Veja Urca Vs V12: Which Is Better For You?

Veja shoes are becoming more and more popular among fashion enthusiasts because of their versatile and sustainable designs along with the V logo on the sides of each shoe.

Among many options of shoes offered by Veja, two are heavily under review and discussion on the internet, Veja Urca and Veja V12. 

According to some people, these are the same shoes with almost the same construction. No Veja shoe is similar in construction but may be the same in design or style. 

Don’t need to be confused about which one is better for you. Explore this guide and unlock many exciting features of Urca and V12.

Comparison Table Between Veja Urca and V12:

FeaturesVeja UrcaVeja V12
Launched In20202017
StabilityMedium stabilityMore Stable 
FlexibilityMore flexibleFlexible 
Sizing7-13.5 for men and 4-10.5 for women7-13.5 for men and 4-10.5 for women
Weight 14-15 oz12.5 oz for men and 11 oz for women
CushionMore cushionedCushioned 
OutsoleAmazonian and recycled rubberAmazonian and recycled rubber
MidsoleAmazonian rubber, sugar cane, EVA and organic cottonSugar cane, recycled EVA and organic cotton
Upper soleOrganic cotton coated with a resin from P.U., corn starch and ricinus oilB-mesh (100% recycled plastic bottles)
Retail Price$185$175

Veja Urca Vs. V12: Good, Bad and The Worst:

Now I am going to clarify the major differences between Urca and V12. If you are curious to know more about these sneakers, make sure to stick to this article till the end:

1) Comfort

Veja Urca is a lightweight, flexible and heavily cushioned shoe, which make it a perfect choice for users who prefer wearing shoes all day long and people who want minimalist but comfortable shoe. 

Compared to Veja Urca, V12 are less cushioned and less flexible shoes, but these are more supportive and stable with a wide base and heel counter, so they become the major choice for people who prefer enough support and who want shoes to avoid ankle injuries while running on uneven surfaces. 

2) Popularity

When it comes to discussing the popularity of Urca and V12, Veja Urca is the winner because of its classic and timeless look, availability in wide color and style ranges and most importantly its versatility that makes it a superb choice for different activities such as running, walking and training. 

On the other hand, Veja V12 is also a famous shoe because of its modern and technical design and supportive and stable features, but it is available in limited color and style options, plus it is a more running-specific shoe. 

3) Running

As I have discussed, Veja Urca is designed for different activities, but V12 is mainly a running shoe because it provides support, cushioning and stability on all types of surfaces, either even or uneven, while running. The thick midsole, wide base, heel counter and durable outsole make these shoes perfect to handle all types of wear and tears of running.



Veja Urca is a lightweight and versatile shoe to overcome different activities such as running and walking, but it does not have a durable outsole, nor does it offer as much support and stability as running requires, so it is not a perfect choice for long runs. 

4) Walking

Opposite to running, Veja Urca is the better option for walking because it is designed as a versatile shoe with maximal cushioning, lightweight and flexibility that enhances the walking experience on all types of surfaces.

While Veja V12 is a running-specific shoe and it is heavier and less flexible so feel uncomfortable for long day walks

5) Flat feet

People with flat feet must consider shoes with roomy toe box or wide fit to provide enough space for feet to move naturally and reduce the risk of injuries. 

In such context, Veja Urca has a roomy toe box that can reduce the risk of cramping in the toes and fit better to flat feet.

While Veja V12 has a narrow fit that may put stress on the toes and cause foot injury. However, for people with small and thin flat feet, both shoes are a perfect option. 

6) Design

Veja Urca is a classic and timeless shoe with lightweight and breathable upper materials such as organic cotton, ricinus oil and corn starch, so it provides enough cushioning and comfortable fit to feet. 

The midsole of Urca is equipped with Alveomesh technology (a soft and responsive foam) that provides enough support and cushioning and Amazonian rubber and organic cotton that provide impact-absorbing properties. 

The outsole is made from renewable materials, recycled and Amazonian rubber for better traction and durability on different surfaces. 

Veja V12 is a modern and technically designed shoe with a more perforated B-mesh upper compared to Urca that enhances airflow in the shoes and keeps feet comfortable and cool all day long. 

The midsole is also equipped with sustainable materials such as EVA, organic cotton and sugar cane that offer maximal cushioning, durability and impact-absorbing features to shoes.

The outsole construction (Amazonian and recycled rubber) is similar to Urca, which improves stability and better grip on all types of surfaces during running and everyday wear. 

What do customers think?

One product may feel better and fit comfortably for one user may not be as supportive and stable for another customer. In such cases, everyone must consider footwear based on foot condition and requirements. 

For some, maybe Urca is a good option, while for some, V12 may be a better choice. No matter which shoes you prefer based on comfort, style and support. Make sure to consider customers reviews about:

Veja Urca: People love the comfort and classic design along with the sustainable construction of Urca.

The durability and flexibility make these shoes perfect for different activities, but at the same time, some customers don’t consider these shoes as flexible as Veja claims. 

A customer said that the quality of these shoes is superb, but the overall fit is not so good, and the price is high.

According to a few customers, these shoes are true to size and ensure utmost cushioning during the all-day run and walk so they must prefer Urca. 

Veja V12: A customer said that these shoes are modern and super cute in style but not as comfortable as other products of Veja and cause pain.

Some people say that these are not of super quality but super sturdy for long walks and everyday use.

According to a few customers, these sneakers are super chic plus padded but not as flexible, so these are perfect for everyday use but not for runs or walks.

There is much confusion about the size of V12 because some customers say these are true to size while other say the size is a bit long, which cause discomfort and blisters. 

Conclusion: Which Is Better?

Though both Urca and V12 come up with excellent features, sustainable materials and innovative designs so these are perfect for a lot of situations.

Compared to the V12, the Urca is a lightweight, flexible, stable and more cushioned shoe with durable construction that fits better and withstands for a long time even after heavy activities.

While V12 is a heavy shoe with less cushioning and flexibility along with a snug fit but the modern and technical design makes it a perfect choice for everyday wear. 

Now, it is up to you which shoe you prefer, but make sure to determine your needs to help you decide which shoe is better, either Urca or V12. 

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