Nobull Runner VS Runner Plus: Which is Better?

Nobull has earned huge fame as the CrossFit footwear maker in the footwear industry and has launched a lot of models till now but the running line is full of many latest products that make a difference in running

Two famous running models are Nobull Runner and Runner Plus which are equipped with innovative designs, high-quality materials and high-end technologies which make them a perfect choice for all athletes, cross-fitness lovers, and runners of all trails. 

What makes these models a superb choice? Let’s discuss these in-depth in today’s comparison

Comparison Table Between Nobull runner and runner plus:

FeaturesNobull RunnerNobull Runner Plus
Launched in20182022
StabilitySlightly stableMore stable
FlexibilityLess flexibleModerate flexibility
Sizing7-15 for men and 2.5-8.5 for women7-15 for men and 2.5-8.5 for women
Weight10.6 oz9.5 oz
CushionFirm cushioning for long runsMore cushioning
OutsoleLug patternLug pattern technology
Midsole Phylon and regular EVA foamPebax 
Upper soleRipstop, mesh and knitMesh fabric
Retail Price£130- £150£165

Nobull runner vS runner plus: Good, Bad and the Worst:

We have gone through the comparison table of both models which gave you an overall idea about these two runners. So now is the time to discuss some features and customer reviews to know more. 

1) Comfort

Nobull Runners and Runner Plus are comfortable and durable models with minimalist designs that allow you to focus on all fitness and training activities. 

The versatility and stability of both models help in various movements and offer a cushioning effect compared to all other traditional running shoes. 

The perfect fit with ample width and size allows all users even those with wide feet to keep their running experience comfortable. 

Both running shoes are a comfortable choice for fitness and training but if you want them just for running then make sure to find another pair of shoes because these don’t offer perfect support and comfort in running. 

2) Popularity

Nobull Runners and Runner Plus gained much popularity among the fitness and training community because of their durable construction, simple design and versatile performance.

It shows that these shoes focus more on performance and functionality rather than just style which makes them a perfect choice for all weightlifting and high-intensity exercises. 

3) Running

As Nobull has introduced a running line but actually these models are for fitness and training activities rather than long-distance running.

Though these are a perfect choice for short-distance running and workouts but don’t offer enough support and cushioning as traditional running shoes offer. 

So make sure to find the better running shoes with enough support, cushioning and durability on all terrains even rough while running. 

4) Walking

Similar to running, Nobull Runners and Runner Plus are not the perfect choice for walking because these are specially designed for fitness and training activities such as weightlifting, HIIT and CrossFit. While some people consider these shoes perfect for walking because of their durable construction and simple design. 

So it is always recommended to find shoes with enough support, fit, comfort and cushioning for your walking needs and engage with lightweight walking shoes. 

5) Flat Feet

Both sneakers are not the right choices for flat feet because these don’t offer enough arch support and comfort to promote foot alignment.

Though these are durable and stable they are necessary factors for flat feet but arch support is also a necessary thing which is not offered by Nobull runners and Runner Plus. 

So make sure to find the right pair of shoes with enough arch support, motion control, cushioning and custom orthotics for your flat feet. If possible consult the podiatrist about your foot shape and health and come to know which shoes are perfect for your feet. 

6) Design

Nobull Runner sneakers are of minimalist design without stylish elements and embellishments but with various colors that focus more on performance and functionality rather than aesthetics because of the versatility and durability in their construction. 

The upper of these shoes is made of mesh, knit and ripstop which make them breathable and keep your feet comfortable and dry during all activities such as weightlifting, training and CrossFit. 

The midsole is equipped with phylon and EVA foam which offer enough cushioning and ample room for your feet while doing any activity. Also, the lateral and medial support keep your feet stable during dynamic movements. 

The outsole of the Nobull runner is equipped with a lug pattern that offers durability and better traction during different high-intensity activities. 

Nobull Runner Plus are also minimalist shoes with different colors and patterns which make them superb shoes for all training and fitness activities with more focus on performance rather than style. 

The upper sole is equipped with breathable mesh and synthetic fabric which makes the shoes ventilated to all types even in wet conditions and avoids sweating and keeps the foot dry, supportive and comfortable. 

The midsole is equipped with Pebax instead of EVA foam which offer stability, responsiveness and cushioning and reduce shock during different high-intensity exercise.

The outsole is durable and versatile with lug patterns and rubber that also offer better grip on all surfaces even outdoor and indoor for training and fitness exercise. 

What do Customers Think

Both these models are a perfect choice but some people consider them good while others have complaints about these shoes. So let’s go through the customer’s thinking about Nobull Runner and Runner Plus. 

Nobull Runner: People think that these are the perfect shoes for walking and running along with training and fitness activities. So they consider these shoes for short-distance running due to shock-absorbing features. 

Commonly customers are happy with lightweight and breathable shoes that offer the utmost comfort while doing exercise and activities and don’t let feet feel pain.  

Many people consider these shoes for cardio and weight exercises because of the durability and stability these shoes offer.  

Customers also love the colors and designs of these shoes which make them comfortable and confident while doing exercise.  

Runner Plus: People are happy with the size and they consider these shoes true to size as they feel like running on the cloud while some people are not happy with the size and consider these shoes smaller than the Nobull runner.

Most customers said that the midsole of these shoes offers more cushioning and comfort during activities and exercises.

As these shoes are not for long runs but people consider them a perfect choice for short runs on uneven and plain trails.

Similar to Nobull Runner, people love the colors and patterns of these shoes along with their durable outsole that keeps feet stable. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Now we have a better understanding of both Nobull Runner and Runner Plus as these are durable, stable, versatile, supportive and comfortable shoes.

Actually, these are not traditional running shoes but are a good option for short run and walk. So don’t panic if you consider reviews regarding their role as running shoes. 

If possible check out the official Nobull website and explore different shoes in running line to find the best one and must try these two models for your next high-intensity exercise. 

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