Veja V10 Vs V12: Which Is Better For You?

Veja is known for its use of sustainable and organic materials in all its sneakers and shoes. This brand became famous after launching its product V10 after which it introduced another pair of sneakers, V12.

Veja V10 is a stylish shoe with a leather upper, rubber outsole, less proportion of recycled materials, and a V logo While V12 is also a stylish sneaker with more sustainable materials, a high proportion of recycled materials, and the same V logo. 

However, to know more about both these sneakers from Veja, I have compiled this article. So unlock some features and differences of both V10 and V12. 

Comparison Table Between Veja V10 and V12:

FeaturesVeja V10Veja V12
Launched In20152017
StabilityMore stableLess stable
FlexibilityMore flexibleLess flexible
Sizing8-12 for men and 4-13 for women7-13.5 for men and 4-10.5 for women
Weight 11.5 oz for men and 10 oz for women12.5 oz for men and 11 oz for women
CushionCushionedMore cushioned
OutsoleAmazonian rubber, rice waste and recycled rubberAmazonian rubber and recycled rubber
InsoleEVA and wild rubberSugar cane, recycled EVA and cotton
Upper soleB-mesh (100% recycled plastic bottles)B-mesh (100% recycled plastic bottles)
Retail Price$195$175

Veja V10 Vs. V12: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Now I am going to uncover some good, bad and worst sides of both Veja V10 and V12 to help you understand the right pair of sneakers:

1) Comfort

Veja V10 is considered a comfortable sneaker because of its thick cushioned midsole for shock absorption during walking and other activities, fit size to ensure proper fit without being too loose and tight, mesh upper panel for extra breathability and lightweight insole to reduce the risk of fatigue. 

V12 are also comfortable and cushioned sneakers but more than V10 because of the wide toe box, breathable mesh upper and more sustainable materials in construction. 

2) Popularity

In terms of popularity, the Veja V10 is more famous compared to the V12 because of its stylish and versatile design, cushioning, and availability in many colors and styles from many retailers, departmental stores, and the official site of Veja. However, the V12 is also famous because of its padded tongue and collar and its inexpensive price range. 

3) Running

When it comes to running sneakers, V12 is superior to V10 because of extra cushioning and support to reduce the risk of fatigue and discomfort on long runs and wider toe box to ensure natural foot spread which can minimize pain in feet. 



However, V10 is also perfect for running, but not as much as V12 because of its durable outsole but less cushioned midsole. 

4) Walking

For walking purposes, V10 and V12 are perfect sneakers with supportive, comfortable, and durable construction, but V12 is better than V10

V10 has a firm midsole to ensure more response and durability on all types of surfaces. However, V12 has a more cushioned midsole which provides comfort and support, and a wide toe box to enhance foot movement during long-distance walking, even on rough surfaces. 

5) Flat feet

For flat feet, both shoes are an ideal choice, but V12 is a perfect fit because it provides extra cushioning, proper arch support, durability, and stability while walking and running on all types of surfaces.

However, before choosing any pair of sneakers for flat feet, consult the podiatrist and know your feet condition because each flat foot has a different requirement for shoes. 

6) Design

The Veja V10 is a stylish and modern shoe with a B-mesh upper which is made up of recycled polyester and organic cotton that provides more ventilated room for feet to remain dry and cool during all day wear. 

The insole of V10 is bumpy and better and is made from EVA foam and wild rubber, which provide cushioning, comfort, shock absorption, and better grip on different surfaces. 

The outsole is made from Amazonian rubber, recycled rubber, and rice waste with a tread pattern that ensures the durability and sustainability of these sneakers and makes them perfect for better traction. 

Veja V12 also has a similar design with the same upper construction equipped with B-mesh and organic cotton to improve airflow and keep feet comfortable and cool during hotter days. 

The insole of V12 is made from sugar cane, recycled EVA, and cotton, which improves the cushioning and supportive effect of these sneakers making them perfect for everyday wear and running. 

The outsole construction is also similar to V10 with Amazonian and recycled rubber that provides durability and better traction

What do customers think?

V10: According to some people, these are not leather shoes so they are unable to move and stretch and don’t provide much comfort.

Some customers don’t consider these shoes as breathable as Veja claims. So these are good for running errands but not for high activities that may cause sweaty feet. 

A customer said that he had bought these sneakers after seeing Meghan wearing them, but these did not give a good experience at all. However these are cool and perfect for summer, but the tongue is too long, which may cause blisters, so he has to use x-acto to make the tongue shorter. Also, the sole is stiffer, which makes them imperfect for long walks. 

V12: People love the style and cuteness of these sneakers, but at the same time, they don’t like the comfort and poor quality of shoes.

Most customers consider these shoes as super sustainable with great look and reliable stability and durability which make V12 perfect for long walks. 

A customer said that these shoes are super comfortable, cute, durable, lightweight and flexible and made with premium quality materials. The wide toe box is also the perfect feature that provides enough room for toes to move naturally. 

According to many people, the shoes are true to size with slightly wiggle room and comfort zone.

A variety of color options and styles of Veja V12 is the loving feature of many customers that allows them to buy these shoes again and again.

Some people say that the lack of comfort of these shoes makes the feet feel pain and causes blisters. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Though V10 and V12 have many ups and downs both are the same in terms of construction and quality materials. 

V10 are sustainable sneakers with less proportion of eco-friendly materials and fewer color options and styles. 

While V12 is more sustainable because of the use of a high proportion of eco-friendly materials but V12 lacks the premium texture that you may get from V10. The color options and styles of V12 are more compared to V10, which makes them a super choice for many people who prefer design. 

In my opinion, V12 is a better choice for long runs and walks and everyday use because of the variety of styles, maximal cushioning, support and less expensive price range. 

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