Veja Campo Vs V10: Which Is Better For You?

Veja, a well-known footwear brand, has introduced many types of shoes plus casual sneakers in its long journey in the footwear industry. The brand mainly focuses on sustainability, so it manufactures casual plus sustainable sneakers. 

Two of the sustainable sneakers are Veja Campo and Veja V10, with unique features and technologies but almost the same type of construction and materials. 

The question arises in mind which sneaker is better, either Campo or V10, or what makes them unique. So, I have designed this article to uncover the features of both sneakers. Let’s start with:

Comparison Table Between Veja Campo and V10:

FeaturesVeja CampoVeja V10
Launched In20062015
StabilityMore stableLess stable
FlexibilityMore flexibleLess flexible
Sizing6-12 for men and 6-10 for women8-12 for men and 4-13 for women
Weight 15 oz11.5 oz for men and 10 oz for women
CushionLess cushionedMore cushioned
OutsoleAmazonian and recycled rubberAmazonian rubber, rice waste and recycled rubber
InsoleEVA and rice huskEVA and Wild rubber 
Upper soleOrganic cotton and suede B-mesh (100% recycled plastic bottles)
Retail Price$135$195

Veja Campo Vs. V10: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Now I am going to unlock the major differences between two sustainable and casual sneakers to know their pros and cons:

1) Comfort

Veja Campo is a comfortable sneaker for casual wear because of its relaxed fit for enhanced foot movement, cushioned midsole, and padded tongue to reduce the risk of discomfort and friction. 

However, campo sneakers are not the perfect fit and are uncomfortable for people with narrow feet. Plus, the higher heel of campo makes them uncomfortable for people with high arches. 

On the other hand, Veja V10 is also a comfortable sneaker for walking and running because of its snug fit, more arch support, maximal cushioning and lower heel which make them perfect and comfortable for people with high arches. 

However, people with wide feet don’t consider these shoes comfortable because of their tight fit and stiffer tongue. 

2) Popularity

Veja Campo and V10 are popular sneakers but the popularity of V10 is more compared to Campo. According to Google Trends in 2023, Veja V10 has a score of 100, while Campo has a score of 50 in popularity. 

The main reason for the popularity of V10 is its modern and stylish designs that attract many people towards it. While Campo has a classic and timeless design that attracts a niche audience. 

Another reason for the fame of V10 is the availability of many retailers, departmental stores, and Veja’s official site. While campo is available from a few retailers and Veja’s site. 

But we can’t determine the quality of shoes from their popularity. To know the quality and durability of shoes, make sure to consider other factors as well. 

4) Running

Veja Campo is the best casual wear sneaker but not so good for running activities because of the less supportive midsole and high heel, which make it challenging for people to run. Also, the less ventilated upper of Campo makes feet sweaty and hot in the long run.



Overall, campo can be used for different activities such as running errands, walking, and going out, but these are not mainly designed for running. 

Veja V10 is the best option for running because of its supportive and cushioned midsole along with low heel and more ventilated upper that keep feet cool and comfortable in the long runs. 

5) Walking

Veja Campo and V10 are known for their comfort and support, which is why these are perfect for walking. But Campo is perfect for walking because of its clean, versatile, and minimalist design, which offers proper support for everyday walking and keeps feet comfortable.

On the other hand, the V10 is a stylish shoe with more support and cushioning level that makes it a good choice for walking, but overall, it is better for running rather than walking. 

6) Flat feet

Veja campo is a simple and versatile shoe with a comfortable fit and proper arch support that makes it a suitable choice for people with flat feet. This sneaker is designed in a way that you can use orthotics if flat feet require extra support. 

Veja V10 is a stylish shoe with snug fit and perforated details, comfort and proper arch support which also make it a perfect option for flat feet. 

7) Design

Veja Campo is a minimalist, simple, and versatile everyday sneaker with organic cotton and suede upper, which keeps it breathable and sustainable. 

The insole of Campo is equipped with sugar cane, rice husk, and EVA, which provide support and cushioning to feet and keep shoes durable. 

The outsole is made up of Amazonian and recycled rubber, which provides better traction and grip on all types of surfaces. 

Veja V10 is a stylish and modern sneaker with a B-mesh upper that is made up of 100% recycled plastic bottles and provides better ventilated room for feet and keeps it dry and comfortable during all day.

The insole is made of EVA, wild rubber and sugar cane to ensure support and extra cushioning for feet during long runs and walking.

The outsole is made with recycled and Amazonian rubber and rice waste that provides extra traction and grip to shoes on all surfaces

What do customers think?

Whether it is Veja Campo or V10, both are sustainable sneakers with almost the same construction but somehow different in terms of comfort, popularity, and running and walking activities. Till now, you have an idea of which shoe is better for which situation. Now, I am going to discuss what customers say about both these sneakers:

Veja Campo: Customers are happy with these shoes, but at the same time, they say that these are not as comfortable as they look and the price is high. 

A customer complained about the wrinkling of the leather of Campo after a few weeks, which made these sneakers a bad option. 

Almost every second customer is unhappy with the expensive rate, however they like these sneakers very much.

According to a few customers, the stitching of these sneakers is not perfect, and the toe box is not as wide as it should be, but overall, these are comfortable shoes. 

Veja V10: Many people are happy with the stylish look and comfort of these shoes, but they also say that the size is a little bit big, which Veja should fix.

A customer said that he bought these cute shoes for his trip to Europe, but the experience was not so good because of a lack of support and comfort, which made V10 a bad choice for walking and running. 

A lot of customers did not consider these shoes a good option to wear because of their white shoelaces that can break the overall look and odd tongue that don’t keep feet comfortable

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

When it comes to sustainable sneakers, Veja comes to mind. This brand has introduced many sustainable sneakers, but Campo and V10 are the best of all because of the comfort, support, and stability these sneakers offer for everyday wear and, most importantly, during running and walking.

Veja Campo is a minimalist and versatile sneaker that offers comfort and is perfect for walking, flat feet, and everyday wear.

While Veja V10 are stylish and modern sneakers with extra cushioning and support and a better option for running, and flat feet and somewhat good for walking.

Overall, Veja V10 is the winner of this battle because it is better in terms of popularity, utmost comfort and other running activities. However, it is pricier than Campo, but the investment is worth it. 

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