Merrel VS Salomon: Which is Better?

Everyone wants comfort, style, elegance, and durability in a single boot. When choosing between Merrel and Salomon boot, people face challenges and become confused.

So to help you find the right one, we will compare both brands in depth to see who is the better bet for you between the two. Let’s begin.

Comparison Table Between Merrel and Salomon Boots

Founded in 1981Founded in 1947
Made of leather, Metal and rubberMade of patent and faux leather, wool, polyester, linen, fabric, fleece, denim and durable rubber
Hiking boots, athletic shoes, trail runners, casual shoes and sandalsBoots, shoes, sandals, mules and sneakers
Good for outdoor activities such as hiking and trail runningGood for trail running, hiking, climbing, racing, skiing, mountaineering and snowboarding
BreathableBreathable and sustainable
Less costlyMore costly

Overview of Merrel

Merrel is one of the most famous American companies for footwear and other accessories. This company was established in 1981 by Clark Matis, John Schweizer, and Randy Merrel.

Randy Merrel

They all aimed to manufacture high-quality and high-performance hiking boots. Other products of this company are athletic shoes, sandals, sneakers, hoodies, socks, t-shirts, jacks, and much more. 

As the name of the brand is Merrel, it shows that Randy was the mastermind of this brand. Randy had already manufactured many hiking boots. But with his colleagues, he started a brand name, Merrel and Now Merrel is among the famous footwear brands because of its affordability, quality products, and durability. 

The boots and shoes of this brand are manufactured in many countries, including:

  • America
  • Argentina
  • Turkey
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Burma
  • Philippines

In 1987, Merrell was sold to Karhu, who subsequently moved the company to Asia. In 1988, the company’s sales reached $4 million, which increased to $6 million in 1989. By 1999, the sales had reached almost $10 million.

In 1997, Karhu sold Merrell to Wolverine, a company known for manufacturing boots and shoes for wearers. That year, the sales surged to almost $23 million. Wolverine’s most notable achievement was the manufacturing of Jungle Runner shoes.

In 2015, Merrell declared a partnership with Mudder to host events in almost six countries. Then in 2022, Merrell received the Footwear News Achievement Award. Now, in 2023, Merrell is recognized as the top-rated brand for running shoes.

Among Merrell’s various best-selling products, the Moab 2 Vent Hiking shoes stand out as the most famous.

Due to its durable leather, supportive footbeds, and Vibram grip, this shoe offers a lightweight, comfortable, and breathable experience to the wearer, making it the better option for moderate and short activities. It is also referred to as the “Mother of all Boots.”

Overview of Salomon

Salomon is a French company that was established in 1947 in the heart of the Alps, specifically in Annecy, France. Initially, Salomon gained immense fame in the skiing industry by producing top-quality ski edges with innovative designs.

Over time, the company expanded its product range and introduced various new items, including running shoes, boots, backpacks, apparel, and other accessories.

Salomon is famous because of its latest and technical expertise and high commitment to performance in the footwear industry.

The most famous technologies used in all shoes of this brand are Gore-Tex, waterproof membrane, Quicklace system, protective toe cap and some others. That is why products of this brand are the favorite of all runners, hikers, skiers and mountaineers. 

Francois Salomon is a host and sponsor of many shows and races such as the Golden Trail series. Also, Salomon is running a channel and uploads inspirational stories of athletes and other people who love outdoor activities, running and skiing. 

Franco Fogliato

The current CEO of the Salomon brand is Franco Fogliato and the headquarter of this company is in Finland, France. While the US operations are in Utah. Though the headquarter is in France and almost 50% of shoes are made there so, they are identified as “Made in France.”

Besides France, these shoes are made in some other countries such as:

  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Morocco
  • USA
  • Canada

As Salomon has introduced many boots and shoes but the best seller product is Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoes, made of nylon material.

This shoe is not only for walking but also for trail running. The secret of fame is the outer sole with heavy-duty toes to provide more support on uneven surfaces. So you can go to any rough and edgy surfaces with these speed cross shoes to get a better and fast experience. 

Major Differences Between The Brands:

Don’t be confused more and explore the major differences between these two brands. After reading this section, you will make the right decision. So let’s explore:

1) Comfort:

Comfort comes first in mind when you have to buy a boot. Comfort refers to a shoe that is durable but lightweight and supportive and offers cushioning effect. Also, it refers to a shoe that is well-designed for your outdoor and sports activities. 

