Nobull VS Lululemon: Which Is Better?

Nobull and Lululemon are two well-known athletic brands because of their innovative technologies in all high-quality and comfortable products and footwear.

Lululemon is mainly an athletic apparel brand but it also has a range of footwear. So to help you decide on the better footwear brand, I have compiled some differences and comparison tables of both brands. Let’s start.

Comparison Table Between Nobull and Lululemon:

Founded in 2015Founded in 1998
Boots, shoes, sneakers and runnersShoes and sneakers
Good for weightlifting, running, HIIT workouts and CrossFitGood for running, lifting, lunging and cross training
LightweightMore weight
More breathableLess breathable 
More costlyLess costly
3 years warranty2-5 years warranty

Overview of Nobull

Nobull is a famous US Company founded by two ex-Reebok coworkers, Michael and Marcus, in 2015 who aimed to provide durable and functional footwear to all athletes and fitness lovers to perform better in all activities.

Nobull Founders

This brand highlights the importance of determination, consistency and hard work, signified by the slogan “No Bull.”

Nobull product range goes beyond just minimalist, durable, stable, functional, versatile, highly-performing, and comfortable footwear.

This brand also offers a wide variety of apparel and accessories tailored for various outdoor activities such as training, running, fitness, weightlifting, CrossFit, HIIT workouts, and more.

The brand releases limited product editions to add variation to the product line and collaborates with different brands, athletes and artists to attract more customer base. 

Nobull has earned much fame in the fitness community because this brand has secured many testimonials from athletes and influencers to boost the brand’s appearance, visibility and reputation.

Also, the minimalist designs and high-quality materials with the latest technologies used in these sneakers and shoes are the perfect choice for fashion-conscious users

Though Nobull shoes are designed in the US but they are manufactured in China and shipped to the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong and many other countries

The company has introduced a range of boots and shoes, but the Cool Grey Knit Runners stand out as the best-selling product.

These shoes feature a minimalist, surfer-like design with a bottom edge, simple and tapered laces, and a breathable top. They offer exceptional comfort and ventilation, ensuring your feet stay cool and dry even during long hikes.

Due to the latest technology, this shoe offers more cushioning effect and is the right fit for all foot sizes with better grip so it is a perfect option for running and is available for $180. 

Overview of Lululemon

Lululemon Athletica also called Lululemon is a famous Canadian Athletic apparel company founded by Chips Wilson in 1998 that mainly focuses on yoga and Activewear.

Chips Wilson

The headquarter is in British Columbia and the company has manufactured many yoga pants, yoga wear, athletic wear, leggings, tops, jackets, shorts, lifestyle apparel, personal products, footwear and other accessories.

All the Lululemon products are of high quality, stylish, flexible, functional and comfortable with innovative technologies and water-absorbing features that overcome all needs of men and women during physical and athletic activities. 

The brand aims to manufacture products for active and healthy lifestyles so it has earned a huge customer base because of loyal and reliable relationships. 

Lululemon has earned fame through athleisure trends that not only focus on Activewear for workouts but also for casual and everyday attire. Also, the company has strong collaborations and partnerships with athletes, fitness studios, and influencers. 

The following are some countries where Lululemon shoes are manufactured:

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
  • Bangladesh
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand

As Lululemon is famous because of athletic apparel but it also has a range of footwear and the best seller product is Lululemon Blissfeel 2 shoes with mapped outsole for female foot and running style for female runners. 

The midsole of Blissfeel shoes is comfortable, lightweight, versatile and stable which is better for everyday running, speed work and walking users who don’t want extra support. Plus the toe box is roomy that allows feet to move freely without any risk of blistering. 

Major Differences Between The Brands:

Here we will compare both brands at different important aspects to see who wins.

1) Comfort

Nobull shoes are comfortable and durable with extra cushioning and support for high-performing activities such as weightlifting, cross fit, and HIIT workouts. Also, Nobull shoes have a minimalist design which is why these are more functional than style. 

On the other hand, Lululemon shoes are also comfortable for athletes because of advanced cushioning and supportive technologies that enhance the comfort level.

The yoga-inspired designs of these shoes make them more flexible and comfortable for everyday activities and light workouts. 

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2) Popularity

Nobull shoes are popular in the fitness community, athletes, CrossFit activists and fitness practitioners because of their minimalist design, durability and performance. 

On the other hand, Lululemon shoes are popular in the athletic wear industry because of their stylish, comfortable and highly performing Activewear that are made of innovative designs and high-quality materials. 

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3) Target market

Nobull targets fitness lovers, CrossFit enthusiasts and weightlifters because of versatile, durable, simple, functional and highly performing shoes. 

On the other hand, Lululemon targets athletes, health-conscious consumers and active individuals who are involved in many activities such as fitness and yoga because of its stylish, high quality and highly performing shoes. 

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4) Price 

Nobull shoes are expensive ranging from $130 to more than $160. 

On the other hand, Lululemon shoes are less costly than Nobull ranging from $100-$150. 

5) Design

Nobull shoes are minimalist and clean with a sleek design and without embellishment to improve their performance and functionality rather than just style. Also, these shoes are available in various vibrant colors to help you choose the one to enhance your personal style. 

On the other hand, Lululemon shoes have an aesthetic design with the latest trends, innovative technologies, vibrant colors and patterns but still, this brand prefers functionality and performance. On all Lululemon shoes, the letter “A” with a dot is featured. 

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Conclusion: Which Is Better?

It is concluded that both Nobull and Lululemon are famous brands but Lululemon mainly focuses on athletic apparel while Nobull mainly focuses on athletic and high-performing shoes. 

Nobull shoes are functional and perform with minimalist design and extra cushioning that make them perfect for high-intensity workouts. 

While Lululemon shoes are trendy but also focus on performance and functionality which make them perfect for everyday users and fitness and yoga enthusiasts.

Now it is your choice whether you want to buy Nobull shoes or Lululemon shoes but make sure to keep your preferences and budget in mind. 

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