Lowa VS Salomon: Which Is Better?

Lowa and Salomon are two well-known footwear brands with many hiking boots and shoes for all outdoor activists and hikers.

Both Lowa and Salomon offer different products with special features and technologies. If you want to know which brand is the right fit for your foot, read this comparison to find out! Let’s get started!

Comparison Table Between Lowa and Salomon Boots

Founded in 1923Founded in 1947
Made of polyurethane, leather, recycled rubber and Dyna PUMade of patent and faux leather, wool, fabric, fleece, denim, durable rubber, linen and polyester
Supportive, durable, cushioning, waterproof, stable, fit, functional and maximum gripInnovative, high quality, reliable, durable, insulated, waterproof and comfortable
Boots and shoesBoots, sandals, shoes, mules and sneakers
Good for hiking, trekking, backpacking, hunting, mountaineering, tactical and rock climbingGood for trail running, hiking, climbing, racing, skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering
Sustainable and breathableMore breathable and sustainable
Less costlyMore Expensive
TechnicalMore technical look
1-year warranty2-year warranty

Overview of Lowa

Lowa is a German footwear company established in 1923 by Lorenz Wagner and its headquarter is in Munich, Germany.

In the early years, Lowa focused on mountain boots for alpine climbers. While over a few years, the brand expanded its products for all activities and paths.

Now Lowa is the market-leading brand in German-speaking countries and its fame is continuously growing due to highly performing, durable, technical and functional, tactical and military boots and shoes for all hikers, mountaineers, runners and trekkers.

All Lowa shoes are designed by keeping sustainability and the environment in mind so these are the right fit for all environment-conscious consumers.

Besides sustainability, all boots are equipped with the latest technologies such as Gore-Tex waterproof membrane to offer breathability and comfort, Vibram soles to offer maximum traction on rough terrains and Monowrap for more stability to make them a perfect choice for all sports and outdoor activities. 

The individuality of Lowa is that it has worked and experimented for many years to find the right shoes and boots for women with super-quality materials and the latest technologies to ensure durability and construction. 

The boots and shoes of this brand are manufactured in the following countries:

  • Germany 
  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Slovakia

Lowa has introduced many boots and shoes but the best seller product is Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boots which is a comfortable, versatile, supportive, durable and waterproof boot made of 100% leather and synthetic material with Vibram sole, MONOWRAP frame and full-length stabilizer to offer extra stability on challenging terrains and light backpacking.

Overview of Salomon

Salomon is a French company that was established in 1947 in the heart of the Alps, specifically in Annecy, France. Initially, Salomon gained immense fame in the skiing industry by producing top-quality ski edges with innovative designs.

Over time, the company expanded its product range and introduced various new items, including running shoes, boots, backpacks, apparel, and other accessories.

Salomon is famous because of its latest and technical expertise and high commitment to performance in the footwear industry.

The most famous technologies used in all shoes of this brand are Gore-Tex, waterproof membrane, Quicklace system, protective toe cap and some others. That is why products of this brand are the favorite of all runners, hikers, skiers and mountaineers. 

Francois Salomon is a host and sponsor of many shows and races such as the Golden Trail series. Also, Salomon is running a channel and uploads inspirational stories of athletes and other people who love outdoor activities, running and skiing. 

Franco Fogliato

The current CEO of the Salomon brand is Franco Fogliato and the headquarter of this company is in Finland, France. While the US operations are in Utah. Though the headquarter is in France and almost 50% of shoes are made there so, they are identified as “Made in France.”

Besides France, these shoes are made in some other countries such as:

  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Morocco
  • USA
  • Canada

As Salomon has introduced many boots and shoes but the best seller product is Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes, made of nylon material.

This shoe is not only for walking but also for trail running. The secret of fame is the outer sole with heavy-duty toes to provide more support on uneven surfaces. So you can go to any rough and edgy surfaces with these speed cross shoes to get a better and fast experience. 

Major Differences Between The Brands

Though both brands are famous and provide a wide range of products but there are some differences that make one brand superior to the other according to your needs. So let’s talk about these differences:

1) Comfort

Comfort and fit are most necessary while choosing the boot for your hiking and climbing trail because no one wants their feet to be injured on challenging terrain. 

Salomon is the right shoe for comfort and fits that make it the popular choice of all hikers and enthusiasts.

These boots are not too tight that cause suffocation nor too loose that your feet come out again and again.

Also, all the Salomon boots utilize Energy Cell Midsole foam to absorb shock, an insulated layer to give warmth in cold months, and a waterproof membrane to keep your foot dry and comfortable all day. 

On the other hand, Lowa boots are also very comfortable and supportive on all challenging terrains and difficult trails because of the use of premium quality materials and the latest technologies such as Monowrap construction so shoes fit cozily and comfortably without feeling heavy. 

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2) Popularity

Lowa and Salomon are two famous footwear brands but their fame may vary based on regions, specific outdoor activities, availability, pricing, and user preferences. 

Lowa is famous among all hikers, climbers, snowboarders, mountaineers, and runners because of its durable, stable, supportive, and highly performing boots for all challenging terrains and trails.

Though this brand is more famous in Europe but its fame varies from area to area where other brands are more popular. 

Salomon on the other hand is also a famous brand all over the world because of its wide range of product lines in footwear and other accessories.

From running to hiking to climbing to snowboarding to skiing to mountaineering, all shoes and boots are of super quality, innovative, lightweight and equipped with the latest technologies which make them a perfect and famous choice among all outdoor enthusiasts and athletes.

These boots are more famous in Europe, North America, Asia and other countries. 

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3) Target Market

Lowa is a famous brand that targets mostly hikers, trekkers, outdoor professionals, alpine activists, climbers, rescue teams and military personnel with its unique, innovative, supportive and durable boots. 

On the other hand, Salomon’s sleek and unique boots are also for all ages and genders including men, women and kids.

So anyone who wants shoes and boots for skiing, climbing, racing, backpacking, snowboarding and mountaineering, reach out to this brand and explore different styles, sizes and colors for more comfort and support. 

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4) Price

The price range of both brands has a huge difference. Lowa shoes start from $200 and end up to $250. 

While Salomon shoes are equipped with the latest features with a price range of almost $30-$1500. 

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5) Design

Both brands have a wide variety of product lines for all women and men with unique designs, models, sizes and colors. 

Lowa boots are of unique and sleek design and are manufactured of leather, recycled rubber and PU with Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, Vibram outsole and midsole to offer extra support, protection and grip. 

Salomon boots are stylish with smooth designs and premium-quality materials such as synthetic fabrics and leather so these are comfortable, supportive and breathable for the summer season.

With synthetic mesh and outsole technology, these boots give the utmost support and comfort to your feet.

Also, the use of Gore-Tex technology helps to go for challenging hiking areas. On all shoes and boots of this brand, an “S” monogram and “Salomon” logo is present. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Both brands are famous in terms of footwear, comfort, high performance, durability and most importantly your preferences. So make sure to know your goals and activities for which you need boots and choose the brand according to your needs.

Lowa is the right option for all serious hikers, professionals and outdoor activists who want comfort, support and durability to perform all tasks and activities with ease and professionalism.

Salomon boots are versatile and of high quality at an expensive price compared to Lowa so these are the perfect choice for all light activities and backpackers. 

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