Merrel offers comfortable boots, trail runners, sneakers, sandals and casual shoes.

This brand aims to offer products based on comfort, durability, versatility and design. So all the boots are made of super quality material with arch support, heat absorbing effect and resist slipping on uneven surfaces. 

On the other hand, Salomon’s boots are also very comfortable because of their breathable, sustainable and lightweight material. Besides comfort, all boots are durable and allow you to navigate along rocky surfaces and mountains. 

Salomon’s boots are made of durable rubber, soft fabric, fleece, cotton and leather. All these materials make them more comfortable than Merrel’s boots because they are heavyweight. 

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2) Popularity:

Merrel is one of the most famous brand offering hiking boots, sneakers, casual shoes, sandals and slippers. The brand aims to deliver products according to customers’ liking. This thing makes it more famous and recommended than all other brands. 

Also, this brand’s shoes and boots are famous on different social platforms but especially on Facebook.

The reason for the fame of this brand is versatility, comfort, high performance, style and budget-friendliness. Besides other brands, Merrel always remains in the heart of wearers because no other brand is the right competitor. 

Salomon’s shoes and boots are also very famous among mountaineers, hikers, runners and athletes. These boots got more fame during the start of Covid-19 and the lockdown when people went for hiking to remain at a social distance. 

Salomon is the dominant name in the shoe industry because of essential footwear for all outdoor activists. With comfort, lightweight and functionality, this brand has earned much fame in the industry among all enthusiasts.

Boots, running shoes and sneakers of this brand are famous among celebs such as Jenner Kendall, Bella Hadid, Bieber Hailey and Jenner Kylie. 

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3) Target Market:

Merrel shoes are popular among all ages, hikers, teenagers, runners and athletes. So whether you have to go running, play sports or hike a mountain, these shoes are for you.

With comfort, style and functionality, these shoes are the choice of everyone. Also, this brand care for super quality and offer different types of hiking shoes to all outdoor activists.

Commonly these boots are famous for ages 25-54 because of the durability and comfort that they offer to hikers. 

Also, Merrel has a wide collection of shoes, boots, sneakers and sandals for all genders including women, men and kids. With different colors, sizes and styles, the brand offers quality products. 

On the other hand, Salomon shoes, boots and sneakers are also for all ages and genders including men, women and kids. It means this brand doesn’t stick to only one gender but also cares for all genders by offering unique and sleek shoes. 

Anyone who wants shoes and boots for skiing, climbing, racing and mountaineering, reach out to this brand and explore different styles, sizes and colors. 

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4) Price:

All the boots of the Merrell brand are low-priced and affordable, making them suitable for everyone’s budget. The price range of these boots, shoes, sneakers, and sandals falls between $80 and $260.

Despite their low price, all the shoes are waterproof, offering sufficient insulation and durability. Additionally, these boots provide utmost comfort, protection, and grip.

On the other hand, Salomon shoes are more expensive compared to Merrell shoes. All the shoes are technical, equipped with many features, which is why their price range spans from $30 to $1500. Ultimately, the choice of which boot to buy depends on your budget and needs.

5) Design:

Most of Merrel’s boots and shoes give a traditional look but all are elegant and clean. The use of leather and other materials makes Merrel boots simple.

The latest technology used in Merrel boots offers comfort, durability and performance to the wearer. On all Merrel boots, the letter “M” in the orange circle is present.

On the other hand, Salomon boots offer a technical plus sleek look. The sole of these boots is heavier which makes them a right option for outdoor activities. These boots are also made of the latest technology so they are comfortable and durable. On all shoes and boots of this brand, an “S” monogram and “Salomon” logo is present. 

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Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Both brands are famous and reliable by offering quality products. But when you have to choose one brand then you need to check some factors or your needs.

For running, climbing and skiing purpose, Salmon is the right option and no other shoes can beat its performance because of its latest technologies. Also, these shoes are perfect for rough surfaces and uneven terrains.

While for newcomers, trail runners and hikers, Merrel is the right option because it is excellent and reasonable for all budgets. 

Now it is up to you which brand you choose. We have reviewed all the facts to help you make an informed decision. 

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