Salomon xt4 vs xt6: Which is Better?

The Xt4 and Xt6 are two famous footwear of Salomon Advanced because of their comfort in trail running and street wear with vibrant colors which make them famous among outdoor activists and sneakerheads. 

But what is different in both these sneakers? To get the answer to this question, start exploring this blog and come to know how these sneakers are a perfect choice and which of them is actually better

Comparison Table Between Salomon xt4 and xt6:

FeaturesSalomon xt4Salomon xt6
Launched in20222013
StabilityMore stableSuper stable
FlexibilityFlexible Slightly flexible
Sizing4-13 for men and 5-14 for women4-13 for men and 5-14 for women
Weight12 oz12.8 oz
CushionMaximum cushioningLess cushioning
Out soleMolded Ortholite sockliners and mud Contagrip Mud Contagrip, molded Ortholite and rubber
Mid sole Agile chassis skeleton, dual density components and EVA cushioningAgile chassis system, energy cell and EVA cushioning
Upper soleQuicklace technology, carbon like coating and synthetic anti-debris meshQuicklace technology, TPU and 3D mesh
Retail price$220$200

Salomon xt4 vs xt6: Good, Bad and the Worst:

Both xt4 and xt6 are famous sneakers from the reputable brand with many similar features and some differences. So let’s explore comfort, popularity, design and what customers think of these sneakers. 

1) Comfort

The XT4 sneakers are comfortable for the long runs because of the agile chassis system which makes them reliable and supportive with cushioning effect for casual and outdoor wear. 

On the other hand, XT6 shoes are also comfortable yet supportive and durable with better grip but don’t offer comfort on hard surfaces. The lug patterns offer soft cushioning and allow you to run over rugged trails. 

2) Popularity

Both Salomon xt4 and xt6 are popular sneakers among celebrities, influencers and trail runners who want comfort, durability, better grip, protection and responsiveness on different types of trails and long hikes. 

3) Running

As both xt4 and xt6 are trail running shoes so all runners and ultra marathons consider these shoes for high demand running because of their better grip and latest technologies which make shoes responsive and durable. 

4) Walking

Both Salomon xt4 and xt6 are perfect choices for walking because these offer enough stability, support and grip which is required for walking.

Salomon XT4 Outsole

Salomon XT6 Outsole

Also comfort, cushioning, better traction, fit and feel are the way factors that make these sneakers a super choice for walking along with trail running. 

5) Flat Feet

As all trail running shoes are a perfect fit for flat feet but before choosing any model, make sure to check out some factors such as arch support, cushioning, stability, fit, comfort, motion control and customization.

Not only considering these factors but also consult the podiatrist to know your feet condition and the right type of shoes that better fit and overcome all needs of flat feet.

6) Design

Salomon xt4 are simpler shoes with a rough structure and equipped with anti-debris mesh upper which offers enough ventilation to your feet and keeps it dry even in wet conditions while the Quicklace system makes it easy for you to open and tie the shoes for better support.

The midsole of these shoes is equipped with agile chassis, EVA foam and dual density which offer enough support and cushioning to your feet on rough terrains. 

The outsole is equipped with Ortholite sock liners and mud Contagrip which offer better traction on all surfaces whether uneven or wet and also resist mud which you don’t have to pull off manually. 

The Salomon xt6 have a sleek and slim design with aesthetic and vibrant colors that allow everyone to love them.

The upper of these shoes are durable and protective to withstand all rough conditions and offer ventilated room because of mesh upper and synthetic overlays. Also upper resists debris and dust and keeps the shoes clean.

The Quicklace technology in the upper allows the wearer to easily loosen and tighten the shoes with a single pull. 

The midsole of Salomon xt6 is equipped with responsive cushioning such as energy cells and EVA foam which also absorb shock and offer a lightweight feel and comfortable running on each trail. 

The outsole of these shoes is aggressive and durable because of the use of multidirectional lugs of different shapes and sizes which offer better grip on all terrains such as mud, loose surface and rocks.  

What do Customers Think

Salomon xt4 and xt6 are equipped with the latest features, innovative designs and high-end technologies which make them popular among all users but some limitations of these shoes keep customers unhappy while some customers take everything fruitful in these shoes. What do other customers think about these shoes, let’s discuss it. 

Salomon xt4: Many customers are happy with the size and fit of these shoes and also they consider these shoes comfortable and supportive.

Some people are keen fans of Salomon xt4 because of the use of high-quality materials and innovative technologies.

While some people said that they feel these shoes were uncomfortable and rough at first but with time, these shoes became comfortable and supportive so these are the superb choice for all trail running activities. 

The majority of customers are satisfied with the perfect fit and comfort that make these sneakers a good choice for hiking.

Some people loved the colors and designs of these shoes along with the Quicklace system that makes them easy to wear. 

Salomon xt6: A customer said that he is super obsessed with these shoes because these sneakers are true to size and available in beautiful colors and offer enough support.

While some customers are not happy with the size and said that they just waste their money because women’s size is smaller but overall these shoes are comfortable for hiking and running. 

Some people said that they feel comfortable while running and walking in these shoes along with their dogs in the street. 

 A lot of customers are happy with the overall feel, comfort and support of these shoes that make them a versatile option for running, walking and hiking. 

The majority of people are happy with the colors, Quicklace system and overall designs of these shoes which allow them to purchase another pair of Salomon xt6. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Both Salomon xt4 and xt6 are common in many things such as performance, overall appearance, and sleek and light design which won the heart of many customers. But xt6 is derived from xt5 which came from xt4 so the latest model xt6 is a superb choice with many new technologies.

According to me, xt6 is a better option but what is in your mind, it matters a lot. So don’t panic nor confuse features and customer reviews and look for your priority. 

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