Salomon x Ultra 3 vS 4: Which is Better?

Are you a keen hiker and trail runner and looking for the right pair of hiking and trail running shoes? Well! Your search is stopped because two famous boots are Salomon x Ultra 3 and 4.

Both these shoes are equipped with quality materials and innovative features which allow hikers and trail runners to wear them on uneven surfaces and elevated mountains. 

Let’s go through an overview and some features of both these Salomon’s models along with their reviews given by customers. So you will be able to make the right decision about the perfect pair of shoes. 

Comparison Table Between Salomon x ultra 3 and 4

FeaturesSalomon x Ultra 3Salomon x Ultra 4
Launched in20172021
StabilityLess stableMore stable
FlexibilityFlexibleModerately flexible
Sizing7-11.5 for men and 5-11 for women7-14 for men and 5-11 for women
Weight15.8 oz13.5 oz
CushionMore cushionedMid cushioned
Out soleContagrip TD, lug patterns and solid rubberPropriety Contagrip MA, rubber and lug patterns
OutsoleAdvanced chassis, EVA and energy cell foamCompressed EVA and energycell foam
Upper soleSynthetic materials, SensiFit, Gore-tex lining, Quicklace system and substantial toe capSynthetic materials, textile, Gore-tex liner and Quicklace system
Midsole $149$140

Salomon x Ultra 3 vs 4: Good, Bad and the Worst:

As both these products are a super choice for all hikers and trail runners but one is better than the other. So let’s go through some features of these products:

1) Comfort

Salomon x Ultra 3 is comfortable due to its lightweight, flexible, and cushioned materials and innovative features. The thin underfoot of these shoes makes them the best hiking footwear compared to all other hiking shoes. So to get comfort in trail running and hiking, these boots are superb. 

Salomon x Ultra 4 comes after x Ultra 3 but offers the same level of comfort in high-mileage hikes and backpacking trips.

The comfortable and flexible construction with soft cushioning makes these shoes perfect for trail running and short hikes. The EVA shock-absorbing feature keeps your feet comfortable and supportive. 

2) Popularity

Salomon x Ultra 3 and 4 are famous among hikers and outdoor activists because of their comfort, lightweight, and minimalist design which make them perfect on all types of terrains.

Salomon X Ultra 3 Outsole

Salomon X Ultra 4 Outsole

The major reason for the popularity of these shoes is the Quicklace system and Contagrip technology that prevent your foot from instability. 

3) Running

Both ultra X3 and X4 shoes are specially designed for trail running but these are also good for short hikes due to more stability and impact which keep the foot comfortable during running and hiking.

Also both these shoes are breathable and flexible to enhance your running experience. 

4) Walking

Both hiking boots are the perfect choice for walking because these allow you to walk on uneven trails and outdoors because of comfort, shock absorption, and arch support these shoes provide for light hikes and leisurely walks. 

5) Flat Feet

Salomon X Ultra 3 and 4 hiking shoes are perfect for flat feet because of the enhanced arch support, ankle support, comfort and stability these shoes offer to flat feet. 

While shoes don’t offer much arch support which flat feet need so you must contact the podiatrist to know the right type of shoes according to your foot condition. 

6) Design

Salomon x Ultra 3: The gore-tex upper sole with sensifit technology and lightweight mesh offers a better trail running and short hiking experience with utmost comfort, breathability and protection. 

The midsole of x Ultra 3 shoes is equipped with an EVA midsole and advanced chassis to enhance foot movement and offer more efficiency and stability while running and hiking. 

The outsole is equipped with Contagrip and lug patterns which keep mud and debris away from your foot to enhance flexibility and smooth running.

Salomon x Ultra 4: The upper is also equipped with gore-tex technology and synthetic materials which offer more comfort and breathability to feet on uneven terrains and trails while hiking and running respectively. 

The EVA, energy cell and sensifit midsole keep your feet comfortable, secure, stable and customized fit while running and hiking on short mountains. 

The Contagrip MA outsole with rubber components keeps feet dry and offers durability on hard and slippery surfaces. 

What do Customers Think:

Salomon x Ultra 3: Customers think these shoes are lightweight, waterproof and comfortable for hiking and running activities. The support and durability these shoes offer won the hearts of many customers.

Many customers are happy with the durable outsole which keeps thorns away from entering the inside of the boot and keeps the foot protected and safe from injury. 

The breathability and water repellant feature of these boots make them perfect for many hikers in rainy conditions and keep the foot dry and safe. 

People are also happy with the wide toe box of these shoes that offer ample space to the foot for enough movement and feel supportive and comfortable. 

Many customers complain that these shoes stick mud and you need to put some effort into removing this mud from the outsole. 

Salomon x Ultra 4: People are happy with the comfort and warmth of these shoes which make them perfect for activities in cold weather. 

Many customers said that these shoes have a stiff sole that offers enough support and avoids sprains with a waterproof feature that keeps your feet dry even in rain. 

According to many reviews, these shoes are a perfect choice for winter walks and athletic hiking because they are non-slip. 

Some negative reviews showed that these boots don’t have a proper design when it comes to soft thinsulate heels that offer not enough support. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Now that you have a better understanding of both the Salomon x Ultra 3 and 4, it’s important to note that both of these are trail running and hiking boots. that offer sufficient stability, durability, and traction, making them perfect choices for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Almost everything is similar in both products from gore Tex technology to Quicklace system to lug patterns. So it becomes a major challenge which boot is for your needs. 

But still, I believe that you should opt for a newer model that is Ultra 4 since it is trendy and is a little cheaper than the previous one.

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