Nobull VS Hoka: Which Is Better?

Among many options available in footwear brands, two are the most famous, Nobull and Hoka.

Both brands offer exceptional sneakers and deciding between them can be challenging.

So, to help you differentiate I will go through the comparison of both brands then we will move to the differences that will help you to know which brand is the right choice for you. Let’s start.

Comparison Table Between Brand Nobull and Hoka

Founded in 2015Founded in 2009
Made of microfiber, super fabric, synthetic leather, EVA foam and rubber podsMade of lightweight rubber, Vibram, leather, Gore-Tex membrane and mesh
Boots, shoes, runners and sneakersBoots, shoes, sneakers and sandals
Good for weightlifting, HIIT workouts, and runningGood for running, climbing, backpacking, hiking and racing
LightweightMid weight
More breathableLess breathable
Less costlyMore costly
3 years warranty1-year warranty

Overview of Nobull

Nobull is a famous US Company founded by two ex-Reebok coworkers, Michael and Marcus, in 2015 who aimed to provide durable and functional footwear to all athletes and fitness lovers to perform better in all activities.

Nobull Founders

This brand highlights the importance of determination, consistency and hard work, signified by the slogan “No Bull.”

Nobull product range goes beyond just minimalist, durable, stable, functional, versatile, highly-performing, and comfortable footwear.

This brand also offers a wide variety of apparel and accessories tailored for various outdoor activities such as training, running, fitness, weightlifting, CrossFit, HIIT workouts, and more.

The brand releases limited product editions to add variation to the product line and collaborates with different brands, athletes and artists to attract more customer base. 

Nobull has earned much fame in the fitness community because this brand has secured many testimonials from athletes and influencers to boost the brand’s appearance, visibility and reputation.

Also, the minimalist designs and high-quality materials with the latest technologies used in these sneakers and shoes are the perfect choice for fashion-conscious users

Though Nobull shoes are designed in the US but they are manufactured in China and shipped to the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong and many other countries

The company has introduced a range of boots and shoes, but the Cool Grey Knit Runners stand out as the best-selling product.

These shoes feature a minimalist, surfer-like design with a bottom edge, simple and tapered laces, and a breathable top. They offer exceptional comfort and ventilation, ensuring your feet stay cool and dry even during long hikes.

Due to the latest technology, this shoe offers more cushioning effect and is the right fit for all foot sizes with better grip so it is a perfect option for running and is available for $180. 

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Overview of Hoka

Hoka also called Hoka One One is a famous footwear brand established in 2009 by two French tycoons, Nicolas Mermoud and Luc Diard.

Luc Diard
Nicolas Mermoud

At first, Hoka got famous in the footwear and running industry because of its innovative and unique boots, shoes and runners.

Later on, this company introduced many other products and accessories for all outdoor activists such as trail running, hiking and walking. The origin of Hoka One One is Maori language which means “fly over the earth.” 

Hoka boots are well known because of their use of cushioning technologies, premium quality material, better designs, stability, support, oversize midsoles, improved shock absorption technology, and minimized impact on joints and smoother ride for long distances.

The most famous technology used in Hoka boots is Meta Rocker with a slight curve midsole in the shape of a rocking chair which is more famous among all athletes, outdoor activists and casual runners.

Also, Hoka gained fame because of many sustainable and eco-friendly products using recycled materials for environment-conscious consumers.

Hoka also collaborated many times with athletes, designers and other famous brands to manufacture high-quality shoes and other special collections to enhance the appealing look of sneakers and footwear. 

The following are some countries where Hoka boots are manufactured:

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Cambodia
  • Dominican Republic

As Hoka has introduced many boots and shoes but the best seller product is the Hoka Speedgoat 5 GTX Hiking Shoe which is the perfect option for running, hiking and climbing and muddy, rocky, sandy and wet trails because of its cushioning, supportive and utmost comfortable effect.

Also these shoes are the right fit for wide feet and don’t cause blisters even if you go for hiking without wearing socks. Extra cushioning and thick soles make them the perfect choice for all long-distance trails. 

Major Differences Between The Brands

By now we have gone through a detailed overview of Hoka and Nobull so Now is the time to explore the differences between these two brands to know the right match. 

1) Comfort

Nobull always prefers the comfort of users so all shoes are manufactured with high quality, breathable and cushioning material with padding to offer support and secure fit.

Also, these shoes are impact absorbers to give a comfortable feel throughout the workouts.

The snug upper, lace, anatomical feature with customizable and supportive fit and breathable material enhances airflow, keeps your foot cool and lets you feel comfortable without extra sweating and odour.

Besides comfort, these shoes are stylish and allow athletes to express their personal style and walk confidently.

On the other hand, Hoka shoes are mid-weight with shock absorption features that offer more cushioning and comfort to your feet while workout, running, walking, and hiking.

These shoes are designed according to Meta-Rocker technology that offers an efficient and smooth ride and reduce fatigue while enhancing comfort. 

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2) Popularity

Nobull shoes are the most popular among all athletes because of their partnership with CrossFit Games and many designers and brands.

Many famous celebrities were also spotted wearing Nobull shoes such as Brooke Ence, Jared Stevens and Brooke Wells

On the other hand, Hoka is popular among younger individuals because of its partnership with many athletes, famous retailers such as Engineered Garments and Outdoor Voices and podiatric associations to provide orthopaedic shoes to people with foot-related issues.

The famous rapper and singer Kanye West was also spotted wearing Hoka shoes which became the reason for much popularity of these shoes. 

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3) Target Market

Nobull brand target all athletes, fitness lovers, weightlifters, powerlifters, HIIT workers, runners and individuals who love CrossFit because of its durable, stable, versatile, supportive, fit and lightweight shoes that offer extra support, comfort, cushioning and breathable effect throughout the intense workouts, circuit training, functional training and gym training

On the other hand, Hoka targets all climbers, racers, hikers, backpackers and all ages and genders with different lifestyles because of its durable, supportive and vegan-friendly shoes which offer a comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

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4) Price

Nobull shoes fall within a reasonable price range, typically priced between $130 and $160.

On the other hand, Hoka shoes are more expensive, with a common range of $130 to $200, and some special models can cost up to $300.

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5) Design

Nobull shoes are sleek and clean with minimalist design and no embellishment to increase their performance and functionality rather than style. Also these shoes are available in many colors to help you choose the one to enhance your personal style. 

Hoka is a well-designed, sleek, comfortable and stylish boot with Vibram outsole, Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, Energy cell midsole, leather, rubber and mesh to give a comfortable, supportive yet stylish feel. 

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Conclusion: Which Is Better?

After considering every aspect of both Hoka and Nobull we can easily say that they are exceptional footwear brands that cater to slightly different audiences.

Both brands are similar in terms of cushioning, comfort, support, stability and durability but there are some differences that make one brand superior to another. 

Nobull shoes are the perfect fit for people who want extra toe room or firm cushioning, while Hoka shoes are the best option for those who want extra grip on different surfaces.

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