Nobull Trainer vS Trainer Plus: Which is Better?

Nobull is a famous footwear brand with a wide range of running and training sneakers. Two famous models are Nobull Trainer and Trainer Plus specially designed for CrossFit, lifting, and training exercises. 

Both models are consistent in performance and overcome all the needs of training and fitness activities. But which one is the right fit for you?

Let’s discuss both models in detail and make an informed decision about which one is perfect. 

Comparison Table Between Nobull Trainer and Trainer Plus

FeaturesNobull trainerNobull Trainer Plus
Launched in20152022
StabilityLess stableMore stable
FlexibilityMore flexibleLess flexible
Sizing7-17 for men and 5-11 for women7-15 for men and 5-11 for women
Weight11 oz13.13 oz
CushionModerate cushioningMore cushioning
OutsoleSuperfabric and standard lug patternSuperfabric and herringbone lug patterning
Midsole High-density foamThick EVA foam
Upper soleHigh carbon rubberHigh carbon rubber
Retail Price£120£130

Nobull Trainer VS Trainer Plus: Good, Bad and the Worst:

We have discussed some comparisons along with the launching date of both these models. So it is time to discuss comfort, fame, design and customer thinking about Nobull Trainer and Trainer Plus to make an informed decision. 

1) Comfort

Nobull Trainers are superb in comfort but they have less cushioning compared to the new version of Nobull Trainers Plus.

The tight fit of the shoes also keeps feet suffocated and doesn’t provide much space to move and breathe in that’s why people with wide feet don’t consider Nobull Trainer more comfortable. 

Nobull Trainer Plus are excellent cushioning and comfortable shoes with breathable mesh that allow air to pass through the feet and offer ankle coverage with enough support and efficiency.

Also, the wide room of these shoes promotes foot movement so Trainer Plus is the perfect of all old versions. 

2) Popularity

Nobull trainer shoes are popular for CrossFit training activities and gym workouts because of their durability, stability and no compression sole that keep them up for all levels of CrossFit activists from beginning to elite athletes. 

Nobull Trainer Plus is popular among lifters and CrossFit athletes because of its construction similar to the Nobull trainer but the thick midsole of Trainer Plus makes them more comfortable than the Nobull trainer. 

While for climbing and short runs, both these models are perfect and no one excels in the other model.

3) Running

Both Nobull Trainer and Trainer Plus are good for short runs but not for moderate and long-distance runs but Trainer Plus excels here because of the extra comfort these shoes offer to feet while running short distances.

Nobull Trainer Outsole

Nobull Trainer + Outsole

On the other hand, the Nobull trainer is also good for running but is not as comfortable as the trainer plus.

4) Walking

Both these models are also good for walking as well as short-distance running because trainers offer stability and trainer plus offer comfort which are necessary for walking on different surfaces. So make sure to find the shoes that better fit your walking needs. 

5) Flat Feet

For flat feet, I never recommend Nobull Trainer and Trainer Plus because these shoes have durable and versatile construction that doesn’t focus more on the utmost comfort, cushioning and arch support required by flat feet.

So to overcome flat feet conditions and the right shoes, make sure to find the brand that offers shoes especially designed for flat feet.

If possible consult the podiatrist and describe your feet condition to know which shoes will be supportive and comfortable for this condition. 

6) Design

Nobull trainers are minimalist design with vibrant colors and an extra level of stability and comfort that these offer after heavy gym works.

The upper sole is durable with no compression which makes it perfect for all training and gym workouts and also for CrossFit activists of all levels. 

The midsole of these shoes is equipped with high-density foam that offers more stability and lets your feet feel near the ground while training. 

The outsole of these shoes is equipped with rubber and a traditional lug pattern that offers enough protection, traction and stability to the midsole on different surfaces. 

Nobull Trainer Plus is also minimalist with different colors and a consistent upper made of super fabric that offers durability to shoes.

The midsole of these shoes is equipped with rubber and herringbone lug patterns that keep feet comfortable and cushioning during all activities.

The outsole of these shoes is equipped with medium-density EVA foam that offers a more responsive and comfortable feel compared to the trainer. 

What do Customers Think

Nobull trainer: People consider these shoes to fit with super colors and utmost comfort during workouts and gym training.

Some customers prefer these shoes for lifting and training and love their combo with gym clothes.

The majority of people love the fabric that is easy to clean which keeps the shoes looking perfect in all conditions.  

Customers love the sturdiness and support that these shoes offer during movement and also the good quality materials used in these shoes make them a perfect choice.

The wide toe box and comfortable feel keep customers happy but many customers consider these shoes non-breathable

Nobull Trainer Plus: Similar to trainers, these shoes are fit, comfortable, and easy to clean which attracts many customers. 

People also prefer these shoes for CrossFit and weightlifting workouts because of their durability and flexibility.  

Many customers said that these shoes are super cushioned and cool with enough toe boxes that allow feet to move freely

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Now you have a better understanding of Nobull Trainer and Trainer Plus which showed you that both these models are a perfect choice for cross-training, gym workouts, lifting, and fitness exercises but a few things make Trainer Plus a perfect choice such as wide toe box, more cushioning and more stability.

Regardless of better features, Trainer Plus is somehow costly compared to Nobull Trainer but it is the worth investment. So I prefer Nobull Trainer Plus as it is the latest version with innovative technologies and superb features. 

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