Salomon Pulsar Trail VS Ultra Glide: Which is Better?

When it comes to choosing trail running shoes, many footwear comes to mind but no other shoes can beat the comfort and versatility of the Salomon Pulsar Trail and Ultra Glide. Both are Salomon shoes with the use of advanced technologies and quality materials. 

Pulsar trails are performing and responsive shoes that keep debris away and help you to run on aggressive terrains while Ultra-Glide are lightweight shoes with cushioning and responsive ride. 

So the question is which pair of shoes is for you. To know the answer to this question, go through this article because here I will discuss many things from comfort to running experience to design to customers thinking about both shoes. Let’s start

Comparison Table Between Salomon Pulsar Trail and Ultra Glide

FeaturesSalomon Pulsar TrailUltra Glide
Launched in20222017
StabilityMore stableLess stable
FlexibilityMore flexibleSemi-flexible
Sizing7-14 for men and 5-11 for women7-14 for men and 5-11 for women
Weight 9.8 oz9.8 oz
CushionMore cushionedLess cushioned
OutsoleContragrip outsole technology with lug patterns, EVA/Olefin copolymer block foam and rubber compoundsContragrip outsole with lug patterns
MidsoleMade of energy cells and compressed EVA foam and is Well-cushionedEnergy surge foam and rocker profile
UppersoleSenseFit and Quicklace systemMesh overlays and underlays with sensiFit wings
Retail Price$140$150

Salomon Pulsar Trail and Ultra Glide: Good, Bad and the Worst:

Now that we have seen a short overview of both brands let’s see how both of these perform in performance tasks.

1) Comfort

Salomon pulsar trail is a comfortable shoe with an upper mesh layer that makes them breathable and keeps feet cool and dry all day. The energy surge of these shoes with TPU platting offers the utmost comfort and cushioning on lengthy and difficult terrains

Salomon ultra glide are former shoes than Pulsar Trail but are more cushioned and comfortable with extreme durability for long-distance running spots. These shoes also have a mesh upper with complex over and underlays that keep your feet secure and comfortable. 

The gusset tongue present in these shoes allow a custom like feel and keeps shoes padded and supportive with cushioning effect. The use of energy cells, EVA foam, Contagrip MA and energy cells offer maximal cushioning.   

2) Popularity

Salomon pulsar trail is famous among trail runners due to the use of rocketed technology with plates that keep them stable on challenging terrains.

The Quicklace system with ample toe box makes them perfect for a secure and race-ready fit. The energy blade technology offers the utmost energy during running and both these shoes offer reliable traction. 

Ultra glide is suitable for those who want to dip their toes into trail running because of its snug fit, precision and extra volume.

These shoes are an impressive choice due to comfort and cushioning with a lightweight feel. So it is famous among long race runners and serious athletes. 

3) Running

As the name of both shoes represents that these are good for trail running and also perfect for road running. So these prevent the feet and ankles from serious injuries even on rough and wet terrains because of their waterproof feature. 

4) Walking

Many trail running shoes are also perfect for walking but most are not so users need to have a lightweight and cushioned shoe to walk around the road and other surfaces. 

Salomon pulsar trail OUTSOLE
Salomon Pulsar Trail OUTSOLE

Salomon Ultra Glide Outsole

That is why both these shoes are perfect for walking because of their lightweight materials and highly cushioning effect but before switching to any of these shoes, make sure to consult the podiatrists to know the biomechanics of your feet and the right running shoe for walking. 

5) Flat feet

Not all shoes are perfect for flat feet but some are good such as ultra glide and pulsar trail but before it, check whether the shoes have proper arch support and strength to support your flat feet. 

6) Design

Pulsar Trail: Pulsar trail is designed for trail running so it is equipped with mesh upper and small ventilated spots to enhance breathability. Whereas thin mesh balance the density of shoes and make them debris resistant. The front fit of these shoes is roomy and provides security along with softness. 

The midsole of these shoes has sensifit technology with under and upper overlays and stretchy tongue, making these shoes easy to run. To enhance the energy of the pulsar trail, these are designed with energy surge and TPU energy plates that offer firmer support and flexibility during long trail running. 

The outsole of the pulsar trail is equipped with Contagrip technology with lug patterns that offer extra flexibility than other pulsar shoes. 

Ultra Glide: The shoes have a vibrant blue mesh upper with a complex of overlays and underlays and sensifit technology that make them protective and comfortable. The breathable pores keep your feet dry and cool. Also, the flexible heel with a protective toe box offers extra cushioning and stability. 

The midsole of ultra glide is white in color with the use of energy surge that makes this sole firmer than the lower sole and made of soft material that offers response and a lightweight feel. 

The red outsole is made of Contagrip foam, which is the true material for a smooth and comfortable ride by feeling a little softer. 

What do customers think

 As both trail running shoes (Pulsar Trail and ultra glide) are a perfect fit for almost everyone but not necessarily for all. Some people reported positive reviews of these shoes while some said these are not the right choice for them so they switched to another pair of shoes. 

Pulsar Trail: Some people say that the pulsar trail is the right shoe with a secure heel hold but it is not the better option for some technical terrains due to heel. 

On the other hand, few people said that this issue is not the right choice to depart from the previous shoes because it is not comfortable for long runs. However, it has enough volume and ample space to move feet that make it perfect for wide feet but firmness and rigidity of the forefoot may cause soreness in feet. 

Some positive reviews about these shoes showed that they are perfect, stable and protective but not for technical terrains that really not a big issue. So they consider these shoes a better choice because of their versatility. However, these reviews also showed that Contagrip is not an attractive thing and these shoes are not slip-resistant. 

Ultra Glide: Some reviews indicated that these are moderately cushioned shoes and good for long runs and non-technical trails. The major drawback that many customers reported is that these are wide and not a perfect fit for many feet

Customers also reported that these stow pouch of laces is low so it becomes difficult to tuck them to avoid loosening while running and more width cause inability for challenging trails

According to reviews given by many people, these shoes have better outsole but it is somehow limited for many conditions. 

On the other hand, many people are pleased with the comfort and cushioning level of these shoes and the breathable pores to keep feet cool during the summer season in long runs and jogging. 

The positive reviews of many people indicated that these shoes are good for preventing foot issues such as bunions because of their wide nature and convenience.  

Conclusion: Which is Better For You?

We have come to know that the Salomon pulsar trail and ultra glide are the perfect choice for all trail running activities. However, there are some major negative reviews that may confuse you but it is always suggested to once try the shoes to know whether these are good for you or not.

Happy searching for the best pair of shoes for your next trail running experience. 

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