Salomon Speedcross 5 vS 6: Which is Better?

The Salomon speed cross line is the main of all trail running shoes because of the commitment of speedcross shoes to mud resistance and better grip.

The main reason for the fame of the Speedcross family is the utmost comfort and fit which is also present in Speedcross 5 and 6

Both these products are outstanding in terms of comfort, traction and style. But which is a better value for money? To know more about this and the winner, read on to find out. 

Comparison Table Between Salomon Speedcross 5 And 6

FeaturesSpeed cross 5Speed cross 6
Launched in20192022
StabilitySlightly unstable due to high heel for running downhillMore stable
FlexibilityLess flexibleMore flexible
Sizing7-14 for men and 5-12 for women7-14 for men and 5-11 for women
Weight11.2 oz10.5 oz
CushionMore cushioningModerate cushioning
OutsoleContagrip and lug patternMud Contagrip and lug pattern
Midsole Energy cell foamEnergy cell 
Upper soleSensifit, TPU and Quicklace systemMetatarsals, anti-debris mesh weave and ripstop fabric
Retail Price$159$145

Salomon Speedcross 5 vS 6: Good, Bad and the Worst:

Till now, you got an overview of both products. So let’s go through some differences and similarities in both models which will help you to know the actual winner.

1) Comfort

The Speedcross 5 comes with extreme comfort, cushioning and padding on both sides. The breathable mesh of these shoes allows water to drain out easily which offers a more comfortable and dry feel to your feet. 

The only issue is that the mesh fabric is covered with overlays that may cause difficulty in water draining which makes these shoes comfortable for cold weather. 

On the other hand, Speedcross 6 shoes are covered with padded and cushioning material along with a lace system that makes them super comfortable.

Also, the wide toe box, forefoot and midfoot allow your feet to move comfortably even on rough terrains.

The best thing that makes these shoes more comfortable than Speedcross 5 is the incorporation of more mesh which may keep your feet dry even in desert areas. 

2) Popularity

Due to durable construction and aggressive traction with the use of lug patterns and minimal design, speed crosses 5 and 6 trail running shoes are the perfect choices for outdoor activists and trail runners.

Also, many athletes endorse these shoes in different running activities which makes them more popular. 

3) Running

Salomon has introduced both Speedcross 5 and 6, especially for trail running compared to road running because of their durable and aggressive construction which may keep them stable on challenging terrains. 

So both these products are not the right option for road running where lightweight and comfortable shoes are the need. For road running, you must opt for road running shoes with extra cushioning. 

4) Walking

As Speedcross 5 and 6 shoes are not good for road running, similarly these are also not a perfect choice for walking on even surfaces such as indoor floors and pavements because of their construction for rough terrains.

Sppedcross 5 Outsole

Speedcross 6 Outsole

For walking, you must have shoes with the perfect amount of comfort, support and cushioning. 

5) Flat Feet

All speedcross shoes are made of durable and aggressive materials which make them stable on rough terrains. The only drawback of these shoes that makes them not a good choice for flat feet is that they don’t offer arch support.

For flat feet, arch support, stability and cushioning are all important factors. So make sure to find the shoe that best fits your flat feet.

If possible consult the podiatrist to know which shoe will be a perfect choice for your flat feet. 

6) Design

Speedcross 5 has a unique and bold design with different colors which make them a perfect combination of functionality and style.

The upper sole of these shoes is breathable and durable because of the combination of mesh and overlays which keep the foot ventilated all the time. 

The midsole of Speedcross 5 is equipped with extra-quality Energy cell foam which offers extra cushioning, comfort and energy in rough terrains and outdoor activities. 

The outsole of Speedcross 5 is aggressive because it is equipped with lug patterns that prevent dust and debris from entering the shoes and the Contagrip technology offers a better grip on challenging surfaces. 

Meanwhile, Speedcross 6 is the latest version that comes after Speedcross 5 so these are more stylish, durable and comfortable with a variety of vibrant designs and colors.

The upper sole of these shoes is ventilated due to the use of mesh overlays and stylish due to ripstop and metatarsals. 

The midsole of Speedcross 6 is equipped with an energy cell that offers more energy on rough trails while running and the utmost cushioning to keep the foot comfortable.

The outsole of Speedcross 6 is equipped with a mud Contagrip and lug pattern which keep debris and mud away from these shoes and offer better grip on uneven surfaces

What do Customers Think

Now you have a better idea about all the features of both products but what customers think of these two products, it is time to explore that. Here you will come to know which product is more preferred by customers and which product they don’t like at all. 

Speedcross 5: Some reviews indicated that these shoes are the right fit or you can say true to size which makes them perfect for walking downhill and through slippery surfaces. 

Other people think that these shoes are somehow wide so allow the foot to expand comfortably while running on miles of terrain so these are the best choice. People also like the colors and design of these shoes which make them stylish. 

Customers like the comfort, shape and sturdiness of these shoes because they hug tightly to feet on uneven terrains and rocks. Also, they consider these shoes perfect and comfortable on pavement. 

Speedcross 6: People consider these shoes more dust and mud-resistant than Speedcross 5 because of the use of mud Contagrip technology. 

Some customers complained about the comfort and durability of these shoes and said that they don’t remain comfortable after days of use. 

Many customers are happy because of the thin upper which was split in the previous models but those customers also complain about the heel cup padding in shoes which compromises support to feet. 

Most people consider these shoes comfortable and water resistant so are the better choice for swimming and hiking.  

Conclusion: Which Is Better For You?

Speedcross 5 or 6? Don’t panic about which shoes you should buy for the next trail running.

Both models are unique and stylish in their place but for more traction, and better upper and water and mud resistant properties, I recommend Speedcross 6 because it is the latest version in the Speedcross line and has more features compared to all old versions. 

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