and refined outlines, along with natural and earthy color tones, these shoes can exceed fleeting trends. Each Veja shoe has a “V” logo on the side made of wild rubber, which shows the brand’s commitment to sustainable practices. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

At the end of this comparison between Saye and Veja, I would like to say both brands are super choices as sustainable shoes but in terms of price, Saye is a better option. While in terms of design, color and construction, Veja is the winner.

No matter which brand you choose, you will never regret your decision. 

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