Nobull Canvas VS Superfabric: Which Is Better? 

Nobull has introduced many training shoes with reliability and performance at a place. These trainers are available in two variations, one is Nobull canvas and the other is Nobull superfabric. Both these training shoes are slightly different which may confuse you.

So, I have designed this blog to help you know the differences between these shoes and choose the one based on your preferences and needs. Let’s start with a comparison table of both products. 

Comparison Table Between Nobull Canvas And Superfabric:

FeaturesNobull CanvasNobull Superfabric
Launched In20182015
StabilityLess stableMore stable
FlexibilityMore flexibleLess flexible
Sizing7-15 for men and 2.5-8.5 for women8-16 for men and 5-11 for women
Weight 13.7 oz11.4 oz
CushionLess cushionedMore cushioned
Out soleRubber Carbon rubber
Mid soleSingle density EVA foamSingle density foam
Upper soleCanvas Superfabric 
Retail Price$109$129

Nobull Canvas Vs Superfabric: Good, Bad and The Worst:

As both Nobull Canvas and Nobull Superfabric are durable, reliable, and famous products. But there are some major differences between these two shoes that help you to choose the best one based on construction needs and preferences. Let’s go through these differences in detail:

1) Comfort

As both Nobull canvas and Nobull Superfabric are comfortable shoes among the Nobull training shoes but the comfort level may vary based on your needs and preferences. So, take a look at the comfort level of both shoes:

Nobull canvas is more comfortable and flexible than Nobull super fabric because of the use of a more breathable and porous upper mesh that allows air to pass and keeps feet comfortable and dry during training activities. 

On the other hand, Nobull Superfabric is also comfortable but it focuses more on durability and better support because of the use of a rigid upper and structured heel cup which make these shoes less comfortable than Nobull Canvas. 

2) Popularity

Nobull Canvas and Nobull Superfabric have gained much fame in the shoe industry in recent years. It is because of many factors such as minimalist designs, comfortable fit and durability of these shoes. 

As both shoes have minimalist design which shows that they focus more on performance and are perfect for CrossFit and other fitness activities where better ground feel and flexibility is more important.

Similarly, these shoes are comfortable because of the use of upper mesh and are durable due to the use of high-quality and rigid materials. 

It is revealed from many studies that Nobull Canvas and Nobull Superfabric are popular shoes among CrossFit athletes and almost more than half of Nobull lovers prefer these shoes for different fitness activities. 

3) Running

Nobull Canvas and Superfabric are famous for fitness and CrossFit activities which shows that these shoes are not designed for running

Nobull Canvas Outsole

Nobull SuperFabric Outsole

Due to lack of cushioning, these shoes are not perfect for running long distances and the flat sole makes them unstable for running on rough surfaces.

However, these shoes are the perfect fit for short runs and smooth surfaces. So you must be aware of all the limitations of using these shoes for running activities. 

4) Walking

Similar to running, these shoes are not specifically designed for walking because of their durable and rigid construction and lack of cushioning. So these are perfect for CrossFit and fitness activities where flexibility and ground feel are more preferred. 

5) Flat feet

For flat feet, shoes with proper arch support, stability and utmost comfort are required. However, Nobull canvas and Nobull Superfabric don’t offer proper arch support and feel uncomfortable to flat feet. So, it is proven that these shoes are not perfect for flat feet. 

While you may use other shoes which are specially designed for flat feet. Before making a purchase, must consult your podiatrist about the right shoes. 

6) Design

Nobull Canvas has a minimalist design without any embellishment which shows that these shoes are specially designed for performance rather than style. The shoes have a thick and durable canvas upper which is more breathable and comfortable during all fitness and CrossFit activities.

The midsole of Nobull Canvas is dense and thick made of single-density EVA foam which is more comfortable and offers a cushioning effect along with support during working out.

The outsole of Nobull canvas is made of rubber that offers better traction but medial rope grip is absent in these shoes. 

On the other hand, Nobull Superfabric also has a minimalist design which makes these shoes highly performing rather than stylish. The upper of these shoes is made of superfabric material which is tough and makes shoes more durable and abrasion-resistant. 

The midsole of superfabric is made of thin single-density EVA but it is more responsive and versatile compared to Nobull canvas and also maintains stability during heavy workouts

The outsole of Superfabric is made of carbon rubber but these shoes have more medial rope grip with lug patterns that make superfabric multi-environment friendly.

What do customers think?

As we have gone through the comparison and differences between both Nobull Canvas and Nobull Superfabric. So we have got an idea that both shoes are perfect in terms of comfort, durability, stability and design. However, many customers don’t like some features of these shoes while some like them at all. What do other people think of these shoes, let’s discuss it in detail:

NOBULL Canvas: Many customers consider these shoes perfect for weight lifting and running because they are more comfortable and supportive than all other Nobull shoes.

People also like the breathable canvas upper and flexibility of these shoes which offer good support on all types of surfaces even for walking and running.

Some people said that they love the durability and comfort of these shoes which make them perfect for fitness and CrossFit activities. 

While some people really did not like these shoes at all because of the lack of cushioning and support they need for different workouts. Also, the size is the major factor that makes customers unhappy. 

NOBULL SuperFabric: People love the durability and support of these shoes for many CrossFit and high-impact workouts.

Many people consider these shoes comfortable and supportive but not breathable because of the use of rigid material that hinders breathability. 

Many people prefer these shoes because they think that Superfabric can handle anything during all types of activities. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better for You?

Both Nobull Canvas and Nobull Superfabric are perfect shoes for different types of fitness and CrossFit activities because of their durability. 

Nobull canvas is the best shoe for heavy lifting and workouts and also for casual wear. Superfabrics are famous because of their durability which makes these shoes more abrasion-resistant.

In the end, I will never recommend one shoe over the other because both are perfect in their place. The shoes you choose should be based on your preferences and needs. 

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