Veja Esplar Vs V10: Which Is Better For You?

Veja is among the trendiest footwear brands currently in the market because of its continuous manufacturing of quality and exceptional products with no stopping. Even celebrities are seen wearing Veja sneakers, which makes this brand a super choice among all footwear brands. 

As Veja has introduced many products with different categories, two are the most popular, Veja V10 and Veja Esplar. This article is designed to help you explore the comparison and differences between these two products. 

Comparison Table Between Veja Esplar and V10:

FeaturesVeja EsplarVeja V10
Launched In20112015
StabilityLess stableMore stable
FlexibilityFlexible More flexible
Sizing6-12 for men and 8-13 for women8-12 for men and 4-13 for women
Weight 11 oz for men and 10 oz for women11.5 oz for men and 10 oz for women
CushionLess cushionedMore cushioned
OutsoleAmazonian rubber, rice waste and recycled rubber Amazonian rubber, rice waste and recycled rubber
InsoleAmazonian rubber, sugar cane, recycled EVA and organic cottonEVA, sugar cane and wild rubber
Upper soleChrome-free leather and canvas B-mesh (100% recycled plastic bottles)
Retail Price$110$195

Veja Esplar Vs. V10: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Veja Esplar and V10 are among the top sneakers with quality and sustainable materials and durable construction, but overall, both products are somehow different in terms of:

1) Comfort

Veja Esplar is a less cushioned and comfortable shoe with a low profile, which make it perfect for people who prefer lightweight and responsive sneakers, but these are not good for people who prefer more comfortable and supportive shoe because wearing these shoes for a long time can cause blisters to feet

Veja V10 is a more cushioned and comfortable shoe with a wide toe box that makes it a perfect choice for people who prefer shoes with maximal cushioning and support, but these are not good for people who prefer responsive shoes. 

2) Popularity

In terms of popularity, Veja Esplar is famous because of its lightweight, affordability, and flexibility among many people who prefer responsive shoes. 

While V10 is more popular than Esplar because of its stylish and modern design with a range of color options and maximal comfort and wide toe box. 

3) Running

For running purposes, Veja V10 is considered the better choice because of the cushioned and supportive midsole to minimize the risk of fatigue and discomfort during long runs. Also, the wide toe box of V10 makes them perfect for improving natural foot movement, which can decrease pain and blisters. 



It does not mean Veja Esplar is not a good choice for running. It is because of the durable and responsive outsole, but it can’t overcome the need for V10 for running purposes. 

4) Walking

Similar to the running experience, the V10 is perfect for providing a better walking experience because of its maximal cushioning and support and roomy toe box for better foot movement on all types of surfaces during walking.

However, Esplar has a low profile, so it is not perfect for walking if you need extra support. So in such a case, V10 is the winner. 

5) Flat feet

When you have to choose sneakers for flat feet, make sure to consider two main features: comfort and arch support. 

Veja Esplar has decent arch support and less cushioning, which makes it not a good choice for people with flat feet.

While V10 has proper arch support and maximal cushioning, which make it a perfect option for people with flat feet. 

6) Design

Veja Esplar is a minimalist sneaker with chrome-free leather and canvas upper, which make it more ventilated and breathable to keep feet dry and cool. 

The insole of Esplar is made from many sustainable materials such as organic cotton, EVA and Amazonian rubber which ensure cushioning and durability of sneakers.

The outsole is equipped with recycled rubber and rice waste which ensures sustainability of shoes while providing better traction to feet on all types of surfaces. 

Veja V10 is a stylish and modern sneaker with many color options and a B-mesh upper that ensures maximal cushioning and breathability for feet. 

The insole is made from sugar cane, rubber, and EVA, which are all sustainable materials and ensure better traction and cushioning during running and walking.

The outsole construction is similar to Esplar, so it provides better grip and support on even and uneven surfaces. 

What do customers think?

Till now, you got an overview of the comparison and differences between Veja Esplar and V10. Now it’s time to know what customers think about these sneakers:

Esplar: Many people say that these shoes are comfortable and stylish while at the same time, a few say that these look like comic shoes. 

The lightweight and flexibility are the loving features of many customers, who also claim that these shoes don’t dig into the skin but keep feet comfortable without any need for orthotics or inserts.

A customer said that these shoes were perfect and I felt no issue in walking and standing the whole night in the concert. However, the size is a little bit big but not so much. Overall, these sneakers are a better choice to go with. 

Some people claim that these sneakers are of great quality with an aesthetic look that can go with any outfit for any occasion. 

The affordable price range is also the best feature that makes Esplar a loving pair of sneakers for casual wear. 

V10: Some people don’t like the long side of these sneakers, but they love the style and color options. 

Many people say that these sneakers are super comfortable and supportive for all types of activities, either running or walking.

Some customers don’t consider these shoes a perfect choice because of the long tongue, which may cause blisters, and the high price range that often doesn’t come under budget. 

Some customers say that these shoes are not made from leather, so it becomes difficult to stretch and move. 

A few people claimed that these sneakers are less breathable, which may cause sweaty feet and, most of the time, blisters. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

In conclusion, I recommend you to go with Veja V10 because it is a stylish sneaker with maximal cushioning and support that make it perfect for every occasion and other activities such as running and walking and most importantly for flat feet.

Veja Esplar is also the perfect shoe because these are comfortable, lightweight, flexible, affordable, and responsive but not as good as V10

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