Veja Campo Vs Esplar: Which Is Better For You?

Many Veja sneakers are available in the market with unique and sustainable materials and innovative designs and technologies. Two of these sneakers are Veja Campo and Esplar with almost similar designs and functionalities so it becomes challenging to choose the one. 

However, there are also some differences between these two products which may help you decide which is better for you. So read this article till the end and explore a lot of information regarding Campo and Esplar. 

Comparison Table Between Veja Campo and Esplar:

FeaturesVeja CampoVeja Esplar
Launched In20062011
StabilityMore stableLess stable
FlexibilityLess flexibleMore flexible
Sizing6-12 for men and 6-10 for women6-12 for men and 8-13 for women
Weight 12 oz for men and 10 oz for women11 oz for men and 10 oz for women
CushionMore cushionedLess cushioned
OutsoleAmazonian and recycled rubberAmazonian rubber, rice waste and recycled  rubber
Insole EVA, sugar cane and rice huskAmazonian rubber, recycled EVA, organic cotton and sugar cane
Upper soleOrganic cotton and suedeChrome free leather and canvas
Retail Price$135$110

Veja Campo Vs. Esplar: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Whether you want to unlock features of Campo or Esplar, there are so many that make it easier for you to choose the one. 

1) Comfort

Veja Campo is a more comfortable sneaker because of its wide base and thicker and cushioned midsole that provides support and a heel counter that enhances stability. 

On the other hand, Esplar is also comfortable but less than Campo because of its narrow base and thin midsole and without a heel counter that makes it less stable compared to Campo. 

However, some users also consider Esplar as the comfortable sneakers because of their lightweight and flexible features. 

2) Popularity

When it comes to popularity, Campo is considered as more famous than Esplar because of its versatile and classic design, a wide range of color option and most importantly it provide more cushioning to feet while wearing. 

Veja Esplar is also a famous sneaker with low profile, lightweight, flexibility and most importantly it is affordable and comes under each budget. 

3) Running

Veja Campo is the best sneaker for running purposes because it has a thick and cushioned midsole, which can minimize the risk of fatigue and impacts on joints, heel counter and a wide base which enhances stability and keeps the ankle protected from rolling.



Veja Esplar is a flexible and lightweight sneaker which is why it can work better for walking but for running purpose, it don’t provide much support

4) Walking

For walking purpose, the winner is Veja Esplar because it has a thin midsole and is lightweight and flexible which make it perfect for people with narrow feet and who prefer minimalist shoes for walking on long distances. 

On the other hand, Veja Campo is also good for walking because it is much comfortable and stylish sneaker but it can’t beat Esplar for long distance walks.

5) Flat feet

For flat feet, Veja Campo is an ideal choice because it provides much cushioning and arch support that is necessary to reduce stress and fatigue on arches and heels, while a wide base along with a heel counter offers more stability to ankles and feet. 

Veja Esplar is not as good for flat feet because it doesn’t provide proper arch support and cushioning along with stability, which is required by people with flat feet. 

6) Design

Veja Campo has a simple, minimalist and versatile design with sustainable materials such as suede and cotton upper that keep feet cool and dry all the time.

The insole is made from EVA that provides cushioning and support to feet and rice husk and sugar cane to reduce environmental impact and provide moisture-absorbing features to keep feet comfortable. 

The outsole of Campo is made with recycled and Amazonian rubber that makes shoes more supportive, durable and highly performing on all types of surfaces

Veja Esplar is also a minimalist sneaker, and its upper is made with chrome-free leather and canvas that make sneakers lightweight, durable, and breathable to improve airflow. 

The insole of Esplar is also made with sustainable materials that enhance cushioning and support during low-impact activities.

The outsole has the same construction as the outsole of Campo, but it has an additional material, rice waste, which altogether improves traction on different surfaces. 

What do customers think?

Overall, Veja Campo and Esplar are highly rated sneakers but there are some positive reviews along with negative ones because one sneaker may work better for some customers but not a good fit for others. So, what do other people think about these sneakers? Let’s discuss it:

Veja Campo: Many customers think these sneakers are super comfortable and perform along with the stylish design that makes them perfect for everyday wear.

According to some customers, these sneakers are not true to size while they are a bit long and may cause discomfort while used for long distances.

People also don’t like Campo and consider these sneakers too narrow and less supportive for feet. 

Some people claim these don’t produce a smell, while some consider these sneakers to produce a weird smell. 

A customer did not like these sneakers at all and said that he was expecting some durable, comfortable, and quality shoes, but these were only stylish and modern plus uncomfortable

As these shoes are perfect for walking but few customers don’t consider Campo a perfect option for walking. 

Veja Esplar: A lot of customers say that these sneakers are lightweight and flexible, which makes them a perfect option for everyday wear.

The simple and minimalist design, along with the comfort of Esplar sneakers, is the loving feature of many people, and they also claim that these don’t hurt their feet.

The aesthetic look and super quality materials used in the construction of these sneakers make them perfect to go with any outfit.

Many people also said that these sneakers are affordable, which is better for budget-conscious people. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Now is the time to decide which shoe is better for you. Well! Both sneakers are perfect in their construction and performance. 

If you prefer supportive and comfortable shoes for long runs and flat feet, then Veja Campo is the better option. 

While if you prefer lightweight, flexible and affordable sneakers then Veja Esplar must be your choice.

However, in my opinion, Veja Campo is a better option because it is more cushioned and stable and is good for running and other high-impact activities. In terms of popularity, Campo is also the winner of the battle. The only drawback is that Campo is a costly option, but it is a worthy investment if sneakers fit best to your feet. 

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