Nobull VS APL: Which Is Better?

Whether an athlete or fitness lover, you always want to keep your feet protected and supported during activities. Here comes two famous brands Nobull and Apl with a wide range of sneakers and shoes to maximize your comfort and performance. But the question is which brand is the perfect match? 

To know the answer I will first compare both brands along with their features then I will move to the overview of both brands and in the last, I will discuss the differences between these two famous brands to help you make the right decision. Let’s start.

Comparison Table Between Brand Nobull and ApI

Founded in 2015Founded in 2009
Made of microfiber, super fabric, synthetic leather, EVA foam and rubber podsMade of woven knit, calf hair, fabrics, mesh, leather and suede
Good for weightlifting, HIIT workouts, training activities and runningGood for running, training, physical activities, basketball and other sports
More breathableLess breathable
Less costlyMore costly
3 years warrantyNo warranty recommended

Overview of Nobull

Nobull is a famous US Company founded by two ex-Reebok coworkers, Michael and Marcus, in 2015 who aimed to provide durable and functional footwear to all athletes and fitness lovers to perform better in all activities.

Nobull Founders

This brand highlights the importance of determination, consistency and hard work, signified by the slogan “No Bull.”

Nobull product range goes beyond just minimalist, durable, stable, functional, versatile, highly-performing, and comfortable footwear.

This brand also offers a wide variety of apparel and accessories tailored for various outdoor activities such as training, running, fitness, weightlifting, CrossFit, HIIT workouts, and more.

The brand releases limited product editions to add variation to the product line and collaborates with different brands, athletes and artists to attract more customer base. 

Nobull has earned much fame in the fitness community because this brand has secured many testimonials from athletes and influencers to boost the brand’s appearance, visibility and reputation.

Also, the minimalist designs and high-quality materials with the latest technologies used in these sneakers and shoes are the perfect choice for fashion-conscious users

Though Nobull shoes are designed in the US but they are manufactured in China and shipped to the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong and many other countries

The company has introduced a range of boots and shoes, but the Cool Grey Knit Runners stand out as the best-selling product.

These shoes feature a minimalist, surfer-like design with a bottom edge, simple and tapered laces, and a breathable top. They offer exceptional comfort and ventilation, ensuring your feet stay cool and dry even during long hikes.

Due to the latest technology, this shoe offers more cushioning effect and is the right fit for all foot sizes with better grip so it is a perfect option for running and is available for $180. 

Overview of ApI

APL or Athletic Propulsion Labs is a renowned footwear company in Los Angeles founded by two Goldston brothers in 2009 who made innovative products signifying the connection of luxury, performance and comfort for all lifestyles, travel, training and much more. 

Goldston Brothers

Now APL is a famous brand among all men’s and women’s footwear and apparel brands globally.

With the latest technologies such as groundbreaking Load N and innovations, this brand has introduced the first Concept Basketball Shoe to increase vertical leaps and it has almost 300 retailers all over the world.

After that, this brand earned massive attention because it was banned by NBA due to its unique and high-performing advantage. 

APL launched its first flagship in Los Angeles in 2019. ISPO has named this brand as “One of the Five Best New Footwear Brands Globally.” 

All the APL shoes are manufactured according to Propelium technology which offers cushioning effect, comfort, absorbs shock and enhances energy generation and performance during different activities such as basketball, training, running and more. 

All APL shoes are famous because of their stylish and modern design with many fashionable elements, use of high-quality materials, durability and breathability that make these shoes famous among all athletes and other people who want comfort and style at once. All shoes are designed in Los Angeles while manufactured in China. 

The company has introduced many boots and shoes but the best seller product is Men’s Concept Boomer, as it is the only APL basketball shoe with a high top shape and moulded heels to offer support, fit and cooling effects that allow you to play all day.

APL Concept Boomer

Due to the TPU cage, these shoes keep your feet safe and supportive even when activity demands instant acceleration. So if anyone wants performance in a simple but comfortable shoe then Boomer is the right fit and available for $200.

Major Differences Between The Brands;

Now in this section, we will compare both brands in different important aspects to see which brand performs better.

1) Comfort

Nobull shoes offer utmost comfort because of the use of a wide toe box which keeps your feet comfortable and supportive all time during training and activities.

Also, these shoes are the right fit for people with wide feet who face issues in finding the perfect shoe size but these are moderately stable because of no cushioned midsole

On the other hand, APL shoes have narrow toe box which causes discomfort to wide feet but the latest TechLoom Pro technology keep wide feet comfortable all day.

Also, APL shoes are more stable and supportive due to cushioned midsole. 

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2) Popularity

Nobull shoes are the most popular among all athletes because of their partnership with CrossFit Games and many designers and brands.

Many famous celebrities were also spotted wearing Nobull shoes such as Brooke Ence, Jared Stevens and Brooke Wells

On the other hand, APL shoes also got fame among all athletes, fitness lovers and people who want performance, comfort and style at once due to the use of the latest technologies such as the Propelium cushioning effect, fashionable style and celebrity commendations.

Also, this brand has distributed products to almost 300 retailers which has growing fame all over the world. 

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3) Target Market

Nobull brand target all athletes, fitness lovers, weightlifters, powerlifters, HIIT workers, runners and individuals who love CrossFit because of its durable, stable, versatile, supportive, fit and lightweight shoes that offer extra support, comfort, cushioning and breathable effect throughout the intense workouts, circuit training, functional training and gym training

On the other hand, APL shoes also target athletes, fitness lovers and people who want to wear comfortable, performing yet stylish shoes to perform all outdoor activities.

Using the latest technologies in these athletic shoes makes them perfect for running, sports, basketball and training.

This brand targets not only outdoor activists but also fashion-conscious and those who want shoes for active lifestyles and prefer fashion, functionality, comfort and style. 

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4) Price

Nobull shoes don’t cost much and can be bought between $130 to $160.

Commonly APL shoes are more expensive than Nobull with a price range of $100 to $250. 

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5) Design

Nobull shoes are sleek, simple, lightweight and low profile without embellishment but with a durable outsole, toe caps, carbon rubber and super fabric upper to use in all CrossFit, HIIT and other activities. 

On the other hand, APL shoes look like traditional but simple footwear because of the use of Techloom Pro, high profile, cushioned midsole and mesh upper to offer comfort and durability in all physical activities, training, basketball and other sports. 

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Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Whether you want performance, support, comfort, functionality and the right fit, both brands are always there for you to avail all benefits.

All the shoes and sneakers of these brands are equipped with the latest and specific technologies. So it is now your choice to find the brand best comes under your requirements and most importantly your budget.

